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Goblin Village TownIcon.png
Access Points X: 1286, Z: -3686
Suggested Level 40
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 41, 43, 45
Weapon Merchant Level 42, 44
Accessory Merchant Level 40, 42, 43
Monsters Blacksmith Goblin

The Goblin Village is a hidden settlement on Regular Island in the northeast Ocean full of small Goblin creatures. The village is actually a large cave beneath a small island near Jofash Docks, and can only be accessed through a secret basement entrance. You must kill one of the "Human"s in front of the island in order to get the basement key. Inside are merchants that sell various pieces of equipment (including the full Goblin Set, which can be obtained from the Armour Merchant in the village) in exchange for Emerald Blocks and Gold Nuggets. If you wish to journey to the village for these merchants, it is recommended to bring these items beforehand as there is no accessible Bank anywhere on the island.


In the northeast corner of the ocean there is a small island containing a dock and three houses lined up next to each other. Go into the middle house and follow the downward staircase to the right. In this basement there will be a hopper next to an inaccessible closet. To enter the Goblin Village, a Basement Key must be thrown into the hopper, which occasionally drops from the "Human" mobs on the island. Once this is done, the closet door will open and reveal the way to the village.

Points of Interest[]

  • A cave system runs through the sides of the island.
  • Another house can be found on the back side of the island.
  • A small fountain is in the center of the village.
  • The Goblin Village contains two blacksmiths, one of which shares its space with the Accessory Merchant and is known as The Twin Hammer Forge.