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Haven Antiquity
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Dead Island
Province Ocean
Combat Level 70
Starter NPC Cinfras
Reward As follows:

Haven Antiquity is a medium level 70 quest on Dead Island.


The player must figure out what happened to Dead Island by going back in time.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Cinfras on the docks at Dead Island at [770, 36, -3880]



  • Cinfras: Hey there adventurer, can I speak with you for a second? I need you to do a spot of detective work for me.
  • Cinfras: My grandfather once told me how beautiful this place was, and how to visit here if I wanted to relax.
  • Cinfras: But as you can see, this island is the least bit relaxing. It is a sorrowful place, corrupted and dark.
  • Cinfras: This can't be right. My grandfather was an honest man, he wouldn't have lied.
  • Cinfras: I figure something must have happened. I really want to know how it got like this.
  • Cinfras: There's an old creepy man living up on that hill in a big mansion who seems just old enough to know what happened. It might be a good place to start.

Stage 2[]

» Investigate Old Siwel in the dead Mansion at [836, 52, -4010]



  • Old Siwel: What do you want? I'm busy. Brewing potions takes focus, you know....
  • Old Siwel: Oh, you want to know about the island's history? Well you certainly came to the right man. I've lived here for a very long time.
  • Old Siwel: There is a way for you to see for yourself what happened here. It's quite... an interesting tale, too.
  • Old Siwel: I'd sit and tell you, but I think you might get a better experience first hand....
  • Old Siwel: Using some of the more... frowned upon methods in the alchemists library I am able to send you into the 'memory' of a dead person that lived here at the time.
  • Old Siwel: It will require a little work from you though, if you wish to proceed....
  • Old Siwel: Bring me [3 Umbral Essences] and I will be able to cast a spell on you which will allow you to pass into the 'memory' of the deceased.

Stage 3[]

» Acquire [3 Umbral Essences] for Old Siwel

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DernMinion.png Dern Minion 70 4050 Melee AI - ✤ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def

Umbral Essence
Dead Island


  • Old Siwel: Excellent. You acquired the ingredients. Just give me a second and I'll prepare you for your journey into the mind of the dead.
  • Old Siwel: M̛͢ú̴͏ḿ̷̧͠b̸̸̸̧́l̶e͜͏͏͠҉s̶̡̕͜͟ ̧̕͘҉a̶̡̛͟ ̸̀͠͡s̨̨͏͘ţ̡r̛͘͜͢a̶̛ņ̷g͞e̸̷͟҉̀,͝͡ ̴͢͏̧d̷̨̨̛͝é̕͠a̡͟d̶̨͝ ͟͏̨l̶̡̨͢͟a̛͡҉n̢҉̷̧g҉͢ų̵̵̢a҉̴̨͟g͡͏ȩ̧̢̧͞.̷̧͜.̢̢̢̕.̶̵̧
  • Old Siwel: Ḿ̶̶̛͡u͢͠͝m̛͜͏͜b̕͘͜͜͝l҉̸̢̢͢e̵s̶̴̡҉̵ ̷̡͡a̸̵͠͞ ҉͟s̶̛͢͠t̷̕͝r̡͏̶̵a̷̢̨͘n͏̶̸͘͝g̢ȩ̛̀͟͡,́͏̶҉͘ ̀͢d̨͝͠͞e̶͜a̴̛҉ḑ ̶̷̨l̢a̡ņ̴̸̨g̸̛u͏҉̡͞a̷̶̸̧g͝e͜.̶̢͜͝.̕͘
  • Old Siwel: There, look into my eyes. Yes, you're ready. Ah, there is a drawback though....
  • Old Siwel: Once you are inside the memory, it will feel like you are actually there. You won't be able to return until you have succeeded in your task.
  • Old Siwel: To enter the memory, you need to find the dead man at the end of the crypt in the graveyard.
  • Old Siwel: The dead roam those caves in heavy numbers, so watch your step.
  • Old Siwel: Oh and one more thing, If you die in the memory, you die in reality too....
  • Old Siwel: Best of luck....

Stage 4[]

» Locate the Crypt under the church at [901, 35, -3846] and pass through a dead man's memory

  • Y̵̧ǫ̛̛́͢u̵̷͡ ̷̶̡ṕ̸͟͞a̧҉̵̢̕s̷̸̡̡͢ş̷̸͟ ̸̀҉ţ̴̛͘͜h͘͞r͜͝͡o̴҉̴͡u͞͏͡g̵ḩ̀͠ ̴҉͟t̷̷̶̕͘h̀͘͡͏é̴̴̴̷ ̴͏m̵̀͘͟͡e͟͞m̧͢͠҉̶o̸͡r̨̀͘͘͟y̴͘͟͞.̢̢

Stage 5[]

» Investigate Siwel at [-9334, 56, -10488] on Alive Island



  • Siwel: Oh, hello there. Would you mind helping me with something for a second?
  • Siwel: Recently, some strange things have been happening to the miners around here. New diseases, unexplained disappearances, and things like that.
  • Siwel: The villagers have been getting very worried. So, in an attempt to protect the island, I bought a strange egg and placed it in a cave close to town.
  • Siwel: The egg, however, isn't what I thought it was. It is producing monsters and giving off some sort of dark aura.
  • Siwel: I want you to go check out that egg. See if you can get rid of whatever it is producing. Bring me [5 Monster Hides] as evidence.

Stage 6[]

» Confront the cave under the mansion at [-9332, 57, -10589] and retrieve [5 Monster Hides] for Siwel from the monsters within

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DernBeast.png Dern Beast 70 4875 Melee AI ??? ✤ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def

Monster Hide
Cave at [-9332, 57, -10589]


  • Siwel: You're back! Were you able to stop that egg?
  • Siwel: No? Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see what it hatches into.
  • Siwel: I see you got some rather rare dark monster hide. Maybe I could use those in a potion for something, maybe to prolong life.
  • Siwel: Some of the villagers believe that it is unwise for myself to dabble in the dark arts, dealing with mysterious eggs and brewing potions of death.
  • Siwel: I'll outlive them all, you'll see!
  • Siwel: As for you, you have done what I asked. You may return to your personal affairs now.
  • Siwel: Thank you for your work, though. Only time will tell what that egg will hatch into.

Stage 7[]

» Return to Old Siwel in the dead Mansion at [836, 52, -4010]



  • Old Siwel: What? You... you made it back? Oh... Very well. Alchemy can be a... dangerous practice.
  • Old Siwel: Anyone who tried to find out the island's history came to me at some point, and I sent them on a one way street to a memory. But not you....
  • Old Siwel: So now you know my dreadful secret, I am racked with guilt and cursed with eternal life.
  • Old Siwel: There is no need to fight me, I am suffering enough for what I... wrought on this island.
  • Old Siwel: I could not destroy the egg. It hatched into a... monstrous beast that cursed this island until this very day.
  • Old Siwel: A powerful warrior from... Ragni slew the beast, yet the island did not rejuvenate....
  • Old Siwel: I leave the bones of the beast as a reminder of my failure, the destruction it brought still... lingers in the monsters it left behind.
  • Old Siwel: So adventurer, now you have the knowledge of what I have done. You may tell the others down in the village, as it is no longer a secret.

Stage 8[]

» Talk to Cinfras on the docks at [770, 36, -3880] about the mystery



  • Cinfras: So, did you find out what happened?
  • Cinfras: Siwel was the one who caused this sorrow? He does have a very dark presence about him, doesn't he?
  • Cinfras: Thank you for your work! I know it must have been tough getting that out of him.
  • Cinfras: Now that this mystery is solved I will be returning home. I hope we will meet again!


  • On Alive Island the grave is covered entirely with light grey wool, while on Dead Island it has two dark grey tiles, making it easy to recognize which island you're on without walking outside of the crypt.
  • You can actually see the bones of the monstrous beast at the cave on Dead Island.
  • You can't get out of Alive Island by travelling on the ocean.
  • When this quest was first released, it could not be completed due to the Dern Beasts not dropping Monster Hides. This has since been fixed.
  • Dead Island replaced the Enderman Island on the update 1.12.
  • At [792, 33, -3951] there is a gravestone with the marker of "R.I.P In peace" (Rest in peace in peace). This was most likely an intentional typo.
  • The powerful warrior from Ragni that Old Siwel mentions in the quest is most likely a reference to the Hero of Wynn, Bob.