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Herb Cave NaturalIcon.png
Herb Cave.png
Coordinates X: -497, Z: -811
Suggested Level 58
Type/Biomes Cave
Monsters Dead Miner
Herb Spawn
Deceased Professor
Ember Spawn✦
Uses Grinding

The Herb Cave is a cave in the Jungle filled with level 64 Dead Miners and level 63 Herb Spawns. A level 66 Deceased Professor mini-boss is also there. It is beaten really easily, because it moves very slowly. Mobs spawn quick here and give decent XP, however the quick spawn rate may be annoying to those who aren't very fast or strong. In the deeper area there is a Grind Spot with star-tagged mobs called level 55 Ember Spawn. They give an insane amount of XP.

It is recommended to be level 58-68 as it is the best spot to grind in that level range. They drop considerably useful loot. The entrance to the cave may be found directly north from the entrance to the Great Bridge.


  • The cave contains a hidden tier III loot chest and two other loot chests.
  • The Deceased Professor's journal entries can be seen in signs in the cave.
  • This cave has its own territory called Herb Cave.
  • The Grind Spot has a chance to spawn a rare Monster.