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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Green Powder II

Item Green Dye
Type Powders
Obtain Green Powder II Relic Shrine
Usage Sharpness Enchantments

The Green Powder II Relic is one of thirty Relics scattered around the province of Wynn and Gavel. It is located within the Green Powder II Relic Shrine. Collecting it gives one Green Powder II to the player, which can be used for Sharpness and Thorns Enchantments.


Relic Guardian
(Green Powder II Relic)
[[File:Mob Iron Golem.png|256px]]
Type Iron Golem
Level 68
Health 1140
AI Type Unknown AI
Location Green Powder II Relic Shrine

The Green Powder II Relic is guarded by level 68 Iron Golems. They have no apparent advantages in terms of movement over other guard golems, but they have more health than other level 68-71 mobs and a lot more damage.