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Great Bridge StructureIcon.png
The Great Bridge.png
The great bridge entrance in the Nesaak Forest
Discovery Lore
Access Points Nesaak: -240, -696
Jungle: -493, -695
Suggested Level 50
Monsters Magma Slime, Bridge Archer, Bridge Shrine
Uses Travel, Grinding, Decoration

The Great Bridge is an approximately 255 block long bridge that connects the Nesaak Forest with the Jungle and Troms. The Great Bridge is dangerous as level 50 Magma Slimes spawn on it, as well as Bridge Archers and flame-throwing Bridge Shrines. It is recommended that you should be at least level 50 before going on The Great Bridge. After level 57 many people no longer use the bridge because The Passage offers easier access to Troms. Below the bridge is a fiery landscape filled with lava pools and magma slimes, with a double-helix staircase leading back up to the middle of the Great Bridge.


Nesaak Forest
-240, -695
Wynncraft Map
-495, -695
Wynncraft Map

The Great Bridge spans between the western Nesaak Forest and the eastern Jungle, and can be accessed from either end.

Crossing the Great Bridge[]

The Great Bridge has three obstacles to overcome:

Image Name Level
Magma Slime.png Magma Slime 56
Mob Bridge Shrine.png Bridge Shrine 50
Mob Bridge Archer.png Bridge Archer 55


  • It is easier for archers or mages to get cross the Great Bridge alive. If you are a warrior with low defense, bring them along. They will help greatly.
  • If you have a horse, use it until you get across to minimize damage.
  • If you are a warrior, it is advised that you do not cross until you receive the war scream spell at level 31, as it will knock back enemies. When a group of magma cubes spawn on the bridge, get as close as you can, then war scream, knocking the magma cubes into lava. If you keep repeating this, you can get to the end in no time.
  • The warrior charge spell can be beneficial for navigating quickly - but be careful or else you may fall off and have to walk back up.
  • Having a horse is highly recommended for traveling across this bridge.
  • When playing assassin and close to levels 40-55, make sure you use the entire duration of the vanish spell. Done correctly, you should barely make it across. (Do not look back- RUN)