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Fantastic Voyage
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Jofash Docks
Province Ocean
Combat Level 90
Starter NPC Relend
Reward As follows:

Fantastic Voyage is a long level 90 quest, based started in the coastal town of Jofash Docks and plays out on Gateway Island and a mysterious place.


Relend is looking for an adventure and has decided to track down Captain Goldclaw's treasure on Gateway Island. On a journey with the player, the two encounter various obstacles in their adventures that they must overcome, and ultimately discover a mysterious and dark place...

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Relend.

1304, 35, -4043
Wynncraft Map


  • Relend: Let's go, just you and me! On a grand voyage across the sea!
  • Relend: In search of a pirate's gold, old chap! But first we'll need a treasure map.
  • Relend: I think I know where we can nab a chart, but you're going to need a lion's heart!
  • Relend: Captain Goldenclaw was the best pirate to date, although eventually he met his grim fate...
  • Relend: He still lies with the map we need to get our ship in motion. To find him, follow the flowers with the color of the ocean.

Stage 2[]

» Defeat Captain Goldenclaw and give the map to Relend.

Captain Goldenclaw's skeleton is located at 1182, -4169. It can be found by following the trail of blue flowers near Relend.


  • Relend: Welcome back, new acquaintance of mine. Seems you managed to get that map just fine!
  • Relend: Gateway Island? Must be where Goldenclaw buried his treasure. If we can find where it's hidden, it shall bring us both great pleasure!
  • Relend: So how about it, shall we set sail? If you're scared to go, this is your last chance to bail!
  • Relend: Hop aboard my ship so we can cross the water, Little Wing is what I like to call her.

Stage 3[]

» Set sail aboard Relend’s ship.


  • Relend: The excitement of this journey is making me squeal! Come and meet me by the steering wheel!

Stage 4[]

» Speak to Captain Relend aboard the Little Wing.


  • Relend: Welcome aboard, I suppose I can consider you my first mate. Although, it appears we now have a problem on our plate.
  • Relend: You see those spikes all around my boat? Well, we're about to ram into them like a goat!
  • Relend: I'd steer around them, but it appears the wheel is broken. I need you to craft a new one before we're both soaking!
  • Relend: There's a Crafting Table at the front near all the crates. Now hurry up, our valuable treasure awaits!

Stage 5[]

» Bring a Wooden Board, a Center Piece, and a String to the Crafting Table.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the items for the steering wheel.
  • Wooden Board is found on top of the mast, you have to parkour across the sails to get there.
  • Center Piece is found in the storage compartment.
  • String is found on the bow of the ship.
  • Using the wooden board, center piece, and string, along with the tools at the workbench, you contruct a steering wheel. You should give it to Captain Relend.

Stage 6[]

» Bring the Steering Wheel to Captain Relend.


  • Relend: Ah, thank you for helping me in my time of need. Let's maneuver through these spikes at a steady speed!
  • Relend: Although, at the last minute, there is something I have to confess. I have never captained a ship with any success.
  • Relend: I think before we get into any real danger, we should turn around. Could you man the wheel and get us back to solid ground?

Stage 7[]

» Man the wheel of the Little Wing.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Man the wheel of the Little Wing (Stage 5).
Stay in the water all the way to the end, avoiding the logs.


  • Relend: Nice steering, although your maneuvers are a bit brash. Hey, watch out! I think we're about to-

Stage 8[]

» Find Relend inside of the wreck of the Little Wing.


  • Relend: As you can see, my ship has become a shipwreck! Now please help me, I am trapped in the lower deck!
  • Relend: Amazing work, seems you got below deck rather quickly! You're going to have to get through this wreckage to free me!
  • Relend: Wow, so you managed to work your way through after all! Maybe to free me, you can use that cannonball?

Stage 9[]

» Save Relend inside of the wreck of the Little Wing.


  • Relend: Thank you for freeing me, now let's leave this mess! Although, I don't know how to do that, I have not even a guess.
  • Relend: When the ship crashed, it was buried beneath the sand! But the good news is that we're finally back on land!
  • Relend: We should probably get of this place, it feels rather small. Perhaps you can try to break through that weak spot in the wall?

Stage 10[]

» Exit the shipwrecked Little Wing.


  • Relend: It looks like we're going to be stuck here for a while. Come and speak to me so we can find a way off of this isle!

Stage 11[]

» Speak to Relend on the beach.


  • Relend: Gateway Island... we've finally arrived. I'm just thankful that we survived.
  • Relend: Well, all this adventuring has me hungry for stew. We'll need ingredients, whatever's on the island will have to do.
  • Relend: Meat is definitely something we need to reap, try and get [10 Raw Mutton] from those sheep.
  • Relend: And perhaps you could get [5 Edible Mushrooms] from the western cave, just make sure not to get the kind that will send me to my grave.
  • Relend: I feel like something is missing from this medley. Oh, how about you get [1 Coconut] from atop that tree?
  • Relend: And if you could fetch [7 Berries], that would just make me merry!
  • Relend: Check your quest book if you ever need a recap. And to make sure you don't get lost, take this map.

Stage 12[]

  • Bring 10 Raw Mutton, 5 Edible Mushrooms, 1 Coconut, and 7 Berries to the Cooking Pot.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the items for the soup.
  • Raw Mutton is obtained by killing sheep around the island
  • Edible Mushrooms are farmed from a mob in a cave on the beach where you first land (19955 28 -4490)
  • Coconut is obtained atop the tree next to Relend
  • Berries are harvested from [Berry] mobs around the island
  • Using the ingredients you acquired, you make a peculiar-looking stew. It'll have to do, you should bring it to Relend.

Stage 13[]

» Give the Odd Stew to Relend.


  • Relend: Well, this stew has a rather odd flavor. But any food we can get here I shall savor.
  • Relend: What remains of my ship won't protect us very well. We'll need to find shelter, as you can clearly tell.
  • Relend: To the east, I can just barely make out a tent. Go and take a look at it for a moment.

Stage 14[]

» Check out the tent to the east.

  • This tent is far too damaged for use. Maybe Relend has other ideas for where to stay.

Stage 15[]

» Report back to Relend.


  • Relend: So the tent was just too run-down? All of this bad news is making me frown.
  • Relend: Allow me to borrow your map for a second. We'll have to find somewhere else, I reckon.
  • Relend: See if you can move the large rock at the island's center. There's likely a cave behind it for you to enter.

Stage 16[]

» Take a look at the boulder at the center of the island.

  • This boulder is too large to move! Maybe Relend has another solution...

Stage 17[]

» Report back to Relend.


  • Relend: You mean you couldn't move the stone? All of these problems are making me groan.
  • Relend: I know we can come up with solution using our wits. Perhaps we can craft an explosive to blow that rock to bits!
  • Relend: Let's think of some materials we can get here. There isn't much on this island, I fear.
  • Relend: First we're going to need [5 Grainy Sand]. Where to get it? Try the beach at the back of the island.
  • Relend: Next up is [Sawdust], you'll need three. I think the best place to search would be the largest tree.
  • Relend: Finally, [1 Black Powder], found in a place that is very unique. You'll have to brave your way to the volcano's peak.
  • Relend: You'll need those items you craft the bomb, I just told you where to look. If you forget what you need to find, check your quest book.

Stage 18[]

» Bring 5 Gritty Sand, 3 Saw Dust, and 1 Black Powder to the Crafting Table.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the items for the bomb.
  • Gritty Sand is found at the end of a cave with spiders in it
  • Saw Dust is located on top of the hill
  • Black Powder is looted by climbing up the volcano
  • Using the sand, saw dust, and black powder, you craft a makeshift explosive. Take it to the boulder so you can destroy it.

Stage 19[]

» Use the explosive on the boulder.

  • Now that you have the explosive, place it in front of the boulder.

Stage 20[]

» Use the explosive on the boulder and enter the cave.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CaveSlime.png Cave Slime 92 7000 Melee Air: Weakness
Earth: Damage, Defence
- Gateway Island

Stage 21[]

» Advance deeper into the cave.

  • It looks like a portal, you should definitely take a look inside.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DarkSlime.png Dark Slime 94 7500 Melee Water: Weakness
Earth: Weakness
Fire: Damage, Defence
Earth: Damage, Defence
- Gateway Island
OtherworldlyInhabitant(Appearance1).png Otherworldly Inhabitant 92 6800 Melee Teleport Earth: Weakness
Thunder: Damage, Defence
- Gateway Island

Stage 22[]

» Enter the mysterious portal.

  • What is this place? Well, it looks like the portal's broken on this end so you'll have to find another way out.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
OtherworldlyInhabitant(Appearance2).png Otherworldly Inhabitant 92 6800 Melee Teleport Earth: Weakness
Thunder: Damage, Defence
- Gateway Realm
PeculiarOne.png Peculiar One 91 6700 Melee Fire: Weakness
Air: Damage, Defence
- Gateway Realm
DarkSkeletonWarrior.png Dark Skeleton Warrior 95 5550 Melee Air: Weakness
Thunder: Damage, Defence
- Gateway Realm

Stage 23[]

» Find an exit from the strange place.


  • Relend: Don't act so surprised, I was right behind you the whole time! I'll help you fight and maybe sing a rhyme!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Relend(Defending).png Relend 90 1000000 Melee - - - Gateway Realm

Stage 24[]

» Accompany Relend through the strange place.


  • Relend: Another portal? This is our only way out. We have to go inside, without a doubt.

Stage 25[]

» Go through the portal in the strange place.


  • Relend: Now that we're back, we should talk. Then I'll head back to Jofash Dock.

Stage 26[]

» Speak to Relend.


  • Relend: Seeing that you're still alive is splendid. Finally, this whole ordeal has ended.
  • Relend: It's such a shame that my ship is gone. Oh well, I'll head back to the dock and build another one.
  • Relend: I almost forgot, I saw a note by that portal of dread. Would you mind if I tell you what it read?
  • Relend: "Whoever enters this portal, beware the darkness inside." Well, I didn't see anyone else in that place, I suppose they died.
  • Relend: By the way, while we were on the island, I found a chest full of gold. I'll give you a share, since there's too much for me to hold.


  • The strange dimension is thought to be the Realm of Dern.
  • The run-down tent contains the beginning of the first Sealed Letter, so it is believed to belong to Bob the Warrior.
  • This was the only quest above Level 75 that didn't take place in the Gavel Province before the Corkus update.
  • This quest still uses the old boats in the steering section, which are otherwise unobtainable.
  • Relend speaks entirely in rhyme.
  • When you need to guide Relend to the end of the tunnel, you can just go running ahead without needing to have Relend right behind you.
  • The name of the quest is a reference to the 1966 Sci-fi/Fantasy film of the same name.
  • The area you and Relend appear in during the last stage of this quest are the Abandoned Mines in Wynn, which could be foreshadowing the darkness that you will come to.