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Guardian of the Forest
NPC Info
X: -1129 Z: -4780
Location Light Forest
Quest Involved Finding The Light

The Guardian of The Forest is an NPC for the quest Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light. During the quest, the player and Lari work to wake the Guardian by searching for clues about its history. Once they do, it explains to the player about the nature of the War of the Realms and the Decay, and grants them access to The Realm of Light.


Light Forest
-1129, -4780
Wynncraft Map

The Guardian of The Forest can be found in the southwest section of the Light Forest.


  • The Guardian of the Forest is one of the only major quest NPCs that is an object.
  • According to the secret library in Cinfras, the Guardian appeared in its current location, asleep, hundreds of years ago.
  • The Guardian of the Forest seems to be a reference to the Great Deku Tree, a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series.