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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Gavel Excavation SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Upon discovering the meteors below Lake Gylia, a company dedicated to their collection and observation was established. Eventually, however, their focus shifted towards Wynn.
Coordinates X: -392, Z: -4940
Suggested Level Combat Lv. 70+
Uses Discovery

Gavel Excavation is a Secret Discovery located in Cinfras. The discovery focuses on a company that was dedicated to observing and collecting meteor shards, Gavel Excavation.


Cinfras Royal Gardens
-392, -4940
Wynncraft Map

There will be 2 different sections of the Garden, both of which are near-mirror images of the other. To reach it, do some parkour and get to the top of the aquifer, and then to the left or right of it (Depends on the side), there will be a bulky white lever. Jump on the lever to register it, and do the same for the opposite side. After that, both aquifers will then pour water into a small fountain. This will then reveal a secret entrance beneath each fountain. Enter it to register the Discovery.



Aged Decree[]

Dear Gavel Excavation employees, Although your work here is appreciated, the progress made on the Lake Gylia specimen has been slowed to an unacceptable rate.
We have been informed about crystals with similar properties in Wynn.
Therefore the decision has been made to move your base of operation to collaborate with our associates across the ocean. The second part of this letter contains a list of employees to be transferred.
If you do not find your name in this list, consider yourself relieved of your duties permanently.
The rest of this letter has been ripped off.

Researcher's Notes[]

Research Log No. 58, Dr. Helmund
Ever since the departure of the brothers, our experiments have halted here. What's left of their notes is completely incomprehensible.
However, I was able to make something of it and run a few experiments of my own. The results were... fascinating.
The purple and blue meteor shards seem to represent primal forces - chaos and order respectively. And together they form balance.
But, I have not yet been able to connect this with the lake's rejuvenating properties. I will need to run more tests. Results coming tomorrow.
Report closed.


  • When Dr. Helmund talked of the brothers departure, it was very likely he was talking about Yahya, Nohno, Mehme, and Sohso respectively.
  • When in the secretive vault room, the Player can see 2 different meteor shards, Purple and Blue.