Wynncraft Wiki
Golden Avia
Species Unknown
Level 85
Health 200
AI Type Unknown AI
Location Corkus Province

Golden Avias are hostile mobs that rarely spawn in the fields around Corkus City. They appear ~20 blocks above the ground, and have an extremely low health pool. They drop the Golden Avia Feather, an item used to unlock the Uth Shrines as well as the Necklace Chamber discovery.


Golden Avias shoot large quantities of glowing orbs down at the player, each dealing fairly-large amounts of elemental damage. They will teleport the player to them if they get close and deal high amounts of damage.


The tips below will offer class-specific tips on how to kill a Golden Avia.

  • Note: A general tip is to get close to the avia and kill it when it teleports you to it, as it will be right in front of you at that point, but you will take a considerate amount of damage as when teleported the avia does a constant stream of damage. Damage reflection will also help.


  • Simply aim at the Golden Avia and right click a few times if it doesn't hit. Alternatively, you can use the Bomb Arrow spell.


  • Since the Mage doesn't have long range capabilities, you're going to need to get close to the Golden Avia and cast your Meteor spell on it.
  • Another way to kill it is to wait for it to rocket you into the air, then teleport through it.


  • Much like the Mage, the Assassin doesn't have long range capabilities either. If the Golden Avia is close to a hill, cast your Smoke Bomb spell on it. If the mob is in the air, you need a high amount of reflection to kill it.


  • Although it may seem like the Warrior doesn't have long range capabilities, the War Scream spell might just reach far enough and kill the Golden Avia. If it doesn't reach far enough, try to get up on higher land.


  • It might seem difficult for people who aren't familiar with most of the Shaman's spells, if you time it correctly, you can get the Totem just close enough to be able to use the Aura spell and kill the Golden Avia.
  • You can also use Uproot's Overseer (Shifting with doing R-R-L) to knock the Totem closer, or just use a normal Uproot.