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Discovery Lore
The mythical waters of the Lazarus Pit affect corpses in different ways. Some resurrect with part of their memories intact. Some return as nothing but husks of their former selves.
Coordinates X: -883, Z: -5513
Suggested Level 65
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Hallowed Ground is a secret discovery located in and around the Forbidden Prison Graveyard. It focuses on Baron Revan Gerulam and tells information regarding the bodies resurrected by the Lazarus Pit.


 X   -948  Y   88  Z   -5557  Wynncraft Map 

Find the head of Revan by the tree at the top of the graveyard.


  • ???: Hey you, with the short nose! Come 'help me out, would've?
  • ???: Over by this tree, be careful where you tread!
  • Revan: Hey. Revan's the name, and I'd be grateful if you could take me back to my body. It's around here somewhere!

Interacting with the various graves around the graveyard will prompt some dialogue from Revan with clues for the location of his grave.

 X   -883  Y   46  Z   -5513  Wynncraft Map 
  • Approach the center wooden floor.


  • Revan: Here! That's the score!
  • Revan: Watch for the floor! It's a tad bit unstable!
  • Jump down the hole in the floor.


  • Like the Talking Mushroom, you can take Revan around the world of Wynncraft and he will say various messages as you travel throughout the world.
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