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Fallen Delivery
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Gylia Plains
Province Gavel
Combat Level 79
Starter NPC Bricot
Reward As follows:

Fallen Delivery is a long level 79 quest based in the Gylia Plains.


The player is requested to hunt down a mail thief that stole a scroll of teleportation and kill him. The player must then take the scroll back to its creator.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Bricot.

Gylia Plains
65, -4844
Wynncraft Map


  • Bricot: Are you here to help? Did you hear the explosion, or my girlish scream? Either way, you have to help!
  • Bricot: I was tending to my farms when I heard three massive explosions! Next thing I know, there's an airship burning over my house!
  • Bricot: You have to go up there and see if you can find any survivors and maybe find out who caused it! Don't worry about me, I'll sort out the fire down here! Hurry!

Stage 2[]

» Search the ship for survivors.

  • A clear trail of smoke can be seen leading to a cannon in the south.

Stage 3[]

» Investigate the cannon at the top of the bandit fort.

20, 73, -4793
Wynncraft Map


  • Marden: How did you get up here, human? What are they doing down there if not defending the fort?!
  • Marden: Wow aren't you a clever human. You worked out that the only cannon nearby blew up the airship!
  • Marden: Of course it was us. We're a "Gun for hire" service. Our employer paid us handsomely to down the postal air service.
  • Marden: He wanted the mail, for some reason. Said we could take everything else. We handed him the bag of letters and the deal was down.
  • Marden: If you're looking for him, he ran off somewhere to the south west, the bag had a hole in it so you might be able to "follow the paper trail" so to speak.
  • Marden: Now why don't you toddle off? You got your information, and I have some money to count.

Stage 4[]

» Follow the trail of papers to the bandit's house.

-190, 39, -4677
Wynncraft Map

Stage 5[]

» Find the envelope in the cellar and return it to the sender.

-480, -4884
Wynncraft Map


  • Gawrick: I'm working on a spells hitherto unexplored and unknown to villager kind, please leave!
  • Gawrick: Oh, a letter? I didn't know humans were allowed to work on airships. Let me have a look.
  • Gawrick: ...Where did you get this? This was supposed to arrive at it's[sic] destination by now.
  • Gawrick: The ship was downed? This is bad. Very bad.
  • Gawrick: That letter was to my correspondent in Ahmsord. It contained a powerful spell capable of long distance teleportation with no drawbacks.
  • Gawrick: A representative from "Air Gavel" named Ernold came to me and offered a large sum of emeralds for it, but I didn't sell and he left angrily.
  • Gawrick: He must be behind this. I would suggest you go to his office and begin your search there.
  • Gawrick: The office is located in the top floor of the airship base. Follow the brown carpets to get there. Good luck!

Stage 6[]

» Find the representative's office in the airship base.

-258, 58, -4999
Wynncraft Map


  • Office Manager: Greetings, do you require assistance?
  • Office Manager: No, I have not seen representative Ernold. He locked himself in his office a few days ago.
  • Office Manager: Typically, nobody is allowed inside. You can wait in the waiting area across the bridge if you are that determined to see him.
  • Office Manager: Of course, If you were to find another way into his office, I wouldn't stop you. That man doesn't pay me enough to deal with that kind of stuff.

Stage 7[]

» Find a way to enter the representative's office.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to entering the office.
To the left of the office Manager is another smaller office, to it's right is a book case you can open to enter the backroom, and then pressing another button to open the Representative's office door.

Note: Make sure the quest updates moment you cross the book case, otherwise you might get locked in the room and have to /kill to get out.

i was able to sneak out with a charge spell on my warrior but you may not be able to

Stage 8[]

» Enter the representative's office.


  • Representative Ernold: Heh... HEH... HEHE! Every time I teleport, I leave a little more of my sanity behind! But I get stronger!
  • Representative Ernold: This Spell is going to make me a fortune! Who cares if it makes people insane!! It sure beats flying! If you want it, you will have to pry it from my mind!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Representative Ernold 83 25000 Charge - ✹Fire Weakness

❋Air Damage ❋Air ✤Earth Defence

1 Ancient Scroll Cinfras

Stage 9[]

» Defeat the representative and bring back the stolen scroll to Gawrick.


  • Gawrick: Oh, you're back. Were you successful? While you were gone I created a spell that turns cheese into wine.
  • Gawrick: I'm not sure it's going to be very useful though, I love cheese. Anyway!
  • Gawrick: Thank you so much for retrieving it. What's that you say? He lost his mind with the spell?!
  • Gawrick: I didn't have any mental issues. Although, I have been told I always had a couple of screws loose.
  • Gawrick: Just last week I invented a spell to remove toenails, only for them to instantly grow on your fingernails.
  • Gawrick: Well then, it would seem you have not only done me a great favor, but the whole province!
  • Gawrick: Here, take this reward. I was going to use it to start my teleportation company, but I can make more money from my "Cheese to Wine" company.


  • If you talk to the Cinfras Citizen at (-428,-4900), after completing the quest, he says that Gawrick told the whole town how he defeated Ernold!