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Gathering Tools are items used to gather resources found spread across the world of Wynncraft. They fall under four types:


In general, tools of a particular tier require approximately 2-4 swings to harvest resources of the level immediately below them, and approximately 6-7 swings to harvest resources of the level immediately above them. All Gathering Tools have durability that reduces every time they are used. When the tool reaches zero durability, the refining chance becomes 0%, however, gathering XP is still awarded. Gathering Tools can be repaired at a Blacksmith using Repair Scrap.


All Tier 1 Gathering Tools can be obtained at the start of the game, during the quest King's Recruit. While Tier 1 and 2 Gathering Tools can be bought at various Tool Merchants, all other Gathering Tools are bought from Dungeon Merchants. The prices can be found in the list below.

List of Tools[]

Icon Name Lv. Min Gathering Speed Durability Obtained From Cost

Gathering Tool T1 1 8 (Slow) 50 Tool Merchant, King's Recruit 4

Gathering Tool T2 5 16 (Slow) 60 Tool Merchant 12

Gathering Tool T3 15 28 (Slow) 70 Dungeon Merchant (Decrepit Sewers, Infested Pit) 1
Decrepit Sewers Fragment
or 1
Infested Pit Fragment

Gathering Tool T4 25 45 (Normal) 80 Dungeon Merchant (Lost Sanctuary, Underworld Crypt) 2
Lost Sanctuary Fragments
or 2
Underworld Crypt Fragments

Gathering Tool T5 35 65 (Fast) 90 Dungeon Merchant (Sand-Swept Tomb) 1
Emerald Block and 3
Sand-Swept Tomb Fragments

Gathering Tool T6 45 90 (Fast) 100 Dungeon Merchant (Ice Barrows) 2
Emerald Blocks and 4
Ice Barrows Fragments

Gathering Tool T7 55 120 (Very Fast) 110 Dungeon Merchant (Undergrowth Ruins) 4
Emerald Blocks and 5
Undergrowth Ruins Fragments

Gathering Tool T8 65 150 (Very Fast) 120 Dungeon Merchant (Galleon's Graveyard, The Forgery) 8
Emerald Blocks and 6
Galleon's Graveyard Fragments
or 6
Corrupted Decrepit Sewers Fragments

Gathering Tool T9 75 190 (Very Fast) 130 Dungeon Merchant (The Forgery) 16
Emerald Blocks and 7
Corrupted Infested Pit Fragments
or 7
Corrupted Lost Sanctuary Fragments

Gathering Tool T10 85 230 (Very Fast) 140 Dungeon Merchant (The Forgery) 32
Emerald Blocks and 8
Corrupted Underworld Crypt Fragments
or 8
Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb Fragments

Gathering Tool T11 95 275 (Very Fast) 150 Dungeon Merchant (The Forgery, Fallen Factory) 1
Liquid Emerald and 9
Corrupted Ice Barrows Fragments
or 9
Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins Fragments
or 9
Fallen Factory Fragments

Gathering Tool T12 105 330 (Very Fast) 160 Dungeon Merchant (Eldritch Outlook) 1
Liquid Emerald and 9
Eldritch Outlook Fragments


  • When they originally released in the 1.18 update, gathering tools did not have durability and thus did not need to be repaired. This was later changed in the 1.19 update along with the removal of the old weight and refining systems.
  • Having multiple useable gathering tools of the same type in your inventory decreases the refining chance. For example, if you were able to use a Tier 3 axe and also had a Tier 2 axe in your inventory, your refining chance would decrease while if you had a Tier 3 and 4 axe but you couldn't use the Tier 4 axe, your refining chance would stay the same (not decrease).