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Gerten Chief Lobo
NPC Info
X: -140 Z: -5606
Location Gert Camp
Quest Involved The Hunger of Gerts Part II

Lobo is the chief of the gerts and the starting NPC of the quest The Hunger of Gerts Part II. He is located in his tent in the camp up the hill past Anof and Jitak's farm.


 Location   Gert Camp   X   -140  Y     Z   -5606  Wynncraft Map 

The farms of Anof and Jitak are located near Lake Gylia between Cinfras and Thanos. To find them go to the house at the north end of the lake. From there continue going north past the two farms being left and right to your path. Climb straight up the hill and enter the camp.


It is important to take the Gert Mask (obtained during Part I) with you because one can only enter the camp while wearing the mask.