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NPC Info
X: -772 Z: -1574
Location Ragni
Quest Involved Enzan's Brother

Enzan is the starting NPC in the quest Enzan's Brother. He is a retired knight living in Ragni, and has an obstinate brother named Therck.


-772, 67, -1574
Wynncraft Map

Enzan is located at the east exit gate of Ragni.


  • After the completion of Enzan's Brother, selecting "How's your brother doing?":
    • Enzan: Oh, you know... Same as always. Ruder to strangers, even, ever since he climbed his stairs.
    • Enzan: I worry about him sometimes. I just wish I could get him away from those stairs, even for a short time...

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler and Therck:
  • Enzan: Hey there! Is there anything I can do for you today?
  • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas."
    • Enzan: Festivities? And my brother won't come? Worry not, friend! I'll have a talk with him, and make sure he attends!
    • Enzan: And I myself certainly do enjoy Wynnter celebrations... Go ahead to Detlas, we'll meet you there!
  • [2] "How's your brother doing?"
    • Enzan: Oh, you know... Same as always. Ruder to strangers, even, ever since he climbed his stairs.
    • Enzan: I worry about him, sometimes. I just wish I could get him away from those stairs, even for a short time...
  • [3] "Nothing today."
    • Enzan: Alright! I hope you're still doing well after all this time.
  • Talking to Enzan in Detlas:
    • Enzan: Oh, hey! Glad to see you made it. Thanks for the invite, this place looks great!
    • Therck: It looks... fine. Passable. I would prefer it if you hadn't forced me into this sweater, Enzan.
    • Enzan: Oh, come on. The sweaters help you get into the Wynnter spirit! Besides, I got a great deal for them. Buy ten sweaters, get two free!
    • Therck: And, brother, if I may ask. What will you do with the remaining ten?
    • Enzan: Well, those are mine as well! So I can switch between them when I want to. Variety is important in one's life, you know.
  • Talking to Therck in Detlas:
    • Therck: I see... you are here as well. I suppose you had something to do with my brother's insistence we take a holiday?
    • Enzan: Oh, stop being so grumpy. We are here to enjoy ourselves, Therck.
    • Therck: And your definition of 'enjoying yourself' includes wearing these tacky sweaters?
    • Enzan: Why, of course it does! Tacky sweaters are an important part of festive spirit.
    • Therck: Good grief... Fine! I'll 'enjoy' myself, as you want me to.
  • Further conversation with Enzan:
    • [1] "Where did you get your sweater?":
      • Enzan: Oh, this thing? I bought it from the guy by the Armour Merchant! It was quite cheap compared to other options.
      • Therck: Brother... There are no other options. He's the only one selling them. Besides, you didn't need to get me one as well.
      • Enzan: Nonsense! You can't just be here without enjoying the festivities, Therck. I'm certain that's against some rules, somewhere.
    • [2] "What's with your hat?":
      • Enzan: Hm? My hat? Well, I've got quite a collection of them by this point! I've been finding them around the city, you know.
      • Enzan: They're all very interesting, which is why I've been switching them out when I feel like it!
    • [3] "See you around!":
      • Enzan: Well, I guess I'll be seeing you as well!
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Enzan: Oh, hey! I had something I wanted to give you! You know, in the spirit of the festivities.
    • Enzan: I've spent some time at the Wynnter Fair, and I figured I'd get you something while I were there! Except, I couldn't decide what to get, so-
    • Therck: Get to the point, Enzan.
    • Enzan: Right, right. So instead of purchasing an item specifically, I gathered a reasonable amount of gifts for you. Here, happy Craftmas!
    • [+24 Craftmas Gifts]
    • Enzan: Anyways! How've you been enjoying the festivities?

Festival of the Heroes[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Heroes.

  • First dialogue:
    • Enzan: Oh, hello! Good to see you again! It's been a bit, hasn't it?
    • Enzan: You're here to enjoy the festival, aren't you? Well, so am I. It's always good to get out of town for a bit!
    • Enzan: Ah, a shame I couldn't get my brother to join me... Well, hopefully I'll enjoy myself regardless!
  • Further Conversations:
    • Enzan: Hello again! Anything new to report around the festival?
    • [1] "Why isn't your brother here?"
      • Enzan: My brother? Oh, you know him. He's always been busy with something.
      • Enzan: He said he couldn't find the time to come to the festival! It's absurd, really. If I can find the time, so can he!
      • Enzan: Ah, I wish I could get him to relax more. I think he overworks himself, to tell you the truth.
      • Enzan: But, well, there's not much I can do! I've tried everything I can think of so far.
    • [2] "Have you been enjoying the festival?"
      • Enzan: Hm? Oh, sure, I've been enjoying my time! I went to one of those performances earlier, and, well. That man has a way with words.
      • Enzan: He made me feel like I could truly be a hero! Moreso than just standing guard in Ragni, greeting new recruits.
      • Enzan: You know, oddly enough, I think Therck would enjoy the performances. I'll have to see if I can convince him to come.
    • [3] "Are you going to participate in the Scavenger Hunt?"
      • Enzan: Oh, that whole thing? No, I probably won't. It seems like it's a bit too difficult for me, truth be told.
      • Enzan: Though, what I've heard of the prizes has intrigued me... I heard from a trustworthy source that they're giving out a realistic mask which depicts Siegfried himself!
      • Enzan: That would be interesting to wear. Therck would hate it, I'm certain.
    • [4] "Nothing new."
      • Enzan: Ah, well. I trust you'll tell me if you find out anything interesting, yes?