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Far Above the Clouds SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
In times before the Fracturing, stories told of a great wise beast who roamed the lands. As the Ahms region fell, so too did the dragon leave Gavel forever.
Coordinates X: ?, Z: ?
Suggested Level ?
Uses Discovery
Requirements Glowing Bean Sprouts

Far Above the Clouds will be a Secret Discovery in the Sky Islands. This discovery is about an ancient dragon that fled Gavel after the Fracturing.


File:SkyCastleEntrance.png Near the Sky Castle Entrance, there will be some
Glowing Bean Sprouts that are near the statue of a white dragon. Bring them to the empty field near Kandon-Beda at 632, -4582. Place the Glowing Bean Sprouts in the center and then a gigantic beanstalk will grow. Climb the beanstalk to get the discovery.


Farcor will appear atop the clouds, who will give various pieces of dialogue upon speaking to him.


  • Farcor: Ah... So another has sought me out. What is it you seek, human? Wealth? Power?
  • Farcor: I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed... I will offer you neither.
  • Farcor: If you have found your way here, you must know my story. I left Gavel a millennium ago...
  • Farcor: Your people were not to blame what befell this land. None of those who yet remain below can take the whole blame, truly... But still, they all had their part to play.
  • Farcor: I have seen the Doguns fall, have watched as the Decay twisted the land below. I remember, too, what those Elves had done, all those years ago...
  • Farcor: You are not the first to visit me, nor, I suspect, you will be the last. And when you leave, I will humbly await the next.
  • Farcor: I regret that you came all this way for no reward... Perhaps I will gift you this book. It reminds me of the days long past, before all this tragedy came to pass...
  • Farcor: Now, human, leave me to rest. I have lived a long life, and I am very weary...

On subsequent conversations:

  • Farcor: Hm... You are still here? Not many have stayed after hearing what I have to say. None, but one...
  • Farcor: Have you come to seek my wisdom, then? What is it you have come for?
    • "Can you tell me what the Ahms region was like before it fractured?"
      • Farcor: The Ahms region... It was my home and domain, once. Before those fools refused to listen to my warnings.
      • Farcor: And a great land it once was. Similar to the Canyon which still lies to the west, yes, yet... Simpler. Greater. The walls did not shift, for their Protector had not yet encountered a threat it could not handle.
      • Farcor: I roamed the land and gave my wisdom to any who would ask. They grew wiser, and they grew more powerful, all with my assistance...
      • Farcor: Truly, I should have seen the signs long before the Fracturing. They were growing arrogant, and thought that they knew better than me.
      • Farcor: And so, even as I warned them of incoming calamity, they chose to embrace their Protector. Not of their creation, no... But it was theirs nonetheless.
      • Farcor: And as their Protector failed them, and fractured their land into pieces... They fell back on me. They sought my wisdom once more. They did not deserve it. So I left.
      • Farcor: ...I suppose it is unfair to claim they all deserved that calamity. One section of the region, inhabited by folk unlike the others... They heeded my warnings. They prepared.
      • Farcor: I do not know what came of them, after the Fracturing. Perhaps they, too, fell into the deep Void below. And yet... They prepared. They listened.
      • Farcor: Hm. My apologies, I have been rambling on for far too long. I thank you for indulging this old man and his stories.
    • "Is there anything I can do to fix the Sky Islands?"
      • Farcor: You would wish to restore this land...? Hm... No. No, I do not believe this can be done. It has been lost for far too long...
      • Farcor: Ah, but that does not mean things cannot improve. I know now that the Doguns have been freed, and the dwarves have ceased their war.
      • Farcor: And yet, a threat lies on the horizon. That which fractured this land... Without direct action, such a fate awaits this realm once more.
      • Farcor: If you aim to repair that which has been broken... I would advise you to move quickly. This land does not have long left before it all fractures anew.
    • "What do you know about the Void below the Sky Islands?"
      • Farcor: Hm... I have not descended into that dangerous abyss, for I fear the beings from between would not take well to my presence.
      • Farcor: From what I can discern, it feels... strange. It is not of our realm, nor is it of the three which clash eternal. It is distinctly other.
      • Farcor: I would urge you to stay alert if you choose to explore that place. Danger lurks in the unknown.
    • "You mentioned someone else who stayed to talk to you."
      • Farcor: Ah... Yes. He came seeking my wisdom, many years ago. Though he did not plan to stay long, his visit soon became an extended stay.
      • Farcor: It is... A light in my memory of millennia. We spoke of much, while he stayed here. He had theories and observations, and he sought my wisdom to confirm them.
      • Farcor: I am unsure what came of him. His plans, as he spoke of them, would take him directly into danger. As he departed, he promised he would return if he succeeded.
      • Farcor: ...As you would imagine, I have not seen him since. I worry for his safety, but I trusted his capabilities. I remain hopeful that, someday, he will come to me with good tidings. Until then, I will wait.
    • "I just wanted to say hello."
      • Farcor: ...I see. Thank you for your kindness, human. It seems to be a rarity, these days...


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:MigrantGrook.png Migrant Grook 90 4700 Passive - - - Above the clouds
File:CloudStarling.png Cloud Starling 94 6450 Melee - ❋ Dam
❋ Weak
- Above the clouds
From Cloud Starling Nests
File:CloudStarlingNest.png Cloud Starling Nest 95 1000 None - - 3 Cloud Starlings Above the clouds
File:SkyLadybug.png Sky Ladybug 95 2775 Protect - - - Above the clouds
File:Cumulopuff.png Cumulopuff 91 4900 Passive - ✽ Def - Above the clouds
File:MotherCumulopuff.png Mother Cumulopuff 97 8300 Ranged Push ✽ Dam
✽ Def
✦ Weak
- Above the clouds


  • This secret discovery was actually added as a tribute to the soon to be removed quest, The Fortuneteller. It alongside Llevigar's Secret Library were content within the quest that got recycled.
    • The Sky Castle is going to be turned into a cave.