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Flight in Distress
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Letvus Airbase
Province Gavel
Combat Level 75
Starter NPC Passenger Controllant
Required Quest Acquiring Credentials
Required Item Dusty Passport
Reward As follows:

Flight in Distress is a long level 75 quest in the Letvus Airbase. You will need the passport obtained from Acquiring Credentials before starting this quest.


The player is required to find a missing person and then following through with a more serious investigation.

Stage 1[]

Note: You will need the Gavellian Passport.

» Speak to the Passenger Controllant.

Letvus Airbase
-172, 108, -4946
Wynncraft Map


  • Passenger Controllant: Good day, sir! Will you be flying with us today?
  • Passenger Controllant: May I see your passport please?
  • Passenger Controllant: It's a bit dusty! It looks very old, but the picture looks like you.
  • Passenger Controllant: Well everything seems to be in order, climb aboard and I hope you have a pleasant journey.

Stage 2[]

» Enter the airship.


  • Broadcast: Attention passengers. There has been a missing person reported aboard. If there are any volunteers to help search for them please report to control deck and speak to the captain.
  • Captain Ackbar: Are you here to volunteer to search for the missing child?
  • Captain Ackbar: We're only just to set off and there is already an incident.
  • Captain Ackbar: His mother informed us that her son disappeared soon after boarding.
  • Captain Ackbar: Poor parenting, if you ask me. Alas, we must find the lad.
  • Captain Ackbar: Since we don't have any leads, it might be best to ask some passengers for information.
  • Captain Ackbar: Most of them will be in the dining area or in the lounge.
  • Captain Ackbar: Thank you so much for your help; I hope you find the lad soon.

Stage 3[]

» Try and find out where the missing child is located by speaking to the passengers.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Missing Child Location.
The missing child is on the front of the ship on the outside. Navigate to the lower deck, exit the ship at -780 201 -9655. Then walk to the north side of the ship.


  • Missing Child: Hey! Look at that ship over in the distance. It has been following the ship almost since we left off.
  • Missing Child: I know I shouldn't be down here but...
  • Missing Child: I love airships, and I have never seen one like that.
  • Missing Child: Oh, my mummy wants me?
  • Missing Child: Okay then, I will come back. Just let me get one last look at it, I'll meet you on the passenger deck.

Stage 4[]

» Return back to the captain.


  • Captain Ackbar: Hello again, did you find him?
  • Captain Ackbar: How did he get down there?! There is supposed to be someone on duty!
  • Captain Ackbar: Thank you so much for finding him. You were the only volunteer.
  • Captain Ackbar: Hopefully that is the only hiccup in the journey.
  • Captain Ackbar: Feel free to return to your quarters and enjoy the rest of your journey.

Stage 5[]

» Go back to your cabin.


  • A few hours of sleep later...
  • You wake up when you hear a sudden, loud sound...

Stage 6[]

» Speak to the captain regarding the sudden noises.


  • Captain Ackbar: Oh, hey! Are you here to help again?
  • Captain Ackbar: I really appreciate it. My crew seem to be absolutely nowhere!
  • Captain Ackbar: Ok well the situation is pretty bad. The engines have broken down.
  • Captain Ackbar: The engineer downstairs is trying to figure out a solution, but he's not the brightest villager in Gavel.
  • Captain Ackbar: Would you mind having a talk with the engineer, and see if you can help?
  • Captain Ackbar: I have to stay here and man the brig, but if you head down to the engine room, we would greatly appreciate it.

Stage 7[]

» Look if the engineer has something for you to do in order to help.


  • Engineer Eric: You must be the 'uman the captain done told me.
  • Engineer Eric: We sure are havin' quite the situation down 'ere.
  • Engineer Eric: I dun looked at the machine but I dun see nothin' wrong.
  • Engineer Eric: Hmm dun worry. We can fix it.
  • Engineer Eric: Let's try turnin' it off and on again. That usually works.
  • Engineer Eric: Pro'lem is I gotta stay down 'ere, and that system to restart is on the top of the ship.
  • Engineer Eric: You can get up there from captain's quar'ers.
  • Engineer Eric: There is a colour coded restart system at the top. They made it nice and simple. But it only works if I press the same code down here.
  • Engineer Eric: I will be down here pressing buttons when I see you dun yer thing.
  • Engineer Eric: I'll write down the code of the buttons to press. Just head up to the top on the ship.

Stage 8[]

» Complete the sound coded system by checking the Engineer's Note, and return back to the engineer.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Engineer's Code.
The code is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.


  • Engineer Eric: Thank ye! The 'ngines are back up and running!
  • Engineer Eric: I couldn't have dun this without ye.
  • Engineer Eric: You go back to yer quarters and get some rest. A passen'er like yerself shouldn' have to help the crew.
  • Engineer Eric: I hope the rest of yer journey is good.
  • Engineer Eric: Thanks 'uman.

Stage 9[]

» Return back to your cabin.


  • After a few hours of sleep...

Stage 10[]

» Explore the lower deck; something big is approaching.

Stage 11[]

» Get to the other ship.


  • Pirate Captain: You are trying to reach the queen? Take us down? Ahaha, no chance. You have to get through us first.

Stage 12[]

» Find a way to reach the queen that is located below deck. Kill the Pirate Captain to get the key, and put it into the hopper in front of the door. Then drop the TNT into the carpet in front of the wall.


  • Captured Prisoner: You're awake, good. Ha, I heard you took out quite a few of those pirates.
  • Captured Prisoner: You must be here to take down the ship, and the pirate queen with it.
  • Captured Prisoner: I've been a prisoner here for weeks. I was fly fishing when they captured me.
  • Captured Prisoner: I have been working on an escape though.
  • Captured Prisoner: At the back of the hall, I started a key to the queen's quarters.
  • Captured Prisoner: I am a locksmith in Gavel, and they have been using me to make their ship more secure.
  • Captured Prisoner: There's a button next to the door on the left side, just press it and exit from here.
  • Captured Prisoner: You have to help me!

Stage 13[]

» Escape the cell, and finalize the key to reach the pirate queen.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Key.

To make the correct key, press the buttons the following number of times:

Button 1: 5 presses, Button 2: 4 presses, Button 3: 6 presses, Button 4: 2 presses

Stage 14[]

» Fight the pirate queen, take one of her personal treasures with you, and escape.


  • You fall onto the balloon, and make your way back to the ship...

Stage 15[]

» Speak to Captain Ackbar about the findings and the battles.


  • Captain Ackbar: Wow, You single handedly took out a pirate invasion.
  • Captain Ackbar: And you're a passenger! It's a good job you did...
  • Captain Ackbar: We have no defense on this ship. We are a civilian carrier.
  • Captain Ackbar: What is this? A ring from the queen? It looks valuable. You should keep it.
  • Captain Ackbar: I still do not know how to thank you... We owe you so much.
  • Captain Ackbar: Wait! I know! You can have free travel from Detlas to Cinfras!
  • Captain Ackbar: A private airship owner called Calo owes me big.
  • Captain Ackbar: I will tell him the deal. All you have to do is enter his ship and he'll take you back and forth!
  • Captain Ackbar: Oh, and you will also be rewarded kindly monetarily. I will also personally send him the ring, so that it doesn't get damaged on the way, and you will receive it there.
  • Captain Ackbar: Just head down to the entrance deck, and we are about to arrive at Detlas Airbase now.
  • Captain Ackbar: Thanks for helping us, really!

Stage 16[]

» Head down to the entrance deck, and get off.

Stage 17[]

» Speak to Calo next to the little ship at the Detlas docks.


  • Calo: Hey there. You must be the Human Ackbar told me about.
  • Calo: I heard what you did on the ship, very admirable. Fortunately for you, I owe Ackbar.
  • Calo: I'll take you from Detlas to Cinfras or vice versa whenever you want.
  • Calo: All you have to do is board my ship. Oh, this was also from Ackbar.


  • Stage 8: In case you die and have to replay the sound coded reset system, but do not have the Note anymore, the numbers are the following: 2, 1, 5, 3, 6, 4
  • If you die at any point during the quest, you may re-enter the airship and sleep in your cabin. This will take you to the latest stage you reached that takes place on the main airship.
  • If you lost the Gavellian Passport item, you are able to retrieve it by going to -256, 57, -4980, the Passport Office where the Acquiring Credentials quest starts. You will be given another if you lost your original.


  • Captain Ackbar is a reference to the Star Wars Battleship commander, Admiral Ackbar.
  • During Stage 13, you can see some quest items you might have encountered before, such as Red Crystal Shard, Healing Water and Magical Fragment. It is unknown how the pirates got hold of those.