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Factory Helmet

Item Information
Item Chain Helmet
Min. Level 50
Rarity Unique
Base Health Bonus +500
Powder Slots 2 ()
Obtain Quest Reward
Tag Quest Item
Quest An Iron Heart Part I
Quest An Iron Heart Part I

The Factory Helmet is a Quest Item helmet. It gives the player 500 basic health, has 2 powder slots and the minimum level to wear the helmet is level 50. It is needed to enter the factory in the An Iron Heart Part II quest. Ever since the 1.20 update, the item is unobtainable.


It costs 30 Emeralds to identify the Factory Helmet.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Health Regen   +5%  +20%
 Mana Regen   -1/5s  -1/5s
 XP Bonus   +3%  +13%
 Loot Bonus   +5%  +20%
 Reflection   +3%  +13%
 Defense   ~  +7
 Thorns   +3%  +13%
 Health   +60  +260