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The Festival of the Spirits is a limited time in-game event currently running from 8th October, 2021 until Halloween, 31st October, 2021.

During the event, players are able to obtain exclusive cosmetic items and Pets from Spirits Crates, similarly to the rewards from regular Loot Crates. Three free Spirits Crates are available to all players from the start of the event, and can be claimed in the Wynncraft Store. Further crates can be obtained in-game by completing Daily Objectives (Tier I crates), and Weekly Objectives for players in a level 10+ Guild (Tier II). A maximum of 27 free Spirits Crates can be obtained by completing objectives; additional crates will be available to buy from the Wynncraft Store until the end of the event.

In addition to the rewards from Spirits Crates, Detlas has been redecorated for the Halloween season, and the Item Identifier's structure in the center of the city has been replaced by a large pit. Three new NPCs found in the city – The Guide, The Envoy, and The Seer – offer other activities for extra rewards and exclusive items during the event, including the daily Guiding of the Spirits, and the weekly Drawing of the Spirits.

Guiding of the Spirits[]


The Guiding of the Spirits is an activity that can be started by speaking with The Guide, involving finding lost spirits throughout the Wynncraft world and guiding them back to the pit in the center of Detlas to be exorcised. After they agree to help, the Guide gives players a Spiritual Tuner, which can be used to be pointed in the direction of the nearest spirit. After one is found, it will follow the player who found it until being returned to the pit in Detlas. Using Fast Travel or Teleport Scrolls will not cause the spirit to stop following you.

A new spirit spawns every day over the course of the event at 6:00 AM UTC. You can speak to the Guide to see how many spirits are currently active in the world, and how much time is left before the next appears. For each spirit that has been returned, the Guide will reward the player with 6
Emerald Blocks and 2
Spirit Fireworks. After 5 spirits in total have been returned, they will also award the
Emblem of the Spirits. There is also a reward for returning all 24 spirits.

Spirit Locations[]

Day Coordinates Location
1 420, 67, -1622 A house in Detlas, just northwest of The Envoy.
2 -802, 67, -1562 The abandoned house behind the Item Identifier in Ragni.
3 -2125, 78, -4512 The visitors' reception office in Llevigar prison, near the Llevigar Receptionist.
4 -659, 77, -3083 At the entrance of an airship base on the top level of Pirate Cove.
5 251, 49, -1906 A house on the eastern edge of Ancient Nemract.
6 1563, 82, -5098 Next to the fire pit in the center of Courag.
7 251, 75, -764 In front of Bob's Tomb.
8 -1600, 68, -2968 In front of an Avo tree inside of Corkus City.
9 1022, 112, -4558 Next to the Crane Mechanic in Ahmsord.
10 -1051, 48, -4388 In front of the entrance to Light Portal.
  • Spirit 1
    420, 67, -1622
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 2
    -802, 67, -1562
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 3
    -2125, 78, -4512
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 4
    Pirate Cove
    -659, 77, -3083
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 5
    Ancient Nemract
    251, 49, -1906
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 6
    1563, 82, -5098
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 7
    Bob's Tomb
    251, 75, -764
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 8
    Corkus City
    -1600, 68, -2968
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 9
    1022, 112, -4558
    Wynncraft Map
    Spirit 10
    Light Portal
    -1051, 48, -4388
    Wynncraft Map
  • Drawing of the Spirits[]

    The Drawing of the Spirits is a raffle that will take place 3 times over the course of the Festival of the Spirits, once per week. The drawing times are staggered so that players in all time zones have a good chance of being able to participate. The times are as follows:

    • Sunday, October 17, 2021: 12:00 AM UTC
    • Sunday, October 24, 2021: 8:00 AM UTC
    • Sunday, October 30, 2021: 4:00 PM UTC

    To participate, you simply need to be online and standing near The Seer's podium, in the square in the northwest corner of Detlas, at the moment the timer hits zero. All players will be counted as long as they are close enough to see the timer and rewards hologram next to the Seer.

    When the timer reaches zero, all players in the vicinity will randomly receive several rewards, consisting of Emeralds (up to 32 Liquid Emeralds total), Runes (up to 48 total), and Powders (up to Tier 6), scaling with combat level. Everyone is also guaranteed to receive at least one of several exclusive items, consisting of unique consumables and collectibles; these are all tradable, and can be viewed before the drawing by speaking to the Seer.

    Name Rarity Description

    Spirit Fireworks
    Unique Launches a firework into the sky. This item is consumed on use.

    Shroud of Darkness
    Rare Changes the world time to night. This effect is toggleable, only seen by the user, and does not affect the regeneration of Soul Points.

    Bottled Spirits
    Rare Releases the spirits contained within the bottle.

    Bag of Tricks
    Legendary Grants a random status effect to the user for 60 seconds. Effects can be positive or negative.

    Mask of the Spirits
    Legendary A collectible. "An ornamental relic, designed by those Beyond. When held, perhaps more will be revealed."

    Drawing of the Spirits
    None A collectible. "Shrouded in darkness, this canvas once starred a stunning illustration. When held, perhaps it will reveal itself once more."

    Spirit Crates[]


    Spirit Crates are a new type of crate obtained by doing objectives during the Festival of the Spirits. There are four ways to obtain them:

    • All players can redeem 3 Spirit Crates for free at the Wynncraft Store.
    • The first Daily Objective you complete each day rewards you one T1 Spirit Crate (up to 23 total).
    • Completing a Guild Objective rewards a T2 Spirit Crate (up to 4 total).
    • Various amounts of Spirit Crates can also be bought from the store with money.

    Opening Spirit Crates gives the player cosmetics exclusive to the Festival of the Spirits. These rewards cannot be obtained from regular Crates. You can only scrap Festival of the Spirits cosmetics with each other, and the cosmetic that they become will also be a Festival of the Spirits cosmetic.

    List of Spirit Crate Rewards[]

    Icon Name Type Rarity

    Zombie Wybel Pet Token Rare

    Wisp Wybel Pet Token Rare

    Jack-o'-Wybel Wybel Pet Token Rare

    Spider Web Player Effect Rare

    Force Field Player Effect Rare

    White Lotus Player Effect Rare

    Spinning Arcs Player Effect Rare

    Dark Diamonds Player Effect Rare

    Cat Tail Player Effect Rare

    Fox Tail Player Effect Rare

    Nightmare Wybel Pet Token Epic

    Zealot's Wings Player Effect Epic

    Harvest Bow Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic

    Harvest Spear Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic

    Harvest Wand Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic

    Harvest Sickle Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic

    Harvest Relik Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic

    Harvest Circlet Gear Skin (Hat) Epic

    Ram Horns Gear Skin (Hat) Epic

    Demon Horns Gear Skin (Hat) Epic

    Spectral Mask Gear Skin (Hat) Epic

    Wybomination Pet Token Godly

    Black Cat Pet Token Godly

    Spectral Bow Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly

    Spectral Spear Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly

    Spectral Wand Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly

    Spectral Dagger Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly

    Spectral Relik Gear Skin (Weapon) Godly

    Motivational Mythic Gear Skin (Hat) Godly

    Pirate Hat Gear Skin (Hat) Godly

    Dynasty Guanmao Gear Skin (Hat) Godly

    Black Cat Ears Gear Skin (Hat) Godly

    Voodoo Tophat Gear Skin (Hat) Black Market

    Jagged Kabuto Gear Skin (Hat) Black Market

    Plague Mask Gear Skin (Hat) Black Market

    Pets & Wybels[]

    Player Effects[]

    Weapon Skins[]