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Forbidden Prison
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Lexdale Penitentiary
Province Gavel
Combat Level 72
Starter NPC Merchant
Reward As follows:

Forbidden Prison is a long level 72 quest located at the Lexdale Penitentiary.


The player is falsely arrested and sent to the Lexdale Penitentiary for killing a Merchant in Gelibord, and must make their way out of the prison all the while avoiding the sadistic guards and Warden who rule the facility with an iron fist, as well as uncovering the Prison's true purpose and nature along the way.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to the Merchant at [-963, 47, -5280]



  • Merchant: Hey, hey, humie! Yeah, I'm talkin' to ya here..
  • Merchant: Y'see, I got a few things here... look around for a bit, they're all very rare...
  • Merchant: I see that look in yer eyes... Ya interested in something here? It's all 'fa sale...
  • Merchant: ..Say, humie... I ain't mean to alarm ya, but do ya know who that guy sneakin' up behind 'ye is?

You were knocked out...



  • ???: OI! Wake up, you damned miscreant!
  • Prison Guard: Took ya long enough.. Alright, listen up, maggot!
  • Prison Guard: We found ya outside of Gelibord, passed out near some dead body, and... Well, we had to arrest someone for that merchant's death!
  • Prison Guard: So, welcome to the Lexdale Federal Prison. You're in here for the rest of your life, short-nose, so no use complaining about it.
  • Prison Guard: And don't think you get to just lounge around all day in your cell. You gotta do work here, or you're getting thrown in the hole.
  • Prison Guard: But for now, you’re stayin’ in your cell, understood? Now, stay here, and take a look around your cell. You'll know when it's time to work..

Stage 2[]

» Explore your cell

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to optional things to do.
Clicking a vent:
  • It's a vent.
  • You attempt to pull off the vent cover...
  • It won't budge.

Clicking a water bowl:

  • It's a water bowl.
  • There's a horrific smell coming from the water...
  • It'd probably be best to not touch it..
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to exploring your cell.

Right-click the darkened stone brick in the wall repeatedly to chip away and break it, thus triggering this stage's dialogue.



  • Old Prisoner: GWAH! Who the hell are you?
  • Old Prisoner: Oh, thank grook, you're just another prisoner... So young, too...
  • Old Prisoner: You just got here, right? Well... I can tell you're innocent... Just like almost everyone else in this forsaken prison...
  • Old Prisoner: Listen, human... This prison... You couldn't have come to a more horrific prison in the entire world! This place is hellish!!
  • Old Prisoner: The guards here, they're sadistic! They'll pluck random prisoners out of their cells, and nobody ever sees them again! They're trying to kill us all in here!
  • Old Prisoner: I'm being serious, human! If you stay here, they'll kill you, too! You HAVE to escape this place, whatever it t-
  • Prison Guard: Oi, filth! You're comin' with us. Get out of your cell, NOW!
  • Old Prisoner: Are you sure, uh, sir? I don't think I'm supposed to be anywhere today...
  • Prison Guard: Oh, ya think you're smart, trying to resist?? Oi, Jon, block the entrance!

  • Prison Guard: OI! Quit starin’ off into space, maggot! Come over to your cell's bars.
  • Prison Guard: It’s work time, filth. I'll escort you to the hallways. Once you're there, someone will tell you what to do. Do as they say, and you might come back tonight.
  • Prison Guard: You got that, wretch? Alright, now get out of your cell!

Stage 3[]

» Get your instructions from the guard
This stage is very straightforward: a guard will walk up to you and inform you of your next objective, before walking away.



  • Prison Guard: Guess you're the one on cleanin' duty, huh? Alright. Listen up, scum!
  • Prison Guard: Take this sponge, and look around the hallways. If you see a mess, use the sponge to clean it up. Someone will escort you back to the cells once you're done.
  • Prison Guard: Got it? Alright. Now, get to work!

Stage 4[]

» Search the hallways for messes to clean up
You must clean up 7 messes around the hallways by right-clicking them with a sponge.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to optional things to do.

One of the crates in the storage room contains some cheese. If you grab this cheese and take it to the entrance of the hallways, a rat will emerge and take the cheese. Although this is not required for the quest to progress, you are rewarded with 320 emeralds.

If you interact with one of the lockers in the shower room, an Inmate Outfit can be found, which can be worn as armor.

Additionally, one of the supply closets contains a bucket, which can be taken to the shower room to fill it up by interacting with one of the faucets. Then, if the filled bucket is used in the generator room, you will obtain a 2-star ingredient, a Generator Chip.

Another supply closet also contains ingredients, namely 6 Rancid Flesh and 3 Broken Daggers.

When you complete the objective, you will receive this message:

  • Looks like you've cleaned up all the messes! You should return to the Guard at the entrance of the hallways to tell him that you're done.

Stage 5[]

» Report to the prison guard at [-12177, 24, 4127]



  • Prison Guard: You're done cleaning? Alright, it's time for rollcall. You're being escorted back to the cell block. Follow me, and don't move.

You're escorted back to the cell block by the guard...
The two of you arrive just as rollcall is about to begin. Some guards shove you into place with the other prisoners...

  • The Warden: Well, well, well... Looks like the dross of society is here on time!
  • The Warden: Alright. Stay in line, and don't move, maggots! It's time for roll call...
  • The Warden: ...
  • The Warden: You’re all here… Ha! That’s a surprise, you outcasts can actually follow orders!
  • The Warden: ...Hm… Looks like we’ve got a new arrival too.. Don’t worry, peon... your soul will be well secure here for the rest of eternity.
  • The Warden: Alright. That’s it for now, you worthless menaces. It’s meal time. Head to the cafeteria, and pray that we’re not giving you your last meal.
  • You're escorted to the cafeteria by the guards...
  • This looks like the cafeteria. You should look for a place to sit down..

Stage 6[]

» Find a place to sit in the cafeteria

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to optional things to do.

Giving the food to the Starving Prisoner will trigger following dialogue:

  • Starving Prisoner: Is this... it's... Food!!
  • Starving Prisoner: I... I can't thank you enough, human... I should be able to keep going with this...
  • Starving Prisoner: Say... if you ever get out of this slaughterhouse... could you go to Lexdale... and try and talk with my family, there? Let them know that I'm still alive...? I'd appreciate that....

If you talk to his family in Lexdale after the quest, they will give you 24 emerald blocks.

On the right side of the room is the serving area for food; the player can pick up one food item here. On the left side of the room are two dining tables: one for regular prisoners and one for mafia prisoners. You can either sit at the table with the normal prisoners or the mafia prisoners, by right-clicking either empty chair twice.

  • Right-click again to sit at this table.
  • You decide to sit down at this table...
If you sit at the table with the regular prisoners:


  • Prisoner: Hey.. It's alright, you can sit here, don't worry.
  • Prisoner: So... you're new here, right? Hah… Guessing you're innocent, just like the rest of us… and I mean that...
  • Prisoner: He's tellin' the truth, new guy. Most of us here are just average civilians. I worked at a transportation company in Cinfras, and was delivering some crates to Gelibord when they snatched me just out of town.
  • Prisoner: Me too! I don't even know why I was put here at all! I wasn't even given a trial in court, or anything! They just plucked me off the streets and threw me in here!
  • Prisoner: They wanna kill you, that's why. Did ya hear about Revan? He got taken away a couple of days ago, after he accidentally stumbled during roll call. Nobody's heard or seen 'em since.
  • Prisoner: I… you're probably right... I just dont understand any of this anymore... I just want to escape this damn place for good...
  • Prisoner: ...Good luck with that.. Only way out is through that exit door, and even then you gotta get into the Control Room, as well. It's...just impossible, y'know?
  • Prison Guard: Alright, meal time's over! Get to your cells, filth!
  • Prisoner: ...Well… That's this place in a nutshell for you, human. Just try not to get in anyone's way or step out of line, and you should be alright until they end up taking you.
If you sit at the table with the mafia prisoners:


  • Mafia Prisoner: Oi, who’s this guy right ‘ere? We don’t know ya. Move it!
  • Mafia Prisoner: ‘Ey, ‘ey, let it rest, Don. They're not hurtin’ nobody.
  • Mafia Prisoner: ...Got it, boss... Sorry…
  • Mafia Prisoner: Don’t worry about it. So... You know who we are, novello?
  • Mafia Prisoner: We’re part of the Placido Crime Family. We do business across the entire world; all parts of it, you know what I’m saying?
  • Mafia Prisoner: Almost all of us at this table got caught for running with the family-... Ah, bet you’re surprised to hear that there are some guilty people up in this slaughterhouse, yeah?
  • Mafia Prisoner: It’s alright, you don’t have to worry about us getting plucked and killed like those other piacevole here. Guards keep on sayin’ something about “our souls are too tainted”, whatever they mean.
  • Mafia Prisoner: Hah! Maybe you’ll get the same treatment too, novello. I saw it the minute I laid eyes on ya. You’re a killer too, ain't ya? Hey, gotta be one to know you're dealin' with one..
  • Mafia Prisoner: ..Anyways... You thinkin’ about staying in this prison, fratello? Word of advice: Don’t. If you can, you gotta escape. You might think it’s impossible for someone to escape here, or whatnot...
  • Prison Guard: Alright, meal time’s over! Get to your cells, filth!
  • Mafia Prisoner: But no, you're different. I can see it in those eyes. You just gotta find a way into that Control Room, somehow. And hey, if you do get outta here, go and raise some hell in the Letvus Black Market for us, yeah?

Stage 7[]

» Attend morning rollcall



  • You're escorted out of the cafeteria and back to your cell...
  • Looks like that's the end of today... Your top priority tomorrow should be to devise a plan to escape the prison. Finding a guard outfit could be helpful, as well..
  • ...
  • ??? Alright! Everyone, get up! Out of your cells, NOW! It's time for rollcall!
  • The Warden: Alright, look straight, scum! Morning rollcall is about to start.
  • The Warden: Let's see here...
  • The Warden: ...you’re all here...? Hm... Disappointing, honestly. Rollcall is over. All of you, head to wherever your job is, and get to work!

Stage 8[]

» Search the hallways for possible escape routes, and find a guard outfit

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to optional things to do.

If you grabbed some food in Stage 5, the player can place it at the entrance of the hallways, causing a rat to emerge.

There are two crates in the storage room that can be interacted with to reward the player with zero-star ingredients; one crate contains 6 Stacks of Coins and the other contains 5 Leafy Stalks.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to searching the hallways.

Inspecting the exit door reveals that you should go to the storage room to find a guard outfit. To do so, you will need to knock out the guard in the room by right-clicking the boxes above him where the cheese was, then right-click the crates at [-12110, 25, 3608]. Then, head to and right-click the control room door at [-12199, 24, 3620] to update the quest book.

Stage 9[]

» Report to the Prison Guard at [-12177, 24, 3572]



  • Prison Guard: You're done? Alright, now follow me. Rollcall is about to start.
  • The Warden: What with you all, showing up late like this?? It's time for rollcall!
  • The Warden: ...
  • The Warden: You're all here, huh? Alright then, head on to dinn-
  • Prisoner: Oi! Quit steppin' on my shoes, cretino!
  • Prisoner: Hey! What the hell are you talkin' about, making up something like that! I didn't do anythin'!
  • Prisoner: Shut it, fat-nose! You know what you were doin'! Now stay out of my way!
  • The Warden: OI! Are you blind, or something?!? Get those lowlifes under control, guards!
  • Prison Guard: You two got some damn nerve, fightin' during rollcall!
  • Prisoner: Don't touch me!
  • Prison Guard: W-Woah, HEY! This maggot has a shank! Back up!!!

  • The Warden: You two really are stupid, huh? Fighting in the midst of all of these guards? And you got a shank, too...
  • The Warden: Well, looks like it's game over for you two outcasts. You're heading straight to the hole!
  • The Warden: You, take these two cretins to the hole, and you, go to my office and get one of the spare control room keys. Now, LIGHTS OUT!

Stage 10[]

» Attend morning rollcall



  • Time to take stock of the situation. You need to get out of here, and you might just have found enough out to do it.
  • The only way to escape is by heading through the exit door. You'll need to access the control room in order to open it...
  • The Warden mentioned during rollcall that there's spare control room keys in her office. You'll have to find a way into her office during work time in order to access the control room.
  • ...
  • ??? Alright! Everyone, get up! Out of your cells, NOW! It's time for rollcall!
  • The Warden: Alright, everyone get in line, and stand straight! Don't move, or it's game over for you!
  • The Warden: ...
  • Prisoner: H-hey! Stop pushing me, mate! Seriou-
  • The Warden: Well, well, well... Another peon thought it was wise to step off course..
  • Prisoner: W-wait a minute, miss! Someone pushed me out of line! I swear!
  • The Warden: BE QUIET! I didn't say you could speak, filth!
  • The Warden: Get back in line! Once this is over, you're out, slime!
  • The Warden: Alright, now, the rest of you, get to work! Rollcall is over for you all!

If you gave cheese and cafeteria food to the rats in stages 4 and 8 respectively, this last line will be interrupted as the rats will attack The Warden. The Warden will drop the control room key in front of you before losing her temper and strangulating the rats with her magic, allowing you to skip most of stage 11.

  • You're back in the hallways... You should head to the Warden's office as soon as possible to get the Control Room key.

Stage 11[]

» Steal the key from the warden's office, and head to the control room

  • Looks like the Warden isn't here today, and there aren't any guards near her office.. You might be able to get through the door without being noticed..
  • The door is locked.. There has to be another way into the office nearby.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to an optional thing to do in the hallways.
To the left of the exit door, there will be an Injured Prisoner NPC that can be interacted with. He will ask you to get a Medical Kit from the Supply Closet further to the left, where the Bucket to get the shower water was obtained earlier. After giving him the Medical Kit, he will say the following:

Injured Prisoner: Aaahh, that's better... Thank you, human... You probably just saved my life there!

Injured Prisoner: ..You're gettin out of 'ere, huh? Well, if you do get out of this hellhole, could you head to Gelibord and let my 'pops know I'm still alive in here? I'd appreciate that...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get into the office.
Right-click the vent to the right of the door to the office; this will trigger the following dialogue and allow you to climb into the vents:
  • Now that the guard isn't standing here, you can more closely inspect this vent...
  • It looks quite old, and the vent grates appear to be splitting at their seams... it shouldn't take to much effort to just...?
  • Perfect! With the grate off, it’s relatively easy to squeeze through the vent opening.
  • One of these vents has to lead to the warden's office..

Once inside the vents, take a left to enter a junction between four vent paths. The one to the left of where you entered, with noticeably fewer iron bars than the others, leads to the Warden's office.

Entering the path to the right will show a pile of corpses with the following dialogue:

  • It's a dead end. You shouldn't stick around here.

Entering the path straight across from where you enter will play a short cutscene of the warden performing a ritual on a dead body, and eventually extracting something from it, with the following dialogue:

  • It's a dead end. It looks like something's going on in the room outside of the vent, though...
  • You're inside the warden's office... You need to find the Control Room Key and use it to open the Control Room.

Right-click the key on the wall to take it, then head to the Control Room at [-12199, 24, 3620] and enter using the key.

  • [+1 Control Room Key]
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to an optional thing to do in the office.
On the Warden's desk, at [-12218, 25, 3643], there is a pile of papers that gives the following dialogue when you read it:
  • These papers on the desk appear to be directed to the Warden.
  • The papers appear to be asking the Warden for...? A quota of souls...
  • The signature at the end simply reads the letter D.

Stage 12[]

» Find a way to open the exit door
Right-click the lever in the middle of the back wall to open the exit door.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to obtaining ingredients.

The lockers in the control room contain ingredients; one of the lockers contains 6 Black Steel and the other contains 4 Rusty Axe Heads.

  • There's a lever on this control panel that is labeled with the words UNLOCK EXIT DOOR.
  • You can hear the sound of a door opening in the distance... the exit door must have just opened!

Stage 13[]

» Head through the exit door at [-12177, 24, 3658]

  • There isn't much time left! Get to the exit door so you can escape!

Stage 14[]

» Sneak past the guards and find a way to the Records Room

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get past the guards.

First, take a left when you enter the room. After passing two rows of shelves, take a right, then take another right at the next intersection. Cross the center of the room, turn left, and right-click the sign to knock on the locker and distract a guard. Then, you can enter the next room.
In the next room, simply pass through the small building in the middle of the room to avoid being caught. You will then reach a checkpoint, and can enter the solitary cells or simply progress to the next area.

In the solitary cells:
Solitary Cells
-12552, 30, 3930


  • Prisoner: Oh, thank the bovine! There's a friendly face around here..
  • Prisoner: Listen, human, you gotta get me out of here! They've been killin' people in here all day! If you don't help me out, I'll be next!
  • Prisoner: Look, next to my cell, on that desk! There's a key! Grab it and hand it to me!

After right-clicking the bars with the key:

  • Prisoner: Yes, perfect, PERFECT! That's the key, hand it to me!
  • Prisoner: I can't explain the debt I owe you, human... You have no idea how grateful I am..
  • Prisoner: Say, what's your name, human? <playername>? Alright, my name's Kaetan. Go on ahead and get out of here, I'll catch up. If you do get out of this chop-shop, meet me in Cinfras, I want to give you something there.
Solitary Cells
-12562, 30, 3922


  • Prisoner: Hh-h-hel-p-pp-p.... m-me-ee-e.. pl-ea-s-sE!
  • The prisoner's body begins to go limp..
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get past the guards.

After passing the checkpoint, enter the next room and head straight to the close left corner. Right-click to throw the apple and distract the guard blocking the exit, then sneak around the right side of the room to get to the next area.
In the next room, simply sneak around the edges counter-clockwise, ending to the left of where you entered, to get to the next checkpoint.
After passing the checkpoint, go across the next room, between the shelves in paths where there are no guards posted. Once you reach the end of the room, go up the stairs to the left of where you entered. Then, pick up a book at [-12468, 35, 3989], throw it at [-12462, 35, 4027] to knock out the guard, and enter the vent.
Go through the vent until you reach an exit, and jump down into another room. Head towards the fireplace, and right-click near it to ignite the table and distract the guards.

Stage 15[]

» Find and destroy your criminal records

  • You've finally made it to the Records Room. You need to find your criminal records and destroy them before leaving.

Right-click the box at [-12501, 26, 4097] to get your criminal records, then right-click the fireplace to throw them in.

  • This box has a few criminal records in here. The first one has your name on it... At least you didn’t need to search very long to find it.
  • There should be something nearby you can use to destroy it.
  • [+1 Criminal Records]
  • You toss your criminal records into the fire. Good riddance.
  • Your record has been destroyed, for now. You can finally leave the prison for good.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to optional things to read in the Records Room.
When looking into the cabinet at [-12517, 27, 4090]:
  • This cabinet has a number of letters between Gavel's government and the Prison.
  • The Prison appears to be lying about almost everything they do to the government, and they appear to buy into it, despite all the rumors about this place.
  • The government must not care about the lives of anyone who lives in Gavel's northern forests enough to condemn the prison for all of this slaughter.

When looking into the cabinet at [-12497, 27, 4092]:

  • This cabinet has a few records on the Warden...but they all seem incomplete.
  • Hardly any of the information is actually filled out, No age, career history, family, or any other information. She appears to be a complete un-person.
  • It's as if she popped into existence for the sole purpose of being this prison's warden.

When looking into the cabinets at [-12512, 26, 4098]:

  • These cabinets have some criminal records on a lot of the prisoners here...
  • Most of these files are virtually empty, save for a select few that had committed petty thefts some time ago.

When consecutively right-clicking the fireplace at [-12501, 26, 4100] after throwing in your criminal records:

  • It's a small fireplace.
  • It's a small fireplace.
  • It's still a small fireplace.
  • Maybe it's an average sized fireplace?
  • That would make it just a fireplace.
  • So it's just a fireplace..
  • It's just a fireplace.
  • ... You begin to inspect the fireplace.
  • It's very quaint, and the fire is a lovely shade of bright orange.
  • The fire begins to die down as you think that, and turns a darker orange.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Maybe you should use your time on something other than this fireplace.
  • No. This fireplace is far too interesting...
  • You begin to wonder what would happen in you threw something in the fireplace.
  • You don't have anything to throw in it, though. Shame.
  • You return to inspecting the fireplace.
  • You inspect the fireplace again..
  • And again.
  • And again...
  • ... And again...
  • You wonder if you'll ever stop staring at this fireplace..
  • ... It soon dawns on you how much time you've wasted staring at this fireplace.
  • You begin to question your sanity.. Did spending 3 days in this slaughterhouse of a prison really break you down that much?
  • You decide to put an end to this charade of yours..
  • You've stared at this fireplace enough. Find something better to do.

Stage 16[]

» Leave the prison


  • If you free Kaetan, he will give you 30 emerald blocks the next time you go to the front/western entrance of Cinfras.
  • If you help the Starving Prisoner in the cafeteria by giving him food, you can meet one of his family members in Lexdale at -619 -5450, and they will give you 24 Emerald Blocks.
    • Lexdale Citizen: Who are you? Can I help you, human?
    • Lexdale Citizen: WHAT?? Taron, he-he's alive?? And you... made sure he didn't starve in that prison...?
    • Lexdale Citizen: I... human, I can't thank you enough. Even if he doesn't get out of there, just knowing he's alive is... please, I know it's not a lot, but take this.
  • If you help the Injured Prisoner in Stage 10 by giving them a medical kit, you can meet his father in Gelibord at -1001 -5278, and he will give you 24 Emerald Blocks.
    • Gelibord Citizen: Good evening. Can I help you with anything?
    • Gelibord Citizen: M-my son? He's alive?!? Oh, sweet baby bovine, that's...! Where is he??
    • Gelibord Citizen: ...the prison, huh? Well... It's good to know that he'll be able to hold on a little longer... Thank you so much, human. Here, take this!


  • The name "Kaetan" is an anagram of AscendedKitten, a former GM.
  • The name "Taron" (the Starving Prisoner) is an anagram of Aarontti, a former CMD.
  • The location of the quest, the Lexdale Federal Prison, is heavily inspired by the real-life prison known as the United States Penitentary, Atlanta.
  • The quest was reworked in 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update.
    • Link to original version here.