Species Guardian
Level 85
Quest Tower of Ascension
Health 128000
Special Drops Crystal Shard [Floor 4 - Level 10]
Elemental Effects
Thunder Weakness
Water Damage, Defense
Fire Defense

Guardian is the fourth boss of the Tower of Ascension, and is found at the top of Floor 4. It is a level 85 Skeleton that attacks at melee range with a trident. It possesses a charge spell and moves mostly in direct lines. When killed, it drops the "Crystal Shard [Floor 4 - Level 10]", given to the Floor Master to advance to Floor 5.


Guardian is a Skeleton with a nearly-full cyan leather armor, with a Guardian head. It wields a trident (for which the texture can be seen on certain obtainable spear-type weapons).


Guardian is found at the top of Floor 4 of the Tower of Ascension.


Many of the Guardian's attacks and strategy are similar to Argaddon, however Guardian is characterized by two distinct differences: it moves in straight lines (making it easier to strafe) and it possesses a charge spell to get closer to the player. Many of the same strategies can be applied. Notably, Guardian's HP is quite high as well.

  • For mages, Ice Snake effectively keeps Guardian at bay, however the player should be wary of the charge spell being able to override the slowness. Use the breather time from Ice Snake to heal or dish out additional damage.
  • Archers should likely try to stay out of range of Guardian, and Escape whenever it gets too close. The boss' high melee damage should most definitely be something to consider.
  • Warriors should essentially play the same as they did against Argaddon - kite the boss and keep just out of range. Be wary of the boss' Charge spell.
  • Assassins can use Vanish to recuperate as no other mobs spawn, and slowing down the boss with Smoke Bombs and Spin Attacks are excellent ideas. Approach the fight from just out of the boss' range.

The simple fighting style of Guardian should not be difficult to strategize around, however the player should be wary of the boss' high statline.

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