Gerten Ritual Mask
Item Information
Item Custom Helmet
Min. Level 78
Rarity Rare
Base Health Bonus +1800 Full Heart Icon.png
Powder Slots 1 ( Powder Slot.png )
Obtain Quest Reward
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Earth +100
Air -60
Quest The Hunger of Gerts Part 2
Quest The Hunger of Gerts Part 2

The Gerten Ritual Mask is a Rare item obtained from The Hunger of Gerts Part II. It is focused around the Earth element, giving large bonuses to raw Melee Damage and Earth Damage, while also giving penalties to Air Defense and Spell Damage.


It costs 109 Emeralds to identify the Gerten Ritual Mask.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Spell Damage   -7%  -13%
 Strength   ~  +7
 Walk Speed   -7%  -13%
  Main Attack Neutral Damage   +58  +254
  Earth Damage   +6%  +26%
  Air Defense   -7%  -13%
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