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From the Mountains
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Pre-Light Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 67
Starter NPC Arnod
Reward As follows:

From the Mountains is a long level 67 quest located in the south-east part of the Pre-Light Forest.


Arnod requests the player's help with saving his house, which keeps re-igniting.

Stage 1[]

» Find out what's going on at [-1366, 42, -4543].

Pre-Light Forest
-1366, 42, -4542
Wynncraft Map


  • Arnod: Mmph! Humnym! Mah houfhs fhs on fifhre! Gft hfrelp, tiff brafze womd strfp!
  • Arnod: Ouh hff do hflp! I hff nho glue wfhtsh doon fifs!

It's impossible to understand what language this man's speaking, but he's pointing to the house behind him. Is there something inside that can translate, maybe?

Stage 2[]

» Find what Arnod wants inside of the house.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to what Arnod wants in the house.
Go up the ladder on the right and pick up the Lost Dentures at (-1375, 48, -4548), then bring them to Arnod

Dialogue: Arnod takes his dentures, and slides them back in his mouth.

  • Arnod: ...well, that explains why you didn't help. But, uh, did the RAGING FIRE escape your notice somehow?!
  • Arnod: I don't care who it is, get me help!! I don't care if you do it, I don't care if you get someone to do it, but someone's got to help with this crazy re-igniting fire!
  • Arnod: Check around Bucie if you need to, but hurry up already! My house is going to burn to ashes if you don't hurry!

Stage 3[]

» Find someone in Bucie who can help you with the fires.

-1409, 43, -4728
Wynncraft Map


  • Axelus: Hm... where am I going to get help now- Mh? You're one of those human types, right? Do you have-
  • Axelus: Huh? Someone's house is on fire? Guess that's a little more pressing than what I was going to ask. Where is it?
  • Axelus: Oh, that valley by the gate? I think I know where you mean. Let's walk together. So, tell me what exactly happened?
  • Axelus: Ah, so you're like a mercenary then, and you found this man's house on fire. He said... what? It re-ignited itself? Well, that doesn't make any sense.
  • Axelus: Eh, I'll see when we get there. Oh, what am I doing over here? Yeah, I suppose I do look different from the fare you'd have seen. Well, I'm a dwarf.
  • Axelus: Normally I live in the Molten Heights, past the canyons to the east. Guess for yourself what the land is like, considering the name.
  • Axelus: Without getting into too much detail, there's... A few problems, with how it's being governed, and I was trying to drum up support over in Llevigar.
  • Axelus: It, uh. Well, I'm used to getting laughed out of the room back home, but I wasn't expecting to see the same thing over there, just with quartz wallpaper.
  • Axelus: I was going to ask if you had any way that you might've been able to help, but... well, I can smell the smoke from here. One thing at a time.
  • Axelus: ...and where there's smoke, there's fire. This is, uh... that's looking a little more like home, and I'm fairly certain that it isn't supposed to be.
  • Axelus: Yep, this fire isn't natural at all... Hell, this almost looks like arson to me!
  • Axelus: So that's the house, hm? Alright, I'll see what I can do. Might not be able to put it out, but if it's re-igniting, then maybe...
  • Axelus: Hm... didn't think they'd be this far out, but it'd make sense if...
  • Axelus: Aha! Here's the problem. It's just a little Fleris. Ehm, to explain, they normally live in the Heights.
  • Axelus: Pretty affectionate, good if you can stand the heat, but if you take them away from their mounds they get spooked.
  • Axelus: One fleris could have kept setting this man's house on fire, but all the other fallout... there's certainly more where this one came from.
  • Axelus: Let's go talk to the villager outside. He might've seen where the others got off to, or where they came from.
  • Axelus: Sir, I figured out why your house kept re-igniting and solved that issue, but tell me, have you seen any moving sludgy things around here?
  • Arnod: Uhm, I don't really know. I've been trying to dose my house so many times over that I haven't really paid attention!
  • Arnod: I remember seeing some tar-looking stuff dripping from the mountains behind my house, but that's it!
  • Axelus: Sounds concrete enough to me. Let's check out what's going on on top of the mountain ridge. Check that book of yours if you need directions.

Stage 4[]

» Go to the path at [-1447, 61, -4582], and follow it up to the top of the mountain.

Mountain Top
-1426, 95, -4516
Wynncraft Map


  • Axelus: Hm, you're a pretty quick climber. I thought I'd get ahead of you. Well, this looks like the scorched area down in the valley... Hm! I thought so.
  • Axelus: There's only one reason I can think of that there would be so many Flerisi around here... If that wagon's reinforced, then...
  • Axelus: Gah, I knew it. Traffickers! And incompetent ones, too, considering they couldn't hold the things.
  • Axelus: There's a black market issue in the Molten Heights. Things that you can't find anywhere else is harvested in the Heights for their high value.
  • Axelus: Flerisi are one of them. In the Heights, they're kept as pets. They're relatively friendly, keep your house warm, and don't need much care...
  • Axelus: ...But if you take them away from a warm place, they burn everything. To think- Some people use the things as weapons. Can't leave well enough alone...
  • Axelus: We'll need to catch these Flerisi. Here, take this net. While you catch them, I'll repair the cart so we can put them in there later.

Stage 5[]

» Capture all of the rogue Flerisi and bring them to Axelus.

All of the flerisi have hidden in various fires nearby. To check if there's a fleris in a fire, right click it to extinguish it.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the locations of the Flerisi.
One fleris is located in the fire at (-1431, 96, -4505), another is located in the fire at (-1450, 97, -4506) but you will have to wait for it to stop burning, another is located in the fire at (-1412, 99, -4488) but will hide in the cart, another is located on top of a tree at (-1405, 111, -4482) but will hide on the other tree at (-1413, 109, -4475), and the last one is located in the cave at (-1377, 84, -4454) but you will have to fight it to capture it.


  • Axelus: I've got the cart all repaired and ready, did you get all the Flerisi? Come over to the cart then. There's still have work to do.
  • Axelus: I'll keep the Flerisi in a smaller fire to keep them calm, see if I can't get them back to the Heights when this is done.
  • Axelus: For now, I want to see if I can find anything on who these traffickers were. Let's see if they left anything in the front of the cart.
  • Axelus: ...oh. Well, didn't notice that the fire went THAT far earlier. That's a problem, isn't it?
  • Axelus: To explain, Flerisi aren't all as tiny as the ones we've found here. They feed of cinders and fire... And for this much damage to be caused, well...
  • Axelus: Methinks this one's getting a bit out of control. This is right next to that big forest, too. Could be a problem if we leave this one be.
  • Axelus: We're going to have to track it down and subdue it. Here, follow me. I'll dig us down to the valley. Watch a dwarf at work!

You should probably follow the dwarf into that hole...

Stage 6[]

» Enter the hole at [-1390, 96, -4495].

Stage 7[]

» Investigate the trail of fire.


  • Axelus: Not bad, eh? Anyways, dunno what that huge gate's for, but it looks like our Fleris friend has commandeered it for a bonfire.
  • Axelus: At least it's a little more contained than I thought, being in that cave, but we still have to catch it. Lead the way. I'm right with you.


  • Axelus: What the...?! It inflamed the creatures in this cave! Fend 'em off!


  • Axelus: There are more of them coming! Get to the end of the cave!


  • Axelus: Gah, more?! Behind you!
  • Axelus: Both of us stopping is going to make it take too much time, the traffickers might come back!
  • Axelus: Listen up. I'll handle these things, while you go after the Fleris. If it's a big one like we think, it'll be a downhill battle- It should shrink if you attack it!
  • Axelus: Alright, time for a little royal rumble!

Stage 8[]

» Subdue the Fleris.


  • Axelus: Phew, you're alright! Charred and covered in soot, but that's to be expected. Subdued the Fleris, too! I have the net with me, so allow me.
  • Axelus: Well, this is probably a bit of thankless work we just did, but so is a lot of work. Let's get out of here. We can talk outside.

Stage 9[]

» Exit the cave and talk with Axelus at [-1263, 43, -4490].


  • Axelus: Well, I say the work is thankless, but that won't stop me, anyways. Thank you for the help, human- This would've been overwhelming alone.
  • Axelus: I'll ask the local police force if they've found the traffickers. If they cut and run, well... I got a free cart for the ride home. There's thing for me to attend to there.
  • Axelus: Oh, where are my manners? Never even introduced myself this whole time. The name is Axelus. And yours?
  • Axelus: <playername>, huh? I'll try and remember that. For now, take this armor for the trouble. Safe travels, <playername>!


  • The Volatile Fleris Boss is weak to water, though any elemental weapon will work against it.
  • Try and always stay moving while fighting the boss, and watch out for its spells. If you aren't prepared or get hit by it too much it could spell certain death.


  • This quest was remade in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update.