Farmer Cevalus
NPC Info
X: -755 Z: -1660
Location Ragni
Quest Involved Poisoning the Pest

Farmer Cevalus is the NPC that starts the quest Poisoning the Pest. He was also the start NPC of Thieving Rodents, until that quest was removed in the 1.17 Dungeons & Discoveries Update. He is a farmer who owns a wheat and potato farm just outside of Ragni.

He is married or claims to be.


Ragni East Suburbs
-755, 67, -1660
Wynncraft Map

Farmer Cevalus is located in front of his field north-east of Ragni.


If you talk to him at level 1 he will say:

[1/1] Farmer Cevalus: I could really use some help right now, but you are too weak. Come back when you are level 2.

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