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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Green Powder V Relic ShrineIcon.png
Monsters Relic Guardian, Level 60
Uses Relic Shrine
Requirements Touch the Relic Crystal

The Green Powder V Relic gives Green Powder V upon touch. It is guarded by level 60 Relic Guardians.

It's one of the thirty relics you can find in the Gavel and Wynn province.

This relic has a ?-hour cooldown. This means that after receiving a reward from the Green Powder V Relic, you will have to wait ? hours before you can get another reward.


When you touch the Relic Crystal, you will receive one of the following rewards:

Reward Chance

1x Green Powder V

1x Green Powder IV

1x Green Powder III

1x Green Powder II

1x Green Powder I


Relic Guardian
(Green Powder V Relic)
[[File:Mob Iron Golem.png|256px]]
Type Iron Golem
Level 60
Health 6500
AI Type Unknown AI
Elemental Properties
Damage ?
Location Green Powder V Relic Shrine

The Green Powder V Relic is guarded by level 60 Iron Golems. It is best to evade rather than fight these guardians.