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Headless, Not Homeless SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Shortly after his revival, Dullahan set his sights on the manor of a wealthy Villager, slaughtering everyone in his sight. To this day, the castle remains under his control.
Coordinates X: -1062, Z: -5595
Suggested Level 64
Uses Discovery
Requirements Started Realm of Light III - A Headless History

Headless, Not Homeless is a Secret Discovery that takes place at the Dullahan Mansion. After finding your way to the top of the castle, you encounter a memory of Dullahan's arrival at the castle.


-1063, 84, -5589
Wynncraft Map

To reach the starting point of the memory you will need to go through a short door puzzle.

  • Enter the tower to the right of the entrance to Dullahan's mansion.
  • Cross the stairs and turn left, choose the entrance that is around the tower corner.
  • Turn left from the balcony and follow the blood trail to the next door.
  • Interact with the skeletal remains.
-1064, 99, -5594
Wynncraft Map

Interact with the skeleton.
The remains reveal a lost memory...


  • Butler: Hm? Who's the-
  • Butler: Y-you?! But how!? They... You... You were executed! You are dead!!
  • Dullahan: Bring your master to me.
  • Noble: What's this commotion about? Can't I get some sleep for once in a while?
  • Noble: Y-you?! Wha-... How are you-... G-get off my property, right now! Guards!
  • Dullahan: You're the one responsible for my beheading, are you not?
  • Dullahan: You took something of mine.
  • Dullahan: I shall now take everything of yours.
  • Noble: N-no... I- Everyone thought it was you! I'm sorry, We're sorry!
  • Dullahan: Some things can not be fixed with words.