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General Graken
NPC Info
X: 227 Z: -1957
Location Ancient Nemract
Quest Involved The Dark Descent

General Graken is the starting NPC in the quest The Dark Descent, and an NPC that appears in the beginning and end of the Underworld Crypt dungeon. Leader of the Nemract militia, he asks the player to find a ruby he thinks will destroy a skull in Ancient Nemract that has been producing zombies. After the quest ends, he accompanies the player into the dungeon, serving as one of the units that aids the player in the boss fight.


Outside Underworld Crypt
227, 45, -1957
Wynncraft Map

General Graken is found outside the entrance to the Underworld Crypt Dungeon.


After The Dark Descent[]

  • General Graken: Well, I would ask for a spot of help, but that'd be a bit barmy of me, considering you aren't even Level 24 yet! You've bog all chance of being able to help 'til then, though I mean no offense.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

General Graken (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 512 Z: -1621
Location Detlas

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Ancient Nemract
227, 45, -1957
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • General Graken: Aha, spiffing! Took a good kip, then? Suppose you're here to give that Charon a proper mullering!
  • Further conversation with Graken:
    • [1] "Can it wait til after the festival?":
      • General Graken: Oh, right, that little shindig over at Detlas! It is getting to the wintry months, innit?
      • General Graken: Sorry to say, can't sit down and have a bender till this is sorted, chap.
      • General Graken: Once we take down that Charon, then I can go on the pull, howzat?
    • [2] "...What?":
      • General Graken: Well, what's not to understand there, chum?
    • [3] "I'm not quite ready yet, actually.":
      • General Graken: Then what in blazes are you doing here? Go on, take your time, old bean! Rest up!
  • Giving Graken 1 Charon's Brain:
    • General Graken: Good show, jolly good show! Quite the blinder we pulled there, eh chum?
    • General Graken: Really went quids in but it paid off spectacularly. Like I said- Oughta have some time now to visit that festival! I shall see you there!
512, 67, -1621
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Graken in Detlas:
    • General Graken: I say greetings to you chap! Did you know all these poor sods were acting so stolid 'ere?
    • General Graken: Honestly, take a butcher's! They oughta lighten up, get a bit mortal, yeah?
    • General Graken: Just cause there's still zombies about ain't mean they oughta act like they got the lurgy.
  • Further conversation with Graken:
    • General Graken: Come on, chum, 'ave a round! Splash out! Or didja want a smidge of a chinwag?
    • [1] "Having fun, I take it?":
      • General Graken: Even if no one else in this bally barracks wants to!
      • General Graken: C'mon chum, let's carol! Show summat Craftmas spirit!
      • General Graken: OOOOOOHHHH we WISH you a merry Craftmas, we WISH you a merry Craftmas, we WISH you a merry Craftmas, and festival cheer!
      • General Graken: OH bring us some figgy pudding, oh bring us some figgy pudding, oh BRING us some figgy pudding, and bring it right HERE!
      • He just keeps going. No one else is singing, but they're all staring at him.
    • [2] "Kelight seems unenthused.": [1]
      • General Graken: Needn't worry there chap, I'm getting through to 'im!
      • General Graken: I'll get a grin on that face of his yet, swear on my mum's grave!
      • General Graken: Blighter looks proper gutted whenever I try an' bubble with him, so something's got to be going on.
      • General Graken: But it's Craftmas! I'll see him chuffed soon enough!
    • [3] "Any Craftmas Gifts to pass along?" [2]
      • General Graken: Matter a' fact, I do! Cost a bomb, but I got oodles of these Craftmas Crackers.
      • General Graken: They've got jokes on the wrappers, and they're absolutely mint! I've got to shake the hand of whoever wrote them up!
      • [+24 Craftmas Crackers]
    • [4] "I have no idea what a chinwag is.":
      • General Graken: Eh wot? You know, a chinwag! A bubble! A gaff, getting a bit gobby, a smidge lairy! Yakking on!
      • He just keeps listing off words that have no meaning to you whatsoever.


  1. This option is only available once Kelight has been invited to Detlas.
  2. This option is available on and after December 25th, 2021.