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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.20 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Finding The Light
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Light Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 71
Starter NPC Guardian of The Forest
Required Quest Taproot
Required Item Taproot, Volt Goat Horn
Reward As follows:

For the updated version of this quest, please see Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light.

Finding The Light is a long level 71 quest in which the player find the magical Realm of Light, but with some bumps and bruises.


This quest is a sequel to the quest Taproot, thus the player will need one Taproot item to start the quest in addition to 1 Volt Goat Horn from a peaceful mob, the Volt Goat. The quest The Quest of Light follows after the player completes this quest.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to the Guardian of The Forest in the Light Forest.

 Location   Light Forest   X   -1130  Y   49  Z   -4781  Wynncraft Map 



  • Guardian of The Forest: Huh?! What?! Is that a Volt Goat horn?!
  • Guardian of The Forest: Who wakes me from my slumber?
  • Guardian of The Forest: What in Gavel are you? Why is your nose so small?
  • Guardian of The Forest: A human, eh? Strange creature. So, why have you awoken me?
  • Guardian of The Forest: I haven’t been awake in 200 years. I would have thought Tiek would have fixed the decay by now...
  • Guardian of The Forest: This is awful. You have to act now. I can feel it has not yet crossed the river.
  • Guardian of The Forest: Head south and you’ll find an arch with a white symbol on it, I must know what state it’s in.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
VoltGoat.png Volt Goat 75 11777 Scared AI - -
Volt Goat Horn
Area at
-970 43 -4745

Stage 2[]

» Find the Arch in the Light Forest.

 Location   Light Forest   X   -1038  Y   44  Z   -4447  Wynncraft Map 
  • You hit an invisible barrier, but you don’t see anything around anyways.

Stage 3[]

» Return to the Guardian of The Forest to seek guidance.

 Location   Light Forest   X   -1130  Y   49  Z   -4781  Wynncraft Map 


  • Guardian of The Forest: Well, did you find it? What?! It’s not there?!
  • Guardian of The Forest: Or maybe... It is there. Just hidden. Of course. You’re not from Gavel, right?
  • Guardian of The Forest: Oh yes. Yes... You just can’t see it!
  • Guardian of The Forest: Of course.. If something foul were to enter the forest it would hide itself.
  • Guardian of The Forest: You’ll need to find someone who can help you see.
  • Guardian of The Forest: Is Cinfras still standing? I once heard they invented something with two glass things to put over your eyes so you could see better. Perhaps go there and seek them out.

Stage 4[]

» Find someone in Cinfras who can help you SEE.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to location of the optometrist.
 Location   Optometry   X   -439  Y     Z   -4853  Wynncraft Map 



  • Ollie: Welcome there young master, how may I assist you today?
  • Ollie: You can't see?
  • Ollie: Well then, why don't you take a quick eye examination?
  • Ollie: It's very simple. All I need you to do is walk over to the paper on the wall there..
  • Ollie: ...And read out each line one by one.
  • Ollie: I'll be able to work out what you need from there.

Stage 5[]

» Take the Eye Exam.


  • E
  • F P
  • T O Z
  • L P E D
  • P E C F D
  • E D F C Z P
  • F E L O P Z D
  • D E F P O T E C

Stage 6[]

» Talk to Ollie.

 X   -430  Y   46  Z   -4855  Wynncraft Map 


  • Ollie: Well, that was a perfect score. Are you sure you're having problems?
  • Ollie: What is it exactly that you can't see? Oh... Let’s try something else.
  • Ollie reaches under the desk and produces a dusty tome labelled 'Magical Sight'
  • Ollie: Let’s see... Ah yes. Perhaps the Clearsight spectacles are what you need.
  • Ollie: Oh my, we’re going to need a few things. Such as [Tears of the Honest], [Coin of the Charitable], and [Note of the Selfless].
  • Ollie: These items are so peculiar. I really wonder how magic operated hundreds of years ago. I don't know how you will acquire these... But if you ever do, come back to me. On your way out, do tell that person shouting to be quiet.

Stage 7[]

» Talk to Charlie outside of Ollie’s Optometry at [-449,46,-4840].

 X   -449  Y   46  Z   -4840  Wynncraft Map 



  • Charlie: JACK?! JACK?? Where are you?
  • Charlie: You there! Have you seen my son?
  • Charlie: He locked his bedroom and vanished!
  • Charlie: My house is number 10, perhaps you could see if you can find out where he went?
  • Charlie: Maybe you could check his room for me? I’ll stay out here and keep searching.

Stage 8[]

» Read Jack’s run away letter in Charlie’s house.

 X   -491  Y   54  Z   -4989  Wynncraft Map 

Note: The doors to Jack's room are locked, but Dave tells you that he heard something on the roof. To get to Jack's room, there is parkour in front of the balcony. Follow the pink carpets.

  • I’m sorry dads. I am going to go help this poor sick man outside the city. I’ll be leaving through the North gate. I'll be back as soon as I can!

Stage 9[]

» Talk to Jack.

 X   -448  Y   33  Z   -5092  Wynncraft Map 



  • Jack: Ow!
  • Jack: Help me Human, I fell!
  • Jack: I have an ouchie!
  • Jack: Please go help the man for me, I need to find my daddy and get a bandage.
  • Jack: He's at a house on the edge of the forest. Oh, here, I'll write down the spot for you.

Stage 10[]

» Find Damien near Kander Forest.

 Location   Kander Forest   X   -504  Y   43  Z   -5181  Wynncraft Map 



  • Damien: Ugh, who-who are you?
  • Damien: Uhhhh.. Are you a doctor? You have to help.
  • Damien: I was trying to get to Cinfras to collect some medicine, but I never made it.
  • Damien: Can you get the medicine for me? The apothecary is at house 19... Please hurry, I feel terrible...

Stage 11[]

» Talk to the Apothecary about getting medicine at house 19 in Cinfras.

 X   -431  Y   46  Z   -4993  Wynncraft Map 



  • Sasha: Welcome to Cinfras apothecary! How may I help you today?
  • Sasha: Ahh, Damien. That rings a bell. He had an order ready.
  • Sasha: Let’s see.. That’ll be 200,000 Liquid Emeralds please.
  • Sasha: Good medicine is expensive. I'm afraid that's the price.
  • Sasha: Look, that's the price. I can't change it. It's all safely stored in my basement.

Stage 12[]

» Break into Sasha’s basement.

*A button must be pressed to open the basement* -438 47 -4996

Stage 13[]

» Talk to Sasha about her debt.



  • Sasha: Look I know it's way too much money, but I'm desperate.
  • Sasha: I want to give poor Damien his medicine so badly, but I can't.
  • Sasha: A royal gardener stole my diary and is using it to blackmail me. It has embarrassing secrets...like, really embrassing...
  • Sasha: He said he'll give it back only in exchange for [200,000 Liquid Emeralds]!
  • Sasha: I'm sorry, but as long as that gardener is determined to get me, I can't lower the price. If you wish to approach him, he's probably at the bridge to the guild hall, gardening.

Stage 14[]

» Find the Gardener in the Cinfras Gardens.

 X   -391  Y   45  Z   -4917  Wynncraft Map 



  • Gardener: What do you want, can’t you see I’m busy?
  • Gardener: Oh. Sasha. Did she send you to deliver the money?
  • Gardener: No? Well then shove off! I have work to do. I stored the diary in a place no one would ever look!

Stage 15[]

» Search the Gardener’s cart for evidence of his lies.

 X   -376  Y   50  Z   -4937  Wynncraft Map 


  • The chest contains a leather bound notebook titled 'Diary: By Sasha The Apothecary'. Perhaps the gardener has something to say about this.

Stage 16[]

» Threaten The Gardener with his receipt.

 X   -391  Y   45  Z   -4917  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gardener: You found it?! How is this possible?!
  • Gardener: I thought it was hidden! Look, no one needs to get hurt here.
  • Gardener: Please don't hurt me! Ahh! Stop! Stop! Put the weapon away! You can have it!
  • Gardener: Ugh...I...I'm sorry. Tell Sasha I'm sorry. I'm overcome with emotion, I don't think I can face her, I feel terrible about this now...

Stage 17[]

» Talk to Sasha The Apothecary and get the medicine.

 X   -431  Y   46  Z   -4993  Wynncraft Map 


  • Sasha: Look my hands are- Oh? You got the Diary! I looked everywhere!
  • Sasha: He must have been hiding it spectacularly!
  • Sasha: Here, take the medicine, free of charge. You go and help that poor man. And here, take this too.

Stage 18[]

» Give the medicine to Damien.

 X   -504  Y   43  Z   -5181  Wynncraft Map 


  • Damien: Uuuuhhh...Is.. Is that my medicine?!
  • Damien: ...
  • Damien: Woah... this stuff is really strong! I feel loads better already!
  • Damien: Please, thank that little boy for me next time you see him.
  • Damien: He was running back and forth from Cinfras to bring me chicken noodle soup.
  • Damien: He's a good kid. Not many people in Gavel would act the way he did.

Stage 19[]

» Tell Charlie his son Jack is okay.

 X   -444  Y   47  Z   -4841  Wynncraft Map 


  • Charlie: Did you find him? You found Jack?!
  • Charlie: Oh my goodness me, thank you kind Human, thank you!
  • Charlie: My life partner Dave and I were beside ourselves with worry!
  • Charlie: You will have to come over for dinner some time. Dave makes a fantastic roast Grook.

Stage 20[]

» Return to Ollie in Cinfras.

 X   -430  Y   46  Z   -4855  Wynncraft Map 


  • Ollie: Hello again! Did you somehow manage to acquire all of those weird ingredients?
  • Ollie: Woah. I didn't even think half of these even existed! Very impressive. Right, let’s see if this old book is right.
  • Ollie: I'm going to need a bit of that. Yes. A pinch of this. Mmm. Grind that up...
  • Ollie: ...
  • Ollie: And... There! Magical glasses. Whatever it is you're looking for, you should be able to find.
  • Ollie: No need to pay me. Doing ancient magic is a hobby of mine. And after all that trouble you went through to get these items...
  • Ollie: Why, it'd be a slap to the face. No, you go do what you have to. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.

Stage 21[]

» Return to the Guardian of The Forest in the Light Forest with the helmet.

 X   -1130  Y   49  Z   -4781  Wynncraft Map 


  • Guardian of The Forest: Welcome back, Human. I see there was there something in Cinfras to help you. I suppose the Villagers still live.
  • Guardian of The Forest: While you were gone I have caught up on the last 200 years.
  • Guardian of The Forest: How things have decayed.. The Gert war.. The two towers.. And oh, the poor Doguns!
  • Guardian of The Forest: Well, dwelling on them will not fix things. Remember the arch from before?
  • Guardian of The Forest: Put on your glasses and you will be able to see what you could not before.. The arch is to the south if you have forgotten.

Stage 22[]

» Head back to the Light Realm Arch.

 X   -1038  Y   44  Z   -4447  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 23[]

» Enter The Light Realm


  • There is an NPC at -1184 -4758 that explains how to find the Volt Goat. The specific coordinates for the Goat are:-970,-4739
  • Bring the Taproot with you (Obtained from the Taproot quest) to start the quest.


  • As Jack stated in his letter, “I’m sorry dads,” he must have meant Charlie and Dave. Charlie also refers to Dave as his "Life partner," meaning they are a gay couple.
  • Charlie, Dave, and Jack are named after Grian's, Abandonedbank's, and HardBoiledEgg's real-life names, respectively.
  • In the actual game, there are many grammar mistakes such as, “gardener” being misspelled as “gardner” and using “apothecary” being misspelled as “apothacary” in the quest book.
  • One of the quest items the player will get is "Canned Abis," which sounds pretty close to a plant called Cannabis, more commonly known as weed.
  • This quest follows a fairly well-known trope that can be seen in movies, TV series, and other games.
    • This trope is one where someone asks the protagonist to help them, usually with retrieving some sort of personal item, but whoever has said item also wants help from the protagonist in the same fashion as the first person. This goes on with more and more people until the protagonist gets to a point where they can do all the previous tasks and thus, receives the reward from the original asker.
  • The quest was reworked in 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update.