Freezing Heights

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Freezing Heights SiteIcon.png
A screenshot of the Freezing Heights
Discovery Lore
Cursed by an ice dragon's breath, this is a scar of the Dogun genocide.
Coordinates X: 1420, Z: -5431
Suggested Level 90
Type/Biomes Cave
Uses Grinding

Freezing Heights serves as a popular grinding spot, and it is one of the few grinding spots for levels 90-100. It is located in Molten Heights right near Maex.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

There are unique mobs that spawn in Freezing Heights.

Mob Name Level Elemental Weakness Elemental Damage Elemental Defense
Frosted Guard 90 Fire Water None
Freezing Stone Golem 92, 93 Fire Neutral Earth
Master Ice Mage 94 Thunder, Earth Air, Water Air, Water
Light Ice Mage 91 Thunder Water Water
Dark Ice Mage 91 Earth, Thunder Water Water
Antipode 95 Water, Air None Fire
Young Water Drake 94 Thunder Water Fire, Water
Young Ice Drake 97 Earth, Thunder Air, Water Fire, Air, Water