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Frozen Earth

Item Information
Item Bow
Min. Level 40
Rarity Rare
Class Archer/Hunter
Powder Slots 1 ()
Obtain Merchant
Attack Speed Super Slow (-3)
Base Damage
Neutral 34-63
Earth 137-194
Water 46-69
Strength Minimum: 25
Intelligence Minimum: 5

Frozen Earth is a rare level 40 Bow, available from Nesaak's Weapon Merchant. It deals heavy Neutral, Water and Earth damage, as well as a buff to Air damage dealt and additional mana regeneration. However, it is also very slow, both in attack and movement speed.


Frozen Earth can be bought from the Nesaak's Weapon Merchant for 9 Emerald Blocks, and is pre-identified.

Identification Preset Value
 Mana Regen   +1/4s 
 Walk Speed   -7% 
 Strength   +5  
 Intelligence   +2  
  Air Damage   +12%