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Half Moon Island IslandIcon.png
A screenshot of the island
Discovery Lore
This island is home to some form of cult, obsessed with the moon and its power. Rumors fly about it, a common thought being that they are attempting to summon some form of lunar deity.
Coordinates X: 900, Z: -2530
Suggested Level 30
Island Size Large
Docks None
Uses Decoration, Grinding

Half Moon Island is one of the largest islands found in the Ocean. It is located directly north of Almuj or northeast of Nemract, and is a very good looting area, since a large amount of loot chests are located on the island. It is also a good grinding spot for level 30+ players, as many mobs spawn in certain parts of the island.

Half moon Island is now being inhabited by Lunatic Devotes, the corruption has hit the island. There are many mobs on the island, so caution is advised.



Points of Interest[]


  • Temple Ruins are located straight ahead of the entrance to the island's middle section. The ruins are guarded by an Oni Shaman.
  • The Cave is located to the right of the Temple Ruins. Level 28 Cave Spiders spawn at the cave's entrance.
  • The Underground Temple is located deep within the cave, and requires a simple puzzle to be completed to give access. The temple itself is the home of the Death Oni, and three loot chests are here - one on the stairs leading down, with two loot chests located inside the Temple.


Seasail Shop


  • The island's name comes from its crescent moon shape.
  • In the 1.18 Economy Update, Half-Moon island was completely revamped from its former island to a completely new island from scratch.
  • The custom music for the island is made by Selvut283 titled "Affliction of Lunacy".