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Gylia Watch Library SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
These are the only remaining records that describe the events of the Gerten War. However, history was written by the victors.
Coordinates X: -6, Z: -5413
Suggested Level 70
Uses Discovery
Requirements The Hunger of Gerts Part 1 Gert Mask

Gylia Watch Library is a Secret Discovery located in Cinfras County. The Secret Discovery is a library which contains records of the Gerten War as written by the victorious side, the Villagers. These stories are readable by interacting with the enchantment tables.


Cinfras County
-89, 99, -5537
Wynncraft Map

To gain access to the library the player has to search for and find a key hidden in the Gert camp that is being watched by the Gylia Watch. Entering the Gert camp requires the player to equip the Gert Mask given as a reward for completing the quest The Hunger of Gerts Part 1.

  • Reach the tower overlooking the Gert camp and climb the ladder to the top. Collect the key.



Cinfras County
-6, -5413
Wynncraft Map
  • Head back to the Gylia Watchtower and descend into the basement. Throw the key at the dark gray carpet.


  • Enter the opened tunnel, this will trigger the teleport to the library itself.


Records of The Gerten War[]

Chapter I
More than two centuries ago, the vast Gylia Plains were a lush haven for villagers and animals alike, even having species seen nowhere else in Gavel.

One of said species were the enigmatic gerts, an orc-like species located extremely far from the rest of their kin. Though they were quite the aggressive type, we managed to live in harmony.

That is, until their already insatiable hunger became even more prevalent. Before they only hunted around their territory, but eventually they started stealing our own livestock.

It wasn't long before they started attacking and kidnapping helpless villagers. These savages had to be stopped immediately, there was no question about it.

A letter was sent to Cinfras from Lexdale describing the situation and requesting military backup. A week later a small troop of 20 soldiers arrived at our gates, along with a reply from Cinfras.

'We send you these 20 fine men to bolster your own forces until the threat passes. Containing these primitive savages is no concern of the military.' is what it read.

Chapter II
For a while the gerten attacks became vastly more unsuccessful. The feeling of safety started returning to the inhabitants of Lexdale. But eventually that changed.

Their numbers kept growing with every attack, as if they could double their losses overnight. Soon enough another letter had to be sent to Cinfras requesting more support.

By the time the new reinforcements had arrived our own numbers had dwindled substantially, while the gerts were as relentless as ever, barely having lost any of their numbers.

It was only after the second wave of soldiers had lost half of their men that the government started taking this seriously. Soon a war was officially declared against the gerts.

Chapter III
A considerably large force was sent from Cinfras, consisting of knights, rangers, a few battle mages, and even a couple of siege machines. While this was incredibly generous, it did not last.

Just like the first time, the gert attack were repealed with ease and the government almost instantly withdrew a portion of the forces, thinking the worst had already passed. You'd think they would have learned from their mistakes.

It was a peaceful couple of weeks until the gerts striked us again, their forces larger than before their defeat. It's as if procreation and eating was their only activity while not fighting over food.

Many more similar battles occurred where the villager forces would deal a considerable blow to the gerts, only for them to scavenge the dead from the battlefield for consumption and regaining their lost troops.

It was a war of attrition, one that we were not favoured to win. A defensive strategy would allow the gerts build up their forces with no interruption and launch an unstoppable assault, while an offensive one would just supply them with more meat.

Chapter IV
Eventually a local militia rose up, made up of local farmers and city guards sick of losing their homes in this war due to the incompetency of the military. This group was lead by a man called Norler.

Norler could see something nobody else did. The military in their war against the savages utilized military strategies proven to be effective against other intelligent races, while the gerts were using no strategy at all.

They were lead by pure instinct. Food and reproduction are the only two things they care about. This could be used against them to tip the scales of the war.

There was no knowledge on the gerts, for infiltration was impossible. There was no way of knowing how soon an attack could come and how devastating it would be, so Norler had to act fast and smart.

A plan was conceived which involved using airships to deploy rotten meat all across the gerten territories. The savages will eat anything that resembles a dead animal, so this would likely cause disease to spread across their ranks.

While the Cinfras soldiers were busy with pointless skirmishes, Norler organized the execution of his plan with the local Lexdale government, which was approved purely out of desperation.

Chapter V
And thus, loads of decaying carcasses were dropped on the gerts, which would be consumed within hours. A month long stalemate followed with little to none gerten activity seen anywhere.

During this time Norler had started plotting another plan - the containment of gerts. Their kind could never be eradicated, so a way to keep them from causing any more problems had to be found.

The idea was simple - lead one last push against them, forcing the savages to retreat into the northern hills where they would be kept and watched over by a dedicated group of soldiers.

That is exactly what they did a month later. The disease stricken gerts were unable to hold back Norler and his forces and were forced to flee. This spelled the end of the Gerten War.

Norler and his followers established an outpost not far from the new gerten territories and named themselves 'Gylia Watch'. They vowed to be a vigilant eye preventing another conflict with the gerts from occurring.

Ever since that day the gerts have caused no troubles to anyone, living in their newly created camp, where they are taught the civilized ways of life.


  • There's actually a way to get the Library Key without the Gert Mask by climbing the south-west side of the tower, though only Archers can achieve it with their escape spell.