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Festival Workers are NPCs that could be found throughout Detlas during the Festival of the Heroes, which ran from 7th March until 31st March, 2022, appearing alongside Festival Goers and other NPCs associated with the event. Some Workers explained the rules of the Performances, and the Roulette and Blackjack minigames.

Performance Festival Worker[]

Festival Worker
NPC Info
X: 466 Z: -1574
Location Detlas
  • Festival Worker: Hm... Oh! Hello. How can I help you today?
    • What are performances?
      • Festival Worker: Well, as it so happens, they're rather simple.
      • Festival Worker: If you're here, in the center of Detlas, when the timer reaches zero, you'll get the boost.
      • Festival Worker: Performances will give different boosts each time, rotating through seven options.
      • Festival Worker: Boosts include XP Bonus, Mobility Boosts, Loot Bonus, Gathering XP Bonus, Damage Bonus, Gathering Speed, Loot Quality, and Elemental Damage Bonus.
    • How does the player boost work?
      • Festival Worker: If you attend a performance, you'll be granted a specific boost for 2 hours.
      • Festival Worker: This timeframe is based in real time. A boost will expire after 2 hours, regardless of how long you benefitted from the effects.
      • Festival Worker: Something to keep in mind is that boosts are tied to your class. Make sure you attend with whichever class you want the boost to benefit.
    • I don't need anything.
      • Festival Worker: Alright. See you.

Roulette Wheel Festival Worker[]

Festival Worker
NPC Info
X: 446 Z: -1615
Location Detlas
  • Festival Worker: Hey there! How'd you like to try your luck with the wheel?
    • Sure, I'll spin.
      • Festival Worker: Well, alright! You'll have to let me know how many coins you'd like to bet.
      • (This option begins the Roulette Wheel minigame.)
      • Taking too long to type or declining to play:
        • Festival Worker: Changed your mind? That's alright, feel free to come back later!
      • Not having the amount of coins to bet:
        • Festival Worker: Hm... It doesn't look like you have that many coins on you! Let me know if you'd like to try again.
      • After setting the amount to bet:
        • Festival Worker: So you'd like to wager x coins... Alright! Which color would you like to bet on?
        • After placing a bet on a color:
          • Festival Worker: Betting on orange/green? Here goes, then! Let's see if you chose wisely!
          • Landing on the color you bet on:
            • Festival Worker: Congratulations! You guessed correctly, so your wager has been doubled. Thanks for playing!
            • [+x Silver Festival Coins]
          • Landing on the color that was not betted on:
            • Festival Worker: Oh, tough luck! Hopefully you'll have better luck next time. Thanks for playing!
    • Could you tell me how to play?
      • Festival Worker: Oh, I sure can! It's really simple, actually.
      • Festival Worker: You put in a wager of up to 64 Silver Festival Coins, and then bet on a color. If you win, you'll double your wager!
      • Festival Worker: Both colors have an equal chance of being rolled, so it's a fair game of luck! If you'd like to play, just speak to me again.
    • Not today, thank you.
      • Festival Worker: Alright, well, you know where to find me!

Blackjack Festival Worker[]

Festival Worker
NPC Info
X: 440 Z: -1625
Location Detlas
  • Festival Worker: Well, hey there! Fancy a quick game of blackjack?
    • Deal me in.
      • Festival Worker: Alrighty! Let's play some blackjack!
      • (This option begins the Blackjack minigame.)
      • Taking too long to type or declining to play:
        • Festival Worker: Not feeling up to playing right now? No worries, just drop by later!
      • Not having the amount of coins to bet:
        • Festival Worker: Hey, now... It doesn't seem you have the coins for that! Let me know if you'd like to try again.
      • After setting the amount to bet:
        • Festival Worker: Right... So you're betting x coins, then! Let's get started.
        • Dealer busts or you have the better value:
          • Festival Worker: Congratulations! You've won this game, so your bet has been doubled. Thanks for playing!
          • [+x Silver Festival Coins]
        • You bust or the dealer has the better value:
          • Festival Worker: Ah, tough luck! Looks like the cards weren't in your favor this time around. Thanks for playing!
        • Tie:
          • Festival Worker: Hm... Tough game for us both, it seems! Well, since neither of us have won, here are your coins back, thanks for playing!
    • How do I play?
      • Festival Worker: Hm? Oh, sure. The rules are simple! I deal two cards face up to you, and two cards to me – one face up and one face down.
      • Festival Worker: You can then hit and get another card as many times as you want, or stand and end your turn. The aim is to get the value of your hand as close to 21 as possible!
      • Festival Worker: Number cards are worth what they say, all picture cards are worth 10, and an ace can be worth either 1 or 11, whichever works best for your hand.
      • Festival Worker: Go over 21 and that's it – you're bust! Stand with your current hand and it's my turn to hit or stand to try and beat your hand.
      • Festival Worker: And if you get a blackjack – that's an ace and a picture card or a ten – you automatically get double your money back!
      • Festival Worker: Sound fair enough? Alright, just speak to me again to play!
    • Not today.
      • Festival Worker: Not right now? No worries – come back another time!

Greeting Festival Worker[]

Festival Worker
NPC Info
X: 443 Z: -1587
Location Detlas
  • Festival Worker: Hello, hello! Welcome to the festival!
  • Festival Worker: If you step through this side path, you'll find yourself in the Carnival Area!

Plushie Festival Worker[]

Festival Worker
NPC Info
X: 426 Z: -1603
Location Detlas
  • Festival Worker: Hello! You must be here for a plushie, right?
  • Festival Worker: Unfortunately, we've fully sold out. Can you believe it? These things were much more popular than we thought they would be...
  • Festival Worker: Well, there's still plenty else for you to spend your coins on, if you want!

Slacking Festival Worker[]

Festival Worker
NPC Info
X: 458 Z: -1547
Location Detlas
  • Festival Worker: Ah... Finally, some peace and qu– Gah! C-could you announce yourself next time!?
  • Festival Worker: I mean... Ahem... H-Hello! Welcome to the Festival of the H-Heroes! Can I help you w-with anything?
  • Festival Worker: ...Please don't t-tell my boss I was slacking...