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Grave Digger
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Detlas
Province Wynn
Combat Level 20
Starter NPC Sayleros
Reward As follows:

Grave Digger is a medium level 20 quest centered in Nemract and Saint's Row.


Sayleros, who is located at the north gate of Detlas, reveals to the player that he was attacked and his brother was killed. The player is asked to help Sayleros recover his brother's will in order to recover his inheritance. The player has to travel to the port town of Nemract and talk with Drucksh, in order to find Sayleros' Brother's final resting place.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Sayleros in Detlas at [476, 69, -1624]



  • Sayleros: You sure look like a strong adventurer who could help me!
  • Sayleros: My name is Sayleros. I spent most of my life in Nemract, but decided to come live in Detlas with my family a few weeks ago.
  • Sayleros: However, we got attacked by thieves on our way here, and I had to leave my family behind. Most of them died, unfortunately.
  • Sayleros: I know that my brother had his will on him during the attack. Knowing he was a rich fellow, I expect to be receiving a large part of his fortune.
  • Sayleros: His body was buried somewhere in Nemract. I own a large graveyard there, and can grant you access to it if you can bring me back his will.
  • Sayleros: One of my other brothers also survived the attack. He isn't... um... somebody I'd trust greatly, but I'm sure he has some useful informations for you.
  • Sayleros: His name is Drucksh. He usually likes to talk a lot when he is drunk, see if you can do anything with that.
  • Sayleros: I'll be waiting for your return! Follow this path, it leads directly to Nemract. Good Luck!

Stage 2[]

» Find a way to make Drucksh talk in Nemract at [72, 40, -2180] about Sayleros' dead brother

 Location   Nemract   X   71  Y   40  Z   -2176  Wynncraft Map 

Before Potion of Drunkness[]



  • Drucksh: Mmh. g... uh! oh why hello there.
  • Drucksh: My brother? Oh yes, I do know where he is "buried", but do I want to tell you? No, It's none of your business.

There must be a way to make him talk...

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to obtain Potion of Drunkness.
You can buy the Potion of Drunkness from the Potion Merchant in Nemract

After Potion of Drunkness[]



  • Drucksh: Ohh mmhhhgg... g-g-good old Nemract whiskey!
  • Drucksh: F-fine! I guess it wouldn't h-h-hurt to tell...*burp*..you where it-it- he is...
  • Drucksh: It's in the old c-c-cathedral, at the end of the town. Walk east, it should be right after the b-b-bridge.
  • Drucksh: Though, the p-p-priest might not let you go in that easily...

Stage 3[]

» Talk to The Priest in the old monastery at [319, 43, -2149]

 Location   Saint's Row   X   321  Y   42  Z   -2150  Wynncraft Map 


  • The Priest: Are you trying to go down into the crypt? Oh, that is a very bad idea.
  • The Priest: This place has been corrupted, and the dead came back to life. We had to break the stairs to protect this cathedral.
  • The Priest: If you really want to enter it, I'd have to purify it so it doesn't corrupt you.
  • The Priest: Bring me [12 Rotten Flesh], that should do it. Ancient Nemract is filled with zombies, it's toward the south-west.

Stage 4[]

» Bring 12 Rotten Flesh to The Priest.

 Location   Saint's Row   X   321  Y   42  Z   -2150  Wynncraft Map 


  • Priest: You got the flesh. Good.
  • Priest: It should be... "safe", now. Be very careful, you are entering at your own risk.

Enter the crypt underneath the church, via the stairs right behind the priest.

Stage 5[]

» Kill Sayleros' Brother to retrieve his will and bring it back to Sayleros

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
SaylerosBrother(Phase1).png Sayleros' Brother (Phase 1) 23 525 Melee Charge - Sayleros' Brother (Phase 2) Saint's Row Crypt
SaylerosBrother(Phase2).png Sayleros' Brother (Phase 2) 23 475 Melee Charge - Sayleros' Brother (Phase 3) Sayleros' Brother (Phase 1)
SaylerosBrother(Phase3).png Sayleros' Brother (Phase 3) 23 420 Melee Charge - Sayleros' Brother (Phase 4) Sayleros' Brother (Phase 2)
SaylerosBrother(Phase4).png Sayleros' Brother (Phase 4) 23 345 Melee - - Sayleros' Brother (Phase 5) Sayleros' Brother (Phase 3)
SaylerosBrother(Phase5).png Sayleros' Brother (Phase 5) 23 240 Melee - - Sayleros' Brother (Phase 6) Sayleros' Brother (Phase 4)
SaylerosBrother(Phase6).png Sayleros' Brother (Phase 6) 23 110 Melee - - Sayleros' Brother (Phase 7) Sayleros' Brother (Phase 5)
SaylerosBrother(Phase7).png Sayleros' Brother (Phase 7) 23 5 Melee - -
Dusty Will
Sayleros' Brother (Phase 6)

Once you have the will, bring it straight back to Sayleros in Detlas.

 Location   Detlas   X   476  Y   67  Z   -1624  Wynncraft Map 


  • Sayleros: Brilliant! It is a little bit dusty, but it will do the trick! Here, take these as proof of my gratitude.