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Gateway Island IslandIcon.png
Gateway Island Map.png
Relend's map of Gateway Island
Coordinates X: ???, Z: ???
Suggested Level 90
Involved Quests Fantastic Voyage
Type/Biomes Deserted Island
Island Size Large
Monsters ???
Uses Quest
Requirements Fantastic Voyage Quest

Gateway Island is a large island accessed in Fantastic Voyage which serves a large part in the quest. The island is nowhere to be seen on the Map, as it only accessible through the quest (though if it was, it would appear significantly larger than other islands). It is home to a strangely hidden portal, which leads to a mysterious realm dubbed by the community the "Gateway Realm".

Points of Interest[]

  • The wreck of the Little Wing on the south beach
  • A small cave to the west with Toxipor Mushrooms and Toxipor Beetles
  • A damaged tent to the east with a peculiar Unfinished Letter in it
  • A cave in the center blocked by a boulder
  • A huge volcano in the north-west
  • A big tree in the north


  • It is suspected to have a greater significance in the WynnCraft Lore, much like the Gateway Realm which shares a hand in the same quest as well.