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Hollow Serenity
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Kander Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 73
Starter NPC [[]]
Reward As follows:

The Siren's Call

Hollow Serenity will be a level 73 quest taking place in the Kander Forest.


The Faltachs were a wealthy family in the Kander Forest. However, they all came crumbling down after one man changed everything for them.

Stage 1[]

» Something seems off in the abandoned manor at [-826, 45, -5145]

Stage 2[]

» Investigate the Faltach Manor. Dialogue:

  • A cold touch shivers down your spine...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to optional things to do.
To get a Worn Dagger, go to the body at -841, -5150 and right-click it to receive a Worn Dagger. Go to the room at -842, -5158, right-click the drawer with the Worn Dagger to reveal a pile of paper. Right-click them to get the following dialogue:
  • You begin to read the letters inside of the drawer...
  • Eileen, Eileen... That girl never listens to me! Her own mother!
  • Every day, I find books sticking out of the bookshelves! And each one of them has a letter colored in red...
  • She told me that those are her favorite books, and the red letters make up the password to the chest that Yorman gave her.
  • I can't comprehend her reasons for doing that... Can't she come up with something that's less of a nuisance for the maids?

You can go to the papers at -832, -5131 to view the following dialogue:

  • It's a pile of charred letters... You can still make out some of the words, though.
  • G-r---... I cannot ignore it --- longer...
  • ...love you too much... -- tired of Yorman...
  • ...doesn't have to know. We can -- happy together... y--r's truly, -----in...

In a bookshelf at -864, -5152, you can read one of the books:

  • One of the books pops out quite claringly. You decide to check it out...
  • "A Dying Light" - Pawel Chewak
  • It's a book detailing one of the greatest board games of all time. It sounds quite fun.

There is a box in the Study Room near -885, -5147 which gives the following dialogue:

  • This appears to be a letter describing who the Faltachs are...
  • According to the text, the Faltachs are a family of nobles that have been a part of the forest for decades, more or less having personal control of the area.
  • They collected taxes from the residents of the forest, and were an integral part of the region's politics... But considering the state of this manor, that isn't the case anymore.
  • As of 832 AP, the family consisted of Yorman Faltach, Katarin Faltach, and their infant daughter Eileen.

To progress the quest, you need to get a key to the Master Bedroom. There are various clues around the mansion to get the key:

  • In a minor room full of bookshelves at -842, -5158, right-click the bookshelf closest to the entrance for the following dialogue:
    • There's a book sticking out of here with the number '1' drawn on it...
    • "The Littlest Villager" - Karea Tokkiel
    • It's a touching story... but you don't read it. It's not nice to ignore someone who's looking at you.
  • In Eileen's bedroom, on the bookshelf at -864, -5135, you can right-click it to get the following dialogue:
    • There's a book sticking out of here with the number '2' drawn on it...
    • "Dwarves vs. Doguns: The Final Flame" - Daarin Thundershield
    • It's a grossly overexaggerated novel about the Molten Heights war.
  • In the bookshelf at -855, -5135, you can right-click it to get the following dialogue:
    • There's a book sticking out of here with the number '3' drawn on it...
    • "The Elephelk And The Skyraider" - Clifford Stein
    • Elephelks don't exist... right?
  • In the Study Room, on the bookshelf at -884, -5153, right-click it to get the following dialogue:
    • There's a book sticking out of here with the number '4' drawn on it...
    • "Morton Fears a Hoo" - Bill Rivest
    • It's apparently about a boy who's scared by the sound of an owl hooting.

In Eileen's bedroom, there will be a chest that will give the key if you have found all four clues and enter the correct combination, which is VDAR.

  • The chest is tightly locked. The lock itself appears to require a combination of four letters, all in a specific order...
  • Pick the first letter of the passcode:
    • [1] D
    • [2] R
    • [3] V
      • Correct! V is the first letter of the passcode!
      • Pick the second letter of the passcode:
        • [1] R
        • [2] A
        • [3] D
          • Correct! D is the second letter of the passcode!
          • Pick the third letter of the passcode:
            • [1] R
            • [2] A
              • Correct! A is the third letter of the passcode!
              • Pick what's obviously the fourth letter of the passcode:
                • [1] R
                • [2] One of the other letters.
    • [4] A

Failing the combination will give the following piece of dialogue and reset the puzzle:

  • That was incorrect... It looks like you need to start over again.

Once you have entered the correct combination, you get the Master Bedroom Key. Go up and click on the door to the Master Bedroom,

Stage 3[]

» Investigate the Master Bedroom.

There will be a letter on the bed that gives the following dialogue:

  • It's an old letter. The edges are stained with some strange, dark liquid...
  • Katarin's Log: Entry 51
  • Garvan... he worries me more and more by the day. My sweet, beloved Garvan.
  • I remember, at the beginning... Yorman had hired Garvan out of concern for this 'Decay' plaguing the land. We told him that he must find a cure for the Decay before it subjugated the entire forest.
  • Over time... Well, I suppose love can corrupt. How else would I have...
  • Fallen in love with Garvan and forsook my own marriage under the nose of my husband and my beloved daughter-
  • But I digress. Garvan's done great research on this Decay, but...recently, he's changed. Something's wrong with him.
  • His eyes are glazed and dull. His tone of voice is... disturbing. He's made very little progress on the cure we tasked him with, and... I don't know what to do.
  • Besides, if he ever gets too bad, he lives just east of the manor. I can be there for him if I need to, right?

After reading the letter, a ghost villager appears and walks into the Master Bedroom. 256px

  • ???: ...
  • ???: Do not trust that man.

The ghost villager then disappears.

  • That was... unsettling. Nevertheless, you should head east of the manor for any sign of where this Garvan person might live. You recall there being a village around there...

Stage 4[]

» Head to the forest village east of the manor at [-620, 43, -5166] and ask its residents about a man named Garvan.

256px As you are about to head out of the manor, another villager ghost will appear and look at you for a second before fleeing.

  • That was... odd. Who was that? ...Regardless, you shouldn't stray away from heading to the village.


  • Runo: Hey.
  • Runo: Welcome to my home.
  • Runo:
    • [1] I just wanted to say hello. [EXIT]
    • [2] Who are you?
    • [3] How long have you lived in this village?
    • [4] Have you heard of any rumors lately?
    • [5] You don't speak much...
    • [6] Do you know anyone by the name of Garvan?
      • Runo: No. Ask the old man.
      • Runo: He knows most of the things here.

256px 256px

  • Ann: Hello soldier! Welcome to this... hick village. I presume the neighbor's kid has been stealing apples again, hmm?
  • Qunit: Oh, Ann... Your voice is so delicate, so soothing that- Ah, soldier! Are you here for something... or someone?
  • Qunit:
    • [1] I just wanted to say hello. [EXIT]
    • [2] Who are you?
    • [3] Are you married?
    • [4] Why do you live in this town?
    • [5] Have you heard of any rumors lately?
    • [6] Do you know anyone by the name of Garvan?
      • Ann: Nope.
      • Qunit: No.
      • Ann: See? We're both on the same wavelength! Neither of us have met this person! We're... so in love, darling...
      • Qunit: Yes...


  • Bip: Hey, you! Got any money? If you give me 5000 Liquified Emeralds, I'll give you a spot of dust from the underside of my floorboards!
  • Bip: No? Awww... that sucks.
  • Bip: Whatcha need?
    • [1] I just wanted to say hello. [EXIT]
    • [2] Who are you?
    • [3] Do you live here?
    • [4] Have you heard any rumors lately?
    • [5] Do you know anyone by the name of Garvan?
      • Bip: Oh yeah! That's the name of the guy who FIRED ME! DAMMIT!!!-
      • Bip: ...Oh, wait, no. Sorry human, I was thinking about Gavin. I don't know who this Garvan guy is! Ask someone else; I can't entertain you with that knowledge.


  • Old Man: You're new... we don't see a lot of youngsters around these days... especially humans.
  • Old Man: How can I help you?
    • [1] I just wanted to say hello. [EXIT]
    • [2] What's your name?
    • [3] What's this village like?
    • [4] Do you have any rumors to share?
    • [5] Do you know anyone by the name of Garvan?
      • Old Man: G... Garvan... yes. I know that name.
      • Old Man: He isn't here, though. I don't know his whereabouts, what he's doing, or if he's even alive. He's... just nonexistant.
      • Old Man: I don't know why you're chasing after him, but... if you want a place to start, look at the abandoned laboratory on top of that hill, just west to the of here.
      • Old Man: Fair warning, though... My great-grandmother is the only reason I know about him, and even then... she was always put off by him, and told me to stay away from him. I'd be wary, if I were you.
      • Old Man: Or don't. He sounds like a nice man. You're strong, as well. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Stage 5[]

» Investigate the contents of the abandoned laboratory at [-691, 69, -5151]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Parasite-Infested Twitchbeetle 74 15000 Melee ? - - Outside Abandoned Laboratory
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to optional things to do.

There will be a book at -697, -5156.

  • The Decay is interesting, to say the least. I've never seen anything like this before in all my years.
  • Simple plant life appears to wither even when given proper nutrients and conditions to grow. What little magic they usually contain appears to be sapped as well...
  • It's odd. The Decay doesn't violently alter whatever it touches, like a pestilence would... It appears to be removing something in a coordinated manner. Almost as if a living creature was doing this.
  • But what organism could be removing magic from the plant?

The first Garvan Log will be at -693, -5158.

  • Garvan's Log: 830 AP
  • I have been hired by Yorman and Katarin Faltach to study and hopefully cure this "Decay" that's appeared recently. I'm quite excited to get to the bottom of this.
  • It looks like I've finally settled in. The Faltach Family has been quite kind with giving me this laboratory to study in.
  • Where to start... where to start...

There will be a book that is at -702, -5157 that must be interacted with.

  • Garvan's Log - 840 AP
  • I've decided to try and talk a little more with the villagers just down the hill. They're quite interesting...
  • It's odd, though... Most of them keep glaring at me every time I return from my business in Cinfras. This one farmer kept asking me what are my thoughts on the Gerten War and the government's involvement with it...
  • I just explained I was a scientist researching the effects of the Decay. I might have lied a little and said I was almost about to find a cure. One of them seemed interested in that...
  • I went to the secret study inside of the Faltach's basement to look at some texts about the war and the government out of curiousity. I believe those people were just freaks. I should stay away from them-
  • The rest of the page as well as the next few pages have had their contents furiously crossed out.
  • Huh?
  • Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh?
  • What lies. Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies. I don't really mind those people.
  • I quite like them. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. They're trustworthy. I should have believed them from the start.
  • They'll help me.

After reading the log, a scream will be heard.

  • ...Whatever made that scream, it... sounds like it's getting closer to the laboratory-
  • Find somewhere to hide in the laboratory. Now.

Stage 6[]

» Hide.

You will be given 10 seconds to hide in the laboratory. To successfully hide, go to the shrubbery.

  • This shrubbery seems like the best spot to hide in...

The hooded figure seen when exiting the manor appears and searches for you, and then leaves after a while.

Stage 7[]

» Return to the Faltach Manor and find the entrance to the secret study at [-842, 36, -5122].

  • It looks like that figure left. It should be safe to leave.
  • ...That journal mentioned a secret study hidden away in the manor's basement. It might be worth checking out for more clues.

Stage 8[]

» Uncover the secrets of the study.

  • This must be the study. There should be something worth investigating nearby.

In the study, there will be a clock that is missing some parts of itself. The solutions to each part of the clock are as follows:

  • For the Clock Hand, in the southwest corner, there will be a Gargoyle holding the Clock Hand. Putting the Clock Hand back into the clock in the center will activate the Gargoyle.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Gargoyle 75 20000 Melee Explosion Dam
- Faltach Secret Study
  • In the northwest corner, the Gold Clock Piece is obtained from doing simple parkour. It goes where a smaller Gold Block is.
  • In the southeast corner, there will be a book there, as well as a suspicious staircase in the bookshelves. Right-clicking it brings up the following dialogue, and the bookshelf opens up to reveal a Wood Clock Piece which goes where a smaller wood plank is.
    • Upon closer inspection, this bookshelf actually appears to be a false panel. You can see a room behind it, as well.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to contents of the book.
  • It's an excerpt from Yorman's Journal...
  • ...What the hell is my wife THINKING?? Defending Garvan, as much of a lunatic as he is??
  • The man's made so little progress in the past few years. At this point, it's just a waste of our wealth...
  • Why is she defending HIM?? She's always been like that, so hopeful and defensive of the scientist... what could she POSSIBLY see in him?
  • Unless... No. That is impossible. She is not... like that. Damn it, I might be in the need for some well-deserved sleep...

After fully repairing the clock, a minigame can be accessed that must be played to progress. The minigame involves you using the clock to make a combination, right-clicking to rotate the clock hand, and left-clicking it to submit the number the hand is on. In the door where you came from, there will be a riddle on the door, which gives hints to what the combination is.

  • There's some sort of riddle etched onto the door's surface...
  • "You died at 6 o-clock that night. Only 4 people came to your funeral.
  • 3 of them couldn't have cared less. The other person wept for 8 hours afterwards."

Stage 9[]

» Investigate the unlocked room in the study.

  • You've successfully completed the puzzle! The door has now been opened.

In the unlocked room, there will be a pile of books that give dialogue.

  • It's more clear. Day by day. This pestilence. Clear. Clear.
  • The creatures that cause this, and their wellspring... and their wellspring... are sent by something beyond my comprehension.
  • Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. The Decay has been... brought here by divine intervention.
  • Then... I will use the divine's sentries to cure this, just as they suggested.
  • I will begin my research in that stone city of Lexdale. I'll bring her there.
  • And all of this will finally end. By a cure.
  • So there's a research outpost in what you assume is now Old Lexdale...? It might be worth it to go investigate that outpost for anything useful.

After interacting with the pile of books, the same ghost villager you saw in the Master Bedroom appears again on the clock. She then walks away before stopping and turning around at the door.

  • ...It seems that the exit has been opened up.
  • This apparition before you isn't doing anything, though. Maybe you could try talking to it?
    • [1] Did you open this door?
    • [2] Did you open this door?
    • [3] Did you open this door?
    • [4] Did you open this door?

The Villager ghost will shake her head before disappearing.

  • That spirit didn't open the door? Then... what did? Or... who did?
  • ...
  • You need to leave the study.

Stage 10[]

» Get out of the study.

After leaving the study, you will take damage, then be blinded.

  • You were knocked out...
  • As you fall deeper into unconsciousness, a vision of the past begins to form in your mind...

The vision of the past depicts Yorman and Katarin Faltach in the Master Bedroom conversing. 256px256px

  • Yorman: Dammit, Katarin! I'm not dealing with that loonie anymore! It's been years since I hired that scientist, and he STILL has nothing! If he doesn't find a cure soon, then I'll just get rid of him!
  • Katarin: Y-Yorman, you can't be serious! What we're asking him to do is heavily unresearched, firing him for taking time on that wouldn't be a good idea!
  • Yorman: Woman, have you SEEN the state that cretin is in?? Even if it does take long, he's in no damn shape to deal with it! Now, stop arguing with me, and help me get rid of him-
  • Katarin: NO!
  • Katarin: This is too far, Yorman! Garvan MUST stay! You will do this if you still love me!
  • Yorman: ...Why do you even care so much?? Some lunatic scientist like him isn't good for anybody! We both know that we'd save more time and money by letting him run off!
  • Katarin: I still have faith in him, unlike you! I'll talk to him to see what's going on if I must, but I will NOT tolerate you throwing him out simply because you're too eager for results!

Yorman will then shake his head.

  • Yorman: Fine. But know this; I will see it to MYSELF that his head is taken off of his shoulders if that man continues to waste my time, understand??
  • Yorman: ...I'm leaving to take care of some matters in Gelibord. Ask one of the maids to make sure that Eileen goes to bed. I'll be back before midnight.

Yorman will then walk out of the bedroom.

  • Katarin: ...That... was close... I can't have him getting between us anymore.

Katarin walks out of the bedroom, arriving in the basement where Garvan follows after. 256px

  • Garvan: I-I am here, Katarin. You wished to s- speak with me...?
  • Katarin: Yes, love. Yorman is becoming suspicious of you. He thinks you're not making any progress on the cure and wasting his time. Any more of this, and he may attempt to get rid of you.
  • Katarin: I just wanted to check on you, love. Are... you doing alright? Is your work coming along well?
  • Garvan: I... I am...

Garvan acts erratically as the ellipses keep on flashing in the chat.

  • Garvan: ...
  • Garvan: ###### #### ###
  • Garvan: F-Fine. I am fine. I appreciate the concern, but... It truly is u-unwarranted. I'm q-quite close to finding a cure to the disease, y-yes.
  • Katarin: Ah! That is good to hear. Now then... How are things? We haven't had many chances to catch up recently.
  • Garvan: ...Wonderful. I've met... many peers. Recently. They give me the strength I need to advance my progress. Now... how is our daughter, Eileen?
  • Katarin: She's doing great. She takes a lot after you, actually. Intelligent, beautiful, an inquisitive mind. I just hope this Decay can be dealt with and we don't need to live in fear any longer.
  • Garvan: Wonderful. And... is our eternal bond safe? The gemstone? Has... Yorman found out about it?
  • Katarin: Yes, it has stayed hidden. As long as it's kept intact, our souls will stay bound to it. You just need to take care of your little project and we'll ride into the sunset, just like you said, mhm?
  • Garvan: ...And what about our daughter?
  • Katarin: We... I will not risk her life for our love. She has a future in Cinfras, Garvan! She isn't a part of this, and I don't think she-
  • Garvan: Eileen... She is a shining star in this world. Her noble blood and natural talent makes her something truly special.
  • Garvan: Do you realize, Katarin? Our daughter is a gift from the heavens! Once she has matured, she will accomplish things that Gavel has never seen! Bring back the holy and royal that was lost-

Garvan will slowly back away from Katarin after saying the dialogue above.

  • Garvan: ...Forgive me, I-I'm rambling once more. I... must leave now, research calls. Goodbye, my love. Great things will happen, sooner or later.

Garvan will then exit the basement.

  • Katarin: I truly hope so...

The scene then cuts to black.

  • Unbeknownst to the Faltach family, Yorman's hunch was correct all along. Their hired scientist had indeed moved away from his original goal.
  • During his research, Garvan had come too close into contact with the forest villagers... and was thoroughly broken into subserviance.
  • Their goals were unclear, but they seemed uninterested in having Garvan continue to truly cure the Decay. Instead, they suggested something far more sinister.

You then wake up in the forest village you went to before.

Stage 11[]

» Make your way to Garvan's old research outpost at [-350, 50, -5574].

  • It seems like someone brought you back to the forest village. You should probably head to Garvan's research outpost in Old Lexdale.

Stage 12[]

» Gather as much pieces of evidence as you can in the research outpost.

  • In order to progress, you must gather pieces of evidence that are surrounded by green particles. You can do this by right-clicking on them.
  • Occasionally, a wandering intruder will approach you in the outpost, and will catch you if it sees you. You will have to hide by right-clicking the closets covered in blue particles.

Gathering a piece of evidence is a lengthy process, taking a few seconds to get one. There are a total of 8 pieces of evidence to find. The wandering intruder is the same hooded villager that you hid from in the abandoned laboratory.

Stage 13[]

» Investigate your findings.

  • You managed to gather all the evidence in the research outpost! You should review the material you gathered and figure out what Garvan was up to.
  • As you begin to sift through your findings, a visualization of what you're reading forms in your mind...

A cutscene plays inside of Garvan's research outpost, with Eileen and a Dernic Parasite encased in glass being there as well. 256px256px

  • Garvan: Ah... N-now you're finally here. I... need you, my darling. We- no... I can cure this Decay with you.

Eileen backs away from Garvan.

  • Eileen: W-What do you mean...? I-I don't like this... I-I w-wanna go home. It's getting late and mother-
  • Garvan: Ssshhh... This will only take a moment.

Garvan grabs the Dernic Parasite and walks towards Eileen.

  • Eileen: W-What is that thing?? M-Mister Garvan, I-I don't understand...
  • Garvan: Hush, my daughter. I-I'm doing this for your s-sake... You'll t-thank me later, once it... g-grows acclimated to you.
  • Garvan: Now then... Hold still.

Garvan then puts the Dernic Parasite on Eileen as the scene cuts to black, then to the study in the Faltach Manor.

Some time later... 256px

  • Garvan: Hello, my love. I-It's... been a while.

Katarin turns around to face Garvan.

  • Katarin: You... G-Garvan... Why are you here? And what's happened to Eileen? She has been sick for days!
  • Garvan: Mmmm... I... Ha-a-have a bit of a... how should I phrase this... a confession to make.
  • Garvan: W-Well... I-I've done... I've...done Eileen a great service... she will live forever, just like we do. Thanks to what I have done.
  • Katarin: Y-you... Bound her soul?? Garvan, no, I told you she wasn't part of this!! WHY??
  • Garvan: No, no no no no. I've done much b-b-better. She has something now. In her brain... Don't worry about the s-sorry state she's in now. The parasite will need time to acclimate to her flesh.

Garvan slowly walks towards Katarin.

  • Garvan: I-I realized... a cure. My work is done, love... Eileen will be cured. The Decay can be s-stopped. It's wonderful-

Katarin then lunges at Garvan, hitting him back.


Garvan walks towards Katarin again.

  • Garvan: Aaaahhhmmmm... True... I might have stepped out of line. But it's for the best.
  • Katarin: OUT OF LINE?? This is too far, Garvan! What even happened to you?? You've been acting like this for so, so long! I-I can't take it anymore!

Katarin punches Garvan back again.

  • Katarin: You've changed, Garvan! I-I can't even recognize you anymore!! I'm... I'm DONE! GET OUT! STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!

The scene cuts to black again, with Garvan in a location by a villager soldier. 256px

  • Garvan: You again... W-What do you want from me this time...? You've... already ruined me.
  • Mysterious Leader: It doesn't matter. You've accomplished what we've planned for, and that is perfect. The girl will grow into a suitale leader... Now then, we have some questions for you.
  • Mysterious Leader: Tell me Garvan... Where is the heir?
  • Garvan: I... will not tell you. I have lost Eileen and my love thanks to you. If I am to lose her... then you shall lose her as well.
  • Mysterious Leader: ...Lunatic. You; take him in. Keep him alive.

The Mysterious Leader gestures towards the soldier to take Garvan, who retaliates by punching the soldier.

  • Garvan: NO, DON'T TOUCH ME!

The soldier and Garvan fistfight until Garvan loses.

  • Mysterious Leader: Garvan. Garvan, Garvan. I think there's a misunderstanding here. You are in no place to defy us.
  • Mysterious Leader: Now then... You will tell us where the rightful heir to the throne is... No matter the cost.

Stage 14[]

» Return to the Manor and search for any clues as to Eileen's whereabouts at [-842, 45, -5145].

  • ...If Eileen was given eternal life, then... She's most likely still alive. You should check around the manor for any clues as to where she might be right now.

When you walk into the manor, the hooded figure appears again, labeled as ???. 256px

  • ???: It seems you've arrived. F-Forgive me... I-I'm not quite used to talking anymore. It's been quite a while.
  • ???: ...Nevermind. I d-don't want your forgiveness in particular. In fact, w-why do you even care? The forest has died, generations have lived on... and yet... You just had to tear the scar open, didn't you?
  • ???: My sins... You do not need to see them... all the things I've done wrong. H-How I destroyed the bonds tying me and my love together.
  • ???: ...Y-Yes... I mean her. Katarin. She's watching us as we speak, no? A-and with that, I suppose it's obvious what lies under this veil.


  • Garvan: Greetings... I-I'm s-sure you're well acquainted with me, by now. I-It was me all along. Quite the- well, it was a predictable twist, I suppose...
  • Garvan: ...B-But... I take it you don't have the full story. So... so so so so so so... Let me explain to you, human... The bitter end to our shared tale.

A cutscene begins, starting out black. 256px

  • Garvan: AAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!! F-FINE! I-I'll tell you... I-I'll tell y-you where Eileen is...

Garvan appears, confessing to Eileen's whereabouts.

  • Garvan: S-She... is with her mother. At the Faltach Manor. T-That is all. Just s-stop...
  • Mysterious Leader: ...Good. This had better not be a lie. You; tell the others that we are heading there now. Kill everyone at the manor and any witnesses; leave the heir alive.
  • Garvan: W-WHAT?

The cutscene goes to the Faltach Manor. 846 AP Eileen and Katarin are in the former's bedroom. 256px256px256px

  • Eileen: ...M-Mother... why d-do I have to stay here?
  • Katarin: It's for your own good dear. Now, remember to stay put. Garvan won't be able to use you if you're kept inside of here...
  • Eileen: I-I miss Dad...
  • Katarin: Yorman won't be bothering us anymore, sweetheart. He wouldn't understand, so... J- just don't worry about what happened to him. It's irrelevant-

Katarin walks outside Eileen's bedroom to see a group there, composing of the Mysterious Leader, Aki, and some Forest Villagers. 256px256px

  • Katarin: ...Who the hell are you all?
  • Mysterious Leader: Step aside, Katarin Faltach. This will be much simpler if you just stand down and tell us where your daughter is.
  • Katarin: ...Come again? No. YOU WON'T TOUCH HER! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT-

Katarin lunges towards the crowd only for Aki to freeze her, causing Katarin to struggle.

  • Mysterious Leader: You're not the one making demands here... You all, search the house and find the child.

The scene goes to the point where the Mysterious Leader and his group have Eileen by their side.

  • Mysterious Leader: There she is. Hmm... it seems that the parasite injection worked well. Garvan wasn't so useless after all.
  • Mysterious Leader: Oh? Too terrified to speak? Worry not, Eileen Faltach. You won't be harmed... too much. You're quite important to us, you see.
  • Mysterious Leader: You have little choice in the matter, Miss Faltach. Stand your ground.

Katarin breaks free of the spell Aki put her in, and rushes towards the Leader, but is blocked by Aki again, knocking her back, fatally wounding her in the process.

  • Mysterious Leader: Tch... Some people will never understand what we do for the world. Thank you for protecting us from her, Aki.
  • Mysterious Leader: I will deal with the heir myself. You all can head back to our village. Thank you for your help today.

The scene then goes forward a few more hours, now in the study.

  • Garvan: ...I should have known. I-I... my love... y-you're gone.

Garvan then shakes his body in anger.

  • Garvan: This is... W-why did this have to happen? ...I-I can't... this can't end like this...

The scene then cuts to Garvan in the Faltach basement, who opens a door. Faltach Manor - Catacombs Garvan is putting Katarin's corpse in a hole in the ground.

  • Garvan: T-This will be enough. You have a wonderful grave, m-my love...
  • Garvan: W-We won't be separated, though. I-I will leave our true selves here, as well.
  • Garvan: My soul... and y-yours.

Garvan then puts the gemstone which has both of their souls bound to it to the right of Katarin's grave.

  • Garvan: T-This is our final act of love, K-Katarin... This stone will keep us here. Eternal, and in bliss.
  • Garvan: I-It's like nothing ever h-happened, right?
  • And so it ends here. At the same time, it begins my desparate attempts to flee from my past.
  • I tried to forget. I tried to forget everything, even my own name. I ignored Katarin's spirit calling out to me, demanding I return to her.
  • I became... nothing. A nobody. I had no purpose. I wandered the forest, pretending that nothing had ever gone wrong... Indeed, I had become a Wanderer.
  • Garvan: But that changes now.

The scene goes back to the present.


  • Garvan: N-Now you understand. T-this is... all my fault. I have ruined everything. E-everything I touched, I destroyed.
  • Garvan: Have I not repented enough? Have I not suffered enough for decades in this god-forsaken forest?? And why did you have to-
  • Garvan: No... You know too much. B-But I can't kill, not again. I-I can make things right. I-I'm going to fix this. I'm going to fix this. I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to...

Garvan will slowly walk towards you.

  • Garvan: I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to-

Garvan will then hit you and then run away.

  • It seems Garvan went in the direction to the master bedroom...

Stage 15[]

» Get to the Master Bedroom at [-878, 67, -5146]. 256px256px

  • Garvan: K-Katarin! My l-love... is that you?

Katarin turns towards Garvan.

  • Garvan: My word... I-It is you! I missed you, love... and I'm s-so sorry... for all of this!
  • Garvan: I realize n-now, thanks to this h-human's efforts. What I've done has t-torn us apart... I hurt you and our l-little girl so much...
  • Garvan: I-I'm so sorry, Katarin! P-Please, forgive me! Let us f-fix all of thi-

Garvan will walk towards Katarin but phases right through her. Garvan will quickly turn around.

  • Garvan: H-huh? Why c-can't I...?

Garvan will try to walk towards Katarin again but phases through her. Garvan tries a third time but is pushed away by Katarin.

  • Garvan: K-Katarin...?
  • Katarin: For.. For... give... ness...?
  • Garvan: What... What do you mean?? Speak, my love! I don't understand.
  • Katarin: ...Forgiveness...? You... beg for me... to forgive... you?
  • Garvan: I... Yes, yes! P-Please, my love! I-I know I've have spent the last century and a half running away from u-us, but...
  • Garvan: It was all my fault, from the beginning! I was wrong! W-We can fix this...! We can make everything go back to normal, j-just like it was before!

Garvan will walk towards Katarin again.

  • Garvan: Please, Katarin! A-all I ask is that you forgive me!

Katarin will turn away and look down.

  • Katarin: ...You... You must really have a deathwish-
  • Katarin: ...Maybe I can... Forgive this. But I need something from you, as well...
  • Katarin: ...Where is the gemstone? I'd... I'd like to know. And then... I could... forgive... this.
  • Garvan: O-Oh! Is that all? Of course, my love, I can tell you!
  • Garvan: I-I placed it in the catacombs, right next to where-

Katarin lunges towards Garvan, as smoke emits from Garvan and Katarin makes him suffer.


Garvan is then killed by Katarin, as Katarin's spirit emerges soon after.

  • Katarin: YOU... TOOK... HER... FROM... ME.
  • Katarin: YOU... POISONED... HER...!
  • Katarin: YOU... RUINED... EVERYTHING!!

Katarin's spirit then vanishes.

  • ...
  • ...the catacombs! Katarin must have fled to the catacombs in the basement! You need to follow her there.

Stage 16[]

» Head to the Manor's catacombs at [-836, 36, -5134].

In the catacombs, Katarin's spirit is in a rage, destroying several parts of the catacombs. 256px

  • Katarin: WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?!
  • Katarin seems furious. Does she not know exactly where the gemstone is?
  • ... You know where it is. You need to show her where the gemstone is before she brings this room down on your head.

There will be a piece of rubble covering the gemstone. Right-click it to progress the quest.

  • The gemstone must be underneath this rubble, right?

Katarin's spirit then teleports to you.

  • Katarin: You knew where it was- Hmm... what did Garvan call you things...?
  • Katarin: Right, a human. You knew... that it was just beneath this rubble?
  • Katarin: There it is... Thank you... Now this eternal hell will finally end. After so long...
  • Katarin: Do you hear that? It's the ocean waves... The heavens... They're calling for me-
  • ???: YOU WON'T ESCAPE.
  • Katarin: ...Hm?

The scene cuts to black, with smoke emerging off of Garvan's corpse. The smoke condenses into a black figure, who then turns towards Katarin. Katarin runs towards it, but the figure rapidly damages Katarin, knocking her back past the catacombs. The figure then rushes towards you.

  • Garvan: YOU.

Stage 17[]

» Defeat Garvan.

You now have to fight Garvan, The Wanderer.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Garvan, the Wanderer 95 175000 Burst Ranged Meteor
Water Def
- Faltach Catacombs

Stage 18[]

» Shatter the gemstone.

Garvan will plead with you to not shatter it. To shatter the gemstone, simply attack it.

  • Garvan: STAY AWAY FROM ME!
  • Garvan: WHY WON'T YOU FORGIVE ME?!?!
  • Garvan: DON'T DO IT.
  • Garvan: I CAN'T LET YOU!
  • Garvan: FORGIVE ME.
  • Garvan: DON'T YOU DARE.

By shattering the gemstone, Garvan's spirit will disappear in a puff of black smoke, and Katarin will appear shortly after.

  • Garvan: NO NO NO NO NO NO


  • Katarin: He's gone... All of this will finally be done...
  • Katarin: Thank you, stranger. Thank you for... everything.
  • Katarin: Now I'm... finally free. But... I suppose I still have unfinished business. Before I leave, I must know something.
  • Katarin: ...What has become of my daughter, Eileen? Has she suffered any more? Or did she escape?
  • Katarin: I must know. Is she okay?
    • [1] Yes, Eileen is fine.
    • [2] ...No, Eileen is suffering.
      • Katarin: ...What?
      • Katarin: No.
      • Katarin: No.
      • Katarin: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!!!!!!
      • Katarin: TRAITOR!! I WILL MAKE YOU ALL SUFFFEEERRRR!!! (In High Gavellian)

Katarin will then disappear in a puff of smoke.

  • ...This is finally the end.
  • It... doesn't feel right leaving everything as is. Perhaps you should give Garvan and Katarin a proper burial.

Stage 19[]

» Bury Garvan's body in Katarin's incomplete grave.

To bury Garvan, you just have to left-click his corpse. After his corpse has been placed next to Katarin's, dirt will be placed atop their grave, and then a red tulip will decorate it, signaling the true end to the Faltachs.


  • This quest is a replacement of the quest Hollow Sirene, which was removed in 1.20.
  • Eileen's fate is revealed in the secret discovery, Ways of the Wicked.
  • Garvan also has two other subtitles being ### TRAITOR and ### LUNATIC.