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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.18 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Frost Bitten
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Ice Canyon
Province Wynn
Combat Level 48
Starter NPC Alein
Reward As follows:

Frost Bitten was a medium level 48 quest located within the Ice Canyon. It was removed in the 1.18 update. For anyone looking for the Frost Bite quest the link can be found here: Frost Bite

Alein, who is located in a cave to the north of Lusuco, asks the player to navigate to Lusuco and speak to Cabac, the owner of the Explosives Shop.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Alein in the cave in the Ice Canyon.


  • Alein: Oh nice to meet you. I'm a bit busy at the moment.
  • Alein: ... Say, you seem like an able person. Help me out here, would you?
  • Alein: For the past few days, I've been trying to break this ice block, so I can open up a new vein in this mine.
  • Alein: However, this isn't your average pile of soft snow, this ice is as hard as obsidian!
  • Alein: After all this time I've figured that my current tools can't do anything to this stuff. What I need is a strong explosion.
  • Alein: I know of a guy who makes and sells explosives. His shop is just South of here, so see if you can find him and get me a bomb.

Stage 2[]

» Go to the Explosives Shop in Lusuco and talk to Cabac.


  • Cabac: Hello *cough* Sorry 'bout that, worked overtime yesterday. *hack*
  • Cabac: Wait... you need an explosive? *hack* Um, I only make fireworks, no idea what you're...
  • Cabac: Umm... *cough* bomb creation is kind of illegal nowadays, but... the local miners were usually my best customers, so I suppose I could try.
  • Cabac: But before I can make you one, I'm running low on the primary ingredient, gunpowder.
  • Cabac: Fortunately, there are some imps that collect it in a cave somewhere near here. I've been so tired lately, *cough* I haven't had much time to go there.
  • Cabac: *wheeze* Um, so grab me say, 10 Gunpowder. That way, I'll be able to make you a bomb, and have a little left.

Stage 3[]

» Go to the cave just west of the village and kill some Gunpowder Imps to collect 10 Gunpowder and bring them back to Cabac.


  • Cabac: Got them all? Alright.
  • Cabac: *cough* Give me some time, and I'll have it ready.
  • He walks up the stairs. You wait for hours, as your patience weakens. You are about to give up and leave, when Cabac comes down holding a wrapped package.
  • Cabac: Sorry for the wait! Not great with special orders.
  • Cabac: *cough* Normally, I would charge extra. But since you got me the extra gunpowder, you'll get it for free.
  • Cabac: Be careful with that thing! *cough* Ugh... I should probably see a doctor.

Stage 4[]

» Return to Alein with the explosive.


  • Alein: Ah, took you long enough.
  • Alein: Now to light the string and...
  • Alein's torch starts the explosives fuse. He sets it against the large block of ice, before running back.
  • Alein: Stand back this could get dangerous!
  • As the spark burns out the string, the bomb explodes. A huge cloud of smoke surrounds you, and sparks fly out from all directions.
  • Alein: ... Did it work?
  • The wispy cloud dissipates, but the block of ice is still intact.
  • Alein: Drat! Surely there must have been a mistake!
  • Alein: Ugh... well, there is another way. I've heard that somewhere around this snowy area, is a lava spring.
  • Alein: It's going to be hard, but if we can get a bucket that can hold lava, hopefully it will melt the ice away.
  • Alein: I think there's an old fellow who's great with enchanting, not too far from here. Ask him to help you out, This is our only hope!

Stage 5[]

» Go to the house to the west and talk to Keibon.

 Location   Keibon's House   X   -437  Y     Z   -470  Wynncraft Map 


  • Keibon: Who are you? And what is it that requires my guidance?
  • Keibon: You need a bucket for holding lava? Odd... well, there does happen to be a lava spring right there.
  • Keibon: I could just give you this regular old bucket, but for it to hold lava, I require some magic.
  • Keibon: Bring me 5 Pure Ice Shard from those monsters you see outside. With the magic from those shards, I will be able to enchant the bucket.
  • Keibon: Now, off you go.

Stage 6[]

» Collect 5 Pure Ice Shard and bring them back to Keibon.


  • Keibon: Excellent. Now, let me get to work.
  • Keibon raises his hand. The silvers of frost begin to levitate.
  • Keibon: And... there!
  • Without hesitating, large beams of blue light shine towards a bucket on the table. It begins to glow, and emanates a cold aura.
  • Keibon: The bucket is ready. Good luck, young adventurer.

Stage 7[]

» Obtain 8 Lava by killing Animated Lava Blobs in the Lava Spring, and return to Alein with the bucket.


  • Alein: Careful with that lava! You don't want to spill that stuff all over the place.
  • Alein: Alright, there we go. Stay back!
  • He pours the lava over the block of ice. A large cloud of steam appears, accompanied by a loud fizzling sound.
  • Alein: I think it's working!
  • Hasol: ... Wha... wh-wh-who's there? C-c-cam anyone hear m-m-me?
  • Alein: Goodness! Are you okay?
  • Hasol: Oh heavens, I'm alive! P-p-please, get me out of here! I'm f-f-freezing!
  • Alein: I'll get you out of there in a moment.
  • Alein: Hey, thanks for all the help, adventurer. I can take it from here.
  • Hasol: ... Wh-wh-what year is it? I feel like I-I-I've been gone for d-d-decades!
  • Alein: In fact, for your trouble, take these emeralds. Thank you for the help!


  • When the 1.13 Wynnter Update came out, there was a glitch with obtaining the lava, as it rarely appeared. In a later patch, it got fixed.
  • This quest is amongst one of the few quests with subtext behind what the player and the NPCs are doing during the dialogue.
  • The NPC's names are references to Star Wars movie characters:
    • Alein: Princess Leia
    • Cabac: Chewbacca
    • Keibon: Obi Wan Kenobi
    • Hasol: Han Solo

Related deleted content[]


  • Alein
    • Starting NPC of the quest who need the player to get an explosive to destroy a chunk of ice
  • Cabac
    • Before the quest:
      • "*cough* Err, how may I help you?"
    • After doing the quest:
      • "*cough* Still doing okay out there?"
  • Keibon