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Green Gloop
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Slime Cave
Province Wynn
Combat Level 31
Starter NPC Eluzterp
Reward As follows:

Green Gloop is a medium level 31 quest located in the Desert of Almuj.


Eluzterp requests the help of the player to obtain some Slimey Goo, because he doesn't have the proper equipment for it.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Eluzterp at [1172, 77, -2027]



  • Eluzterp: Oh, hey! You, adventurer over there! Would you mind helping me?
  • Eluzterp: You see, this cave behind me has been troubling me for the past while now.
  • Eluzterp: There are special slimes that live in there, and they drop a certain goo that is quite a delicacy when brewed into a drink!
  • Eluzterp: They are called Gooey Slimes, and should be at the very back. A friend of mine drinks the stuff like water, and he refuses to work without it.
  • Eluzterp: However, the slimes have gotten stronger about a month ago. I'm unable to retrieve it any more, I've come close to getting killed a few times!
  • Eluzterp: You, however, seem much better equipped than I. Hopefully you can do it.
  • Eluzterp: If you decide to help me, you'll need to obtain a special device for retrieving it, as the slime will dry up quickly in the air.
  • Eluzterp: A...less fickle glassblower, Yodbon, can make it for you. He should be living in a house in front of the Almuj bank.
  • Eluzterp: I'll need [8 Slimey Goo] since we'll need a big batch of drinks. If you help, I'll be sure to tell him, and he'll probably let you into his shop.

Stage 2[]

» Find Yodbon near the Almuj Bank

985, 83, -1945
Wynncraft Map


  • Yodbon: Welcome to Yodbon's Glass Blowery, what can I do f-
  • Yodbon: Oh, another stinkin' adventurer, eh...
  • Yodbon: So many've been coming up to me recently, askin' for a bloody Slime Scooper...
  • Yodbon: Izzat brother o' mine stopped workin' again? I swear, he's addicted to that slop...
  • Yodbon: Anyways, for me to make you a scooper you'll need to get [5 Soft Sand].
  • Yodbon: Come back to me once you've gotten ahold of it. You can dig it up from those sand piles 'round the desert.

Stage 3[]

» Bring [5 Soft Sand] to Yodbon



  • Yodbon: You've returned, I see.
  • Yodbon: A'ight, fork 'em over and I'll make you the scooper.
  • Yodbon: ..There you go. No idea why he wants that stuff though. Maybe it's an acquired taste...

Stage 4[]

» Fetch [8 Slimey Goo] for Eluzterp

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CaveSlime(GreenGloop).png Cave Slime 31 320 Melee AI - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
- Slime Cave
GooeySlime(GreenGloop,Phase1).png Gooey Slime (Phase 1) 34 800 Melee AI - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
✽ Def

Slimey Goo
2 Gooey Slime (Phase 2)
Slime Cave Deepest Room
GooeySlime(GreenGloop,Phase2).png Gooey Slime (Phase 2) 26 150 Melee AI - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
✽ Def
- Gooey Slime (Phase 1)

Bring the [Slimey Goo] back out of the cave, to Eluzterp.



  • Eluzterp: Oh, you're back! Good to see you were able to get through there. Have you got a full Slime Scooper?
  • Eluzterp: Hmm, yes, everything seems to be in order. Perfect!
  • Eluzterp: Thank you very much. Finally, I'll be able to get him in gear again... Why are all Villagers so fickle like that?
  • Eluzterp: Well, I suppose that's beside the point. I'll be sure to let him know you got him his most recent fix.
  • Eluzterp: He hangs around in a little black stall in the bazaar, there's a basement to it. He should let you inside now.
  • Eluzterp: And, for your troubles, a little something from me as well.


  • Only the large Gooey Slimes found at the bottom of the cave drop the goo you are requested to recover.