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Prince Hashr
NPC Info
Location Past Almuj, Royal Residence; Sand-Swept Tomb
I am Emperor Hashr. I once ruled this land with pride and prosperity. But a betrayal from my own kind sealed my fate.
~ Hashr

Hashr is the boss of the Sand-Swept Tomb dungeon, as well as a significant character in the storyline of the Desert region.


Hashr was born around 1400 BP to the Emperor, an extremely powerful figure who ruled over the Desert for many centuries, with an empire known as the Desert Empire. He was the Emperor's 26th son, amid a myriad of other sons that he had. At one point, he travelled beyond the walls, exiting the Desert and exploring the rest of Wynn. There, he learned that the rest of the world was vibrant and magical, unlike what he had thought before: he was likely taught that the Emperor was like a God, the only individual who could harness magic in the entire Desert.[1]

Outraged that the Emperor's world was a lie, and wanting to save the people of the Desert from him,[2] Hashr travelled back to the Desert and met with his father in his royal residence. After a short quarrel, Hashr jumped at his father and assassinated him, taking his sceptre, the source of his magical power. However, the Emperor had placed a curse on his sceptre, and as soon as Hashr usurped his power, it created a great sandstorm that raged on for years, and buried the entire empire under the sand.[1]

Hashr, realizing how immensely powerful the sceptre actually was, hid it in the Temple of Swords so that nobody could find it.[3] His subjects would then bury him within the Sand-Swept Tomb and use magic to seal the entrance to the tomb, to make sure that he would never leave.[2] Then, when a bandit group called the Creden Tibus found refuge in the Temple of Swords and discovered the sceptre,[3] they took it for themselves and hid it again, as they didn't want it to fall into the wrong hands.[4]


Hashr is the boss of Sand-Swept Tomb dungeon. His first phase is somewhat simple, as he only has Charge and 3800 HP, which is somewhat challenging at level, but should not be anything too huge. The fight will then start to ramp up in difficulty when the first phase is defeated, as the floor will collapse and reveal the arena of the second phase.

Hashr now deals damage in the Thunder element, now has 8000 HP, and gains a Multihit ability, making him very dangerous to a class with low defense and mobility, such as a Shaman. Once the second phase is defeated, Hashr will be on his third and final phase, which makes him become faster and gain a Vanish ability. However, now he only has 4000 HP, prioritizing offense over defense. The third phase also has a Charge AI, meaning that Hashr's movements aren't as accurate.


Main Attack (Phase 1) Charge (Phase 1)
≈109-129 -
Main Attack (Phase 2) Charge (Phase 2) Multihit (Phase 2, Per Hit)
≈153-163 - ≈62-66
Main Attack (Phase 3) Charge (Phase 3) Multihit (Phase 3, Per Hit) Vanish (Phase 3)
? ? ? -

Hashr (Phase 1)
Species Human
Level 40
Health 15,800 (total) Full Heart Icon.png
AI Type Melee & Charge AI
Elemental Properties
Damage Thunder

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Hashr (Phase 1) 40 3800 Melee Charge - Hashr (Phase 2) Sand-Swept Tomb
Hashr (Phase 2) 45 8000 Melee Multihit,
Thunder: Damage Hashr (Phase 3) Sand-Swept Tomb
Hashr (Phase 3) 45 4000 Charge Multihit,
Thunder: Damage - Sand-Swept Tomb


  • The word "hashr" means "exile" or "banishment" in old Arabic.


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