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Prince Hashr
NPC Info
Location Past Almuj, Royal Residence
I am Emperor Hashr. I once ruled this land with pride and prosperity. But a betrayal from my own kind sealed my fate.
~ Hashr

Hashr is the boss of the Sand-Swept Tomb dungeon, as well as a significant character in the storyline of the Desert region.


Hashr is the boss of Sand-Swept Tomb dungeon. His first phase is somewhat simple, as he only has Charge and 3800 HP, which is somewhat challenging at level, but should not be anything too huge. The fight will then start to ramp up in difficulty when the first phase is defeated, as the floor will collapse and reveal the arena of the second phase.

Hashr now deals damage in the Thunder element, now has 8000 HP, and gains a Multihit ability, making him very dangerous to a class with low defense and mobility, such as a Shaman. Once the second phase is defeated, Hashr will be on his third and final phase, which makes him become faster and gain a Vanish ability. However, now he only has 4000 HP, prioritizing offense over defense. The third phase also has a Charge AI, meaning that Hashr's movements aren't as accurate.


Main Attack (Phase 1) Charge (Phase 1)
≈109-129 -
Main Attack (Phase 2) Charge (Phase 2) Multihit (Phase 2, Per Hit)
≈153-163 - ≈62-66
Main Attack (Phase 3) Charge (Phase 3) Multihit (Phase 3, Per Hit) Vanish (Phase 3)
? ? ? -

Hashr (Phase 1)
Species Human
Level 40
Health 15,800 (total)
AI Type Melee & Charge AI
Elemental Properties
Damage Thunder

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Hashr(Phase1).png Hashr (Phase 1) 40 3800 Melee Charge - Hashr (Phase 2) Sand-Swept Tomb
Hashr(Phase2).png Hashr (Phase 2) 45 8000 Melee Multihit,
Thunder: Damage Hashr (Phase 3) Sand-Swept Tomb
Hashr(Phase3).png Hashr (Phase 3) 45 4000 Charge Multihit,
Thunder: Damage - Sand-Swept Tomb


For more information, please see The Desert Empire.

Hashr was the 26th son of the Emperor of a massive empire ruling over the sands, while also being very advanced in technology at the time. Hashr later became more wrought with greed, and also looked for more power. As such, he traveled outside the walls, and later learned that his father was not as powerful as he seemed, as all of his power came from a scepter. Being controlled only by his greed and envy, he cold-bloodedly murdered the Emperor on the spot, which caused massive sandstorms to spread across the Almuj Desert. Hashr panicked, and left the sceptre in a spot of the Desert where no one would have been able to find it. Hashr later died and was buried in the Sand-Swept Tomb, and later became an undead, although it is unconfirmed if it was by the Corruption, although it could be a likely candidate.


  • The word "hashr" means "exile" or "banishment" in old Arabic