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General Skien
Allegiance Wynn Province
Information The disgraced general of Troms, he would go insane on his island outpost and kill all his soldiers.
I refuse to truly fall.. so even if my efforts are futile, I will keep fighting, in the name of Troms
~ General Skien

General Skien was a human general that once led Troms' army, defending the city from corrupted attacks. His army was known for its strength[1], and he himself was known to be very strong as well as highly intelligent. During a corrupted siege, he would be attacked by one of his own, probably corrupted who would permanently shatter his trust in others. Because of this surprise attack, Skien would be unable to defend Troms or his army, and the city would be decimated, leaving all the blame to rest on him rather than the traitor. This would lead him to losing his title as head of the army, and being sent to an obscure island base.

The island he was sent to would become known after him, and Skien's Island was not known for its hospitality. In the years Skien spent there, he would slowly lose whatever sanity he had left and come to believe that he was still in the battle that had ruined him in Troms, and that everyone was a traitor out to destroy his island. In this time he would build a stronghold atop the highest peak in the area, with questionable architectural patterns, such as secret rooms and connected towers with no way to cross between rooms. He would also build underground passageways and a jail, though it is doubtful that it had any use on actual criminals. He treated his soldiers horribly, such as taking their hard earned armor, preventing them from leaving the island for any reason, and had a tendency to throw people in jail or torture them for no logical reason. He hated villagers, and believed their magic and greed to be just as dangerous as the corruption. This hate likely was due to how he was extremely paranoid by this point, and after he failed to defend Troms with good intentions, the mysterious magic of a strange people looking to make a quick buck off of Wynn's problems would have certainly seemed sketchy.

Eventually after a long time of dealing with his abuses, Skien's soldiers would try to escape, getting boats and trying to kill their insane general. Unfortunately for them, Skien was an extremely powerful fighter who had strength equal to the greatest heroes of Wynn, and so a bunch of underequipped soldiers stood no chance against him and were all killed. Although at first Skien saw the killing of his soldiers as a victory in defending the island, the general would slowly realize the truth. Once more he had failed to defend his people, and the fact that he himself was the one who had killed them would break him completely. In addition to this, the spirit of the original traitor that had years ago betrayed him had been following him and with it came the corruption to raise the masses of soldiers the general had killed.

What had once been his stronghold, was now his prison and he was unable to escape. He made a few vain attempts at calling the passing ships for help, but it was no use, eventually he ran out of food and starved to death. But this was not the end for the general, as he too was raised by the corruption, and in the first moments of his revival, his mind was still 'intact'. Here he would make a vow to continue to fight the corruption on the island, and this vow would hold long past his mind, which would eventually make its way to the Altar of Sanctification.


Although Skien was only human, he was impossibly strong, and fast. In addition, as a general he was supposedly brilliant, so together he would have been one of the most powerful people in the province. He did not have access to magic, and even after the arrival of the villagers he would not learn due to his general hatred of them and what they brought to Wynn.

Skien's will to continue existing is notably strong, as first he is able to take some control of his corrupt state, and later after his body is killed, his spirit still lingers in the world and must be killed a second time. It is not known why Skien is so powerful in, but it likely goes back to his qualities in life that were so potent.


  • The existence of Skien's Island would prevent the colonization of Selchar for many years[2].
    • To this day it is still unsafe for ships to travel near the island.
  • Skien's Island is the only place in the ocean where corruption exists in any major form.
  • It is not said when Skien actually fought in the siege of Troms, but it was probably the siege that Bob viewed the end results of. It is possible that it was another[3], but it is hard to tell.
  • Skien could have some relation to Tisaun and the Sodeta Guild, as he specifically calls them traitors[4].
  • Skien's case of retaining some measure of thought for a while after becoming corrupted is very unusual, and it is unknown why he was able to do this.
  • At some point before the island fell, Bob's pet Mooington was brought there, but it is unknown why.
  • One of the paintings on the island that Skien tried to destroy was somehow related to Yahya and his brothers, though we do not currently know how.


  • Most of the information comes from the writings that can be found throughout Skien's Island. They can be found on the main page for said location.
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  • Skien's Island
  • Ragni's Library
  • Altar of Sanctification
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