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Food is a consumable item that heals the player's lost health or provides additional effects. Compared to scrolls or potions, food often have a very long duration while compensating this with less potent effects.


Main article: Cooking

The player may craft food using the Cooking profession by going to a Cooking Station with the appropriate Crafting Materials and Crafting Ingredients.

Food can also be bought and sold on the Trade Market or via player trading. It also has its own filter on the Trade Market.


Like potions or scrolls, using food consumes one of its charges and activates its effects for a certain duration. You must meet the required combat level minimum and stat point minimum of the food in order to use it.

Once used, the player is either healed for a certain amount of health over 60 seconds or gains temporary identifications for a period of time.

You cannot use the food with the same effects twice, as the game will tell you "you already have some Food active". If you try to use another food that partially shares some effects with your current active food, the game will only grant you the new effects from the new food. Interestingly, this can be used to bypass negative effects on food by preventing them from being granted. Food can be used alongside scrolls and potions without any restrictions.