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NPC Info
X: -488 Z: -4886
Location Cinfras
Quest Involved Fallen Delivery

Gawrick is an inventor who works on creating spells. In the quest Fallen Delivery, Gawrick tells the player where to find Representative Ernold in the Letvus Airbase. He is eccentric and obsessed with making unnecessary spells.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Cinfras   X   -488  Y     Z   -4886  Wynncraft Map 

Gawrick is in house 03, which is south-west of the bank and directly across from the King's Merchant.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gawrick has invented spells that allow teleportation, can turn cheese into wine, and can remove toenails (but the toenails are instantly placed on your fingernails).
  • Gawrick is said to have invented the Mythic wand Warp, as a means to make teleportation scrolls obsolete. However, he apparently didn't account for the physical ramifications of the weapon, which explains why the player's health will be reduced to 1 hp after a while of holding it.
  • After the events of Fallen Delivery, Gawrick takes credit for defeating Representative Ernold himself instead of admitting the player did it.