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Evolved Stone Scolty
Type Hostile Mob
Level 105
Health 15400
AI Type Melee AI
Elemental Properties
Damage Earth
Defense Earth

Evolved Stone Scolties are a Hostile Mob found in the Eyeball Forest.


Evolved Stone Scolties are a melee enemy that follow the player and attack by coming into contact with them.

They deal and take less damage from Earth attacks.

Evolved Stone Scolties can use the Heal spell occasionally, restoring their health and the health of other mobs nearby.


Evolved Stone Scolties can drop the following ingredients when defeated: This mob has no ingredient drops.

They drop 1
Statue Key which is used to unlock the loot chest in the cave they spawn in.

Evolved Stone Scoltys may additionally drop Normal Items, Unidentified Items, Emeralds, Powders, and Potions of Healing.


Evolved Stone Scolties do not spawn naturally and are only created by Mystical Statues when they are defeated.

This section is transcluded from Mystical Statue § Location. (edit)

Mystical Statues can be found in a cave located in the Eyeball Forest.

Location: 823, 76, -428
Mobs Mystical Statue • Ash Eater • Weeping Granite • Stone Scolty • Evolved Stone Scolty
Info 6 Statue Keys must be obtained from defeating Mystical Statues and the mobs that spawn in order to unlock the loot chest.

Table data[]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EvolvedStoneScolty.png Evolved Stone Scolty 105 15400 Melee AI Heal ✤ Dam
✤ Def

Statue Key
From Mystical Statues