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Fate of the Fallen
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Almuj
Province [[{{{province}}}]]
Combat Level 43
Starter NPC [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward As follows:

As follows:

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Fate of the Fallen is a Long level 43 quest.



Stage 1

» Talk to Telvu the mage.

 X   165  Y   74  Z   -675  Wynncraft Map 


  • Telvu: Ah, a member of the Ragni army. We're trying to gain entry to this frizen prison.
  • Telvu: Are you familiar with the story of Theorick and Nesaak?
  • Telvu: Probably not. Well you see, Nesaak was not always frozen.
  • Telvu: During Theorick's time, this place was like the Wynn plains, warm and arable.
  • Telvu: For some reason Theorick Twain used his immense power to freeze the land before exiling himself here.
  • Telvu: We need to find out why so we can free him. There is a way to see for ourselves. Listen closely.
  • Telvu: Have you heard or seen a place called "Time Valley"? Well, we can use that place to actually go back in time.
  • Telvu: Well, kind of. You can witness the past, not change it. But there are rules. Important rules. First off, you need an item from the specific time we want to see.
  • Telvu: Theoricks staff is on display in the Nesaak bank, he used it to freeze the land. If that's not what we need then I don't know what it is, can you get it?

Stage 2

» Find the item the mage is talking about at the bank.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the wand.

Go to Nesaak's Bank and do the parkour at:

 Location   Parkour to get the wand   X   106  Y   74  Z   -834  Wynncraft Map 

There's a hole on top of the area where the wand is being displayed, simply jump there.

 Location   Hole to get the wand   X   106  Y   77  Z   -855  Wynncraft Map 


  • You should head back to the mage with the wand.


  • Telvu: You're back?
  • Telvu: Great job! You found the wand.
  • Telvu: I've been practicing magic for years and recently learnt how to teleport people.
  • Telvu: I can bring you directly to Time Valley so you don't have to walk!

Stage 3

» Enter the Gate of Time and travel back in time.


  • ...

Here you can visit the memories of this land...
The altar requires an item from the time you desire to access...
You can not return until your goal is fullfilled...
You will access a memory as if you were present, but when you return it was as if you were never there.

Stage 4

» Explore Nesaak.

 Location   Psern   X   3796  Y   73  Z   1185  Wynncraft Map 


  • Psern: What the...
  • Psern: Woah, your weaponry and armour is so advanced!
  • Psern: Are you another Twain? Only the Twains know magic like that.
  • Psern: Oh, you're looking for Theorick.
  • Psern: He's busy fighting the war, shouldn't you be doing the same?
  • Psern: He went west. There was some kind of emergency.
  • Psern: We've been fighting the corruption for years, it seems like it might finally engulf Nesaak.

Stage 4

» Find Theorick in the western forest.

 Location   Theorick   X   3651  Y   69  Z   1208  Wynncraft Map 


  • Theorick: Hello?
  • Theorick: If you need help, I'm a lil' busy right now, a hero can only do so much.

You stick around to find out how to reverse the spell.

  • Theorick: Look, I-
  • Theorick: Wait, what's that?


  • Theorick: It looks like this will have to wait.
  • ???: Help me!
  • Theorick: It's her! The girl I was looking for.
  • Girl: Help! They are after me!
  • Theorick: I just cleared this area. Where are they coming from?


  • Theorick: Phew. You're safe.


  • Theorick: This is a losing battle. The corruption is winning. There is only one way to kill a weed, cut the root.
  • Theorick: Run home now. You should have never left town.
  • Theorick: There is only one thing for it. I have to tackle myself.
  • Theorick: We have been toying with the idea of going through the portal ourselves to kill the source of this madness. Damned be it if our minds are lost in the process.
  • Theorick: You look like you're more prepared than half of the province. Will you defend us while I enter the portal? Meet us at our base, just follow the river south and you'll see a house on the right side.

Stage 5

» Locate the base of the operation and join them.

 Location   Base of operation   X   3738  Y   67  Z   1265  Wynncraft Map