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Explorer's Corruption Study.png
Discovery Lore
Many years ago, a scholar studied how effective Theorick's ice had been so at fighting corruption. Even through the sheer power of the Twains, however, the ice merely slows corruption.
Coordinates X: -151, Z: -981
Suggested Level Combat level 40+
Uses Discovery

Explorer's Corruption Study is a Secret Discovery located at the beginning of Nesaak forest. The discovery focuses around Theorick's ice and how it's a weakness to the corruption.


Nesaak Forest
-151, 69, -981
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to all of the three corruption spikes at 6, 76, -1047/-23, 74, -1012/-86, 74, -1008.
  • Every time a mob will appear, kill it and it will freeze the spikes.

Explorer's Corruption Study1.png Explorer's Corruption Study2.png

  • Then do the same with the last corrupted spikes at -151, 69, -981.
  • Note: The last one must be the one at -151, 69, -981.

Explorer's Corruption Study3.png

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
HarbingerofCorruption.png Harbinger of Corruption 40 3200 Ranged Flamethrower
Fire Damage, Defence - Corruption Spikes

Explorer's Journal[]

Explorer's Corruption Study4.png

When you click the Explorer's Journal it will say:

  • It looks like a weathered old journal. Many of the pages are waterlogged or stuck together and impossible to read. There are a few legible lines, however...
  • My findings are astounding. Theorick's ice appears to be a weakness of corruption, somehow!
  • As I write this I can observe the ice in this cave slowly creeping over the corruption on the other side. Regular ice or snow would have been melted by now and overtaken!
  • Theorick actually ended up saving the forest of Nesaak from the spread of corruption with his ice magic...though whether it's his power in specific or ice magic in general, I haven't been able to figure out.
  • If it is general ice magic, we may have a weapon against the corruption! If not...at least this provides some kind of a lead, doesn't it? Perhaps-
  • The rest is completely illegible.