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Limited Time Event: This article covers an event that lasted for a limited period of time before ending.
The event's content will no longer be accessible after it has ended, but collectibles and cosmetics earned by the player will persist.

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The Festival of the Blizzard was a limited time in-game event that ran from 10th December, 2021 until 3rd January, 2022. It was the third seasonal festival to occur in 2021, following the Festival of the Bonfire and the Festival of the Spirits.

During the event, players were able to obtain exclusive cosmetic items and Pets from Blizzard Crates, similarly to the rewards from regular Loot Crates. Three free Blizzard Crates were available to all players from the start of the event, and can be claimed in the Wynncraft Store. Further crates could be obtained in-game by completing Daily Objectives (Tier I crates), and Weekly Objectives for players in a level 10+ Guild (Tier II). A maximum 30 Blizzard Crates could be obtained for free, while additional crates were available to buy from the Wynncraft Store until the end of the event.

In addition to the rewards from Blizzard Crates, a winter storm passed over Detlas, redecorating it for the holiday season as Snow Storm Detlas. The Traveler and Gerald the Yeti could be found by the large Craftmas tree in the center of the city, and the Souvenir Sweater Merchant, Rusty Bartender, and a Craftmas Cracker Vendor also set up shop; numerous other NPCs from around Wynn Province could be invited to join in the festivities throughout the event. The Festival coincided with the 2021 Wynnter Fair, which could be reached by taking the Event Airship Pilot's ship at Detlas Airbase.

Festival Invitations[]

Throughout the Festival, players could invite NPCs from throughout Wynncraft to Detlas to join the festivities. There were 20 invitees in total, and new ones were unlocked every day from 10th to 24th December; The Traveler gave hints on where to find possible invitees. Before each NPC agreed to come to the city, a short mini-quest had to be completed for them. You must also have completed the NPC's respective quest before you could begin their invitation. After arriving, the new NPCs provided new dialogue and extra content.

Starting on 25th December, Christmas Day, players were be able to talk to each of the NPCs they'd invited again to be gifted additional rewards, including several exclusive items and consumables. The Traveler and Yahya also gave out unique rewards after 25th December, the Emblem of the Blizzard and the Yahya Sapling respectively.

Invitee Locations[]

Day Hint NPCs Quest Req. Location Items Required Gifts Given
1 Seek the weary soldier, stationed neath an ancient stair. Therck & Enzan Enzan's Brother -535, 69, -1588 on the Emerald Trail - Therck: 1 Corrupt Chain
Enzan: 24 Craftmas Gifts
1 A master of cuisine, working in Wynn's first great fortress. The Cook Cook Assistant -846, 67, -1561 in Ragni 16 Gudgeon Meat 1 Craftmas Dinner
1 A philanthropist in the desert, providing for those less fortunate. Nick Meaningful Holiday 936, 68, -1840 in the Almuj Slums 10 Craftmas Gifts 1 Snowtread Boots
2 A friendly captain, docked at Wynn's great port. Seaskipper Captain None 182, 34, -2273 in Nemract 1 Potion of Drunkness 1 Wynnter's Wine
2 A great general, fighting through the crypts. General Graken The Dark Descent 227, 45, -1957 in Ancient Nemract 1 Charon's Brain 16 Craftmas Crackers
2 A chicken-loving man living his best life. Nohno Cluck Cluck -82, 45, -2496 at Rooster Island 16 Eggs Chicken (Mob)
3 A learned seeker of the past, delving through the desert sands. Junes None 876, 67, -1932 in Almuj 8 Terracotta Chunks 8 Emerald Blocks, 5 Sand-Swept Tomb Keys
3 A so-called pirate, waiting in Wynn's greatest Whiskey provider. Honip & Pep Misadventure on the Sea 119, 40, -2174 in Nemract - -
4 A symbol of Craftmas spirit, atop a land of peppermint. Santa Craftmas Chaos 1126, 41, -3145 on Craftmas Island 4 Wynnter Cookies 1 Stormcaller
5 An amateur researcher, trapped in time. Asher Deja Vu, Tempo Town Trouble -449, 72, -1153 in Time Valley 1 Time Fragment 1 Antique Snowglobe
6 A zealous artist of the highest caliber, incredibly invested in his work. Caissop Master Piece -1802, 55, -5190 in the Olux Swamp - 1 Caissop's 'Happy Holidays'
7 A known rook afflicted with a strange illness. Worid Jungle Fever -740, 80, -662 in Iboju Village 16 Emerald Blocks 2 Liquid Emeralds
8 A delayed passenger, rushing to meet his departure. Doan Acquiring Credentials -213, 101, -4941 in the Letvus Airbase 1 Letvus Delight 4 Emerald Blocks, 32 Chocolate Coins
9 A pioneer of travel, settled beside a tavern of his own name. Juggler None -476, 47, -4904 in Cinfras 1 Llevigar Scroll, 1 Olux Scroll 10 Cinfras Teleport Scrolls
10 A doorman of great prestige, blocking access to those unworthy. Kelight Temple of the Legends -693, 63, -976 outside the Temple of the Legends 1 Pearlescent Jewel 1 Manual of the Legends
11 A great electromage, working for a better future for all. Maxie The Envoy Part II -1571, 68, -2869 in Corkus City - 6 Blank Powder Tier IVs
12 A determined soul, guarding the spirits he once guided. Alem A Grave Mistake 158, 79, -373 behind Twain Mansion 8 Ghostly Essence 5 Frozen Orchids
13 The gatekeeper of a great challenge, under a black sky. Yansur The Qira Hive's Air Division 372, 64, -5500 at The Qira Hive - 1 Crest of the Highlands
14 A rebellious tinkerer proving herself to the world. Ava The Feathers Fly Part II 17084, 13503 in Ava's Workshop (-1730, 134, -3267) 1 Insulated Wiring 4 Corkian Amplifier Tier IIs
15 A humble king of Wynn's first great fortress. Ragni's King WynnExcavation Site D -939, 67, -1567 in Ragni - 5 Liquid Emeralds

Blizzard Crates[]


Blizzard Crates are a new type of crate obtained by doing objectives during the Festival of the Blizzard. There were four ways to obtain them:

  • All players could redeem 3 Blizzard Crates for free at the Wynncraft Store.
  • The first Daily Objective completed each day rewarded one Tier I Blizzard Crate (up to 23 total).
  • Completing a Guild Objective rewarded a Tier II Blizzard Crate (up to 4 total).
  • Various amounts of Blizzard Crates could also be bought from the store.

Opening Blizzard Crates gave the player cosmetics exclusive to the Festival. These rewards cannot be obtained from regular Crates. You can only scrap Festival of the Blizzard cosmetics with each other Blizzard cosmetics, and the cosmetic that they become will also be a Festival of the Blizzard cosmetic.

List of Blizzard Crate Rewards[]

In total, there were 7 pets, 7 player effects, 15 weapon skins, and 12 hats available from Blizzard Crates.

Rare Cosmetics
Icon Name Type Rarity

Candy Wybel Token Pet Token Rare

Frost Wybel Token Pet Token Rare

Sledding Penguybel Token Pet Token Rare

Snowman Wybel Token Pet Token Rare

Wooly Wybel Token Pet Token Rare

Four Seasons Player Effect Rare

Glacial Effect Player Effect Rare

Snowflake Effect Player Effect Rare
CandyBow.png Candy Bow Gear Skin (Weapon) Rare
CandySpear.png Candy Spear Gear Skin (Weapon) Rare
CandyWand.png Candy Wand Gear Skin (Weapon) Rare
CandyDagger.png Candy Dagger Gear Skin (Weapon) Rare
CandyRelik.png Candy Relik Gear Skin (Weapon) Rare
Epic Cosmetics
Icon Name Type Rarity

Wynnter Owl Token Pet Token Epic

Shadow Figure Player Effect Epic

Orphion's Pulse Player Effect Epic
CosmicBow.png Cosmic Bow Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic
CosmicSpear.png Cosmic Spear Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic
CosmicWand.png Cosmic Wand Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic
CosmicDagger.png Cosmic Dagger Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic
CosmicRelik.png Cosmic Relik Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic
SantaHat.png Santa Hat Gear Skin (Hat) Epic
HolidayLights.png Holiday Lights Gear Skin (Hat) Epic
CosmicEarpieces.png Cosmic Earpieces Gear Skin (Hat) Epic
ReindeerHorns.png Reindeer Horns Gear Skin (Hat) Epic
Godly Cosmetics
Icon Name Type Rarity

Yeti Token Pet Token Godly

Owl Wings Player Effect Godly

Colossus Effect Player Effect Godly
BorealBow.png Boreal Bow Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly
BorealSpear.png Boreal Spear Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly
BorealWand.png Boreal Wand Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly
BorealDagger.png Boreal Dagger Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly
BorealRelik.png Boreal Relik Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly
DetectiveFedora.png Detective Fedora Gear Skin (Hat) Godly
GingerBeard.png Ginger Beard Gear Skin (Hat) Godly
SilverVikingHelmet.png Silver Viking Helmet Gear Skin (Hat) Godly
SnowFoxEars.png Snow Fox Ears Gear Skin (Hat) Godly
Black Market Cosmetics
Icon Name Type Rarity
BorealCrown.png Boreal Crown Gear Skin (Hat) Black Market
AvoHeaddress.png Avo Headdress Gear Skin (Hat) Black Market
TrapperHat.png Trapper Hat Gear Skin (Hat) Black Market
WinterEarmuffs.png Winter Earmuffs Gear Skin (Hat) Black Market

Player Effects[]


Weapon Skins[]



  • The Festival of the Blizzard was the first festival to feature 3 different weapon skin sets, while previous festivals only had 2.
  • Honip's hint was originally "[honip lol]" due to an oversight made in the Content Team. This was fixed the next day.
  • Yahya can be found inside the Craftmas Tree in the center of the town square, which gives some dialogue.
    • On and after Christmas Day, Yahya will give a special item, the Yahya Sapling.
  • There was also another NPC located above the town square, located at 455, 84, -1563, a Wynnter Owl which gave the following dialogue:
    • The owl ignores you as it continues overseeing the town square.
  • There was a hidden dialogue if you went to the starter NPC for A Hunter's Calling while carrying the Emblem of the Bonfire and the Emblem of the Spirits with you.
  • When in Detlas, Nohno's Wife cannot take any damage.