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NPC Info
X: 118 Z: -2174
Location Nemract, Ocean
Quest Involved Misadventure on the Sea

Honip is the main NPC in the quest Misadventure on the Sea. When the player visits the Barman in Nemract for a drink, Honip offers to buy one for himself and the player, and convinces the player to go an adventure in his ship. Honip then meets with his pirate crew and they kidnap the player, forcing them to do tasks such as cleaning dead bodies off the ship and fighting the Colossal Rat before the player manages to escape. It is mentioned by another pirate that Honip took Snoo, a chicken, as a pet after hearing about Nohno and his pet Cluckles.


118, 40, -2174
Wynncraft Map

Honip is found inside the bar in Nemract, but only appears when the player talks to the Barman.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

Honip (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 445 Z: -1612
Location Detlas

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

119, 40, -2174
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Honip: Hello there chap! Remember me? You've had quite the adventure on my ship! Remember that one big rat? Oh how time flies... No hard feelings, right?
    • Honip: ...Please don't turn me in.
    • Honip: So... Anything I can do for ya?
  • Further conversation with Honip:
    • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas.":
      • Honip: Oh, ya mean that Blizzard thing, right? I've never attended this event before.
      • Honip: I s'pose I could check it out. Might be fun.
      • Honip: Tell ya what, sure, I'll tag along! Pep will love a little change in scenery.
    • [2] "What are you doing here?":
      • Honip: Oh- um, haha, I'm just, you know, relaxin'?
      • Honip: And I'm definitely not - and by that I mean as a fully law-abiding citizen - scouting for new recruits or tourists to kidnap. I would never.
      • Honip: Unless - in a totally hypothetical way - a new rat infestation suddenly emerges on my ship. Which isn't the case.
      • Honip: All that talk got me cravin' some Nemract Whiskey. Anythin' else?
    • [3] "I don't need anything":
      • Honip: I see, just checkin' on your good friend Honip! Right, right...
      • Honip: Well, move along, soldier. I'm just in a bar and being 'round you makes me feel like I'm breakin' the law.
  • Talking to Honip again after inviting him:
    • Honip: Let me have a drink before I go to Detlas, 'ey?
445, 67, -1612
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Honip in Detlas:
    • Honip: Well, soldier, I'll be damned. That place is packed with people! Looks great for business!
    • Honip: And I mean perfectly legal business, don't get any funny ideas.
    • Honip: Thanks for inviting me! This is actually fairly pleasant. It's definitely a change of scenery. Pep seems to like it! Right?
    • Pep: *barks*
    • Honip: That’s a good boy! I'm glad I brought you with me!
    • Honip: I guess I'll see you around, soldier.
  • Further conversation with Honip:
    • Honip: Hey. Enjoyin' the festival so far?
    • [1] "How are you doing?":
      • Honip: Oh, well I've been doing just fine! It is really cold somehow, but things are just fine.
      • Honip: It's a change from this... job of mine. I mean, bein' a pirate is tough, haha!
      • Honip: Well, we're not that tough anyway. I don't think any one of us really knows how to handle any of the weaponry on our ship.
      • Honip: The one thing we're good at is locking a hold in case of rat infestations. I wonder how they always end up there? Maybe it's the food...
      • Honip: Anyway, we're doing fine!
    • [2] "You seem a bit friendly for a pirate.":
      • Honip: You think we're too friendly for pirates? Oh, uh, well, you might be right...
      • Honip: The hardest part of this pirate thing is being mean, merciless, gruesome... We all kind of suck at it. Not that we didn't try! We did knock ya out once, after all! ..not without remorse, though.
      • Honip: Say, if you've had experience with pirates, maybe ya could teach us, heh!
      • Honip: I'd rather not go to Pirate Cove. We went there once... Let's just say there was an 'incident'. But that's in the past, so it's nothin' to worry about!
      • Honip: We're tough, I swear.
    • [3] "What are your thoughts on rats?":
      • Honip: These damned rodents, I hate them so much it's almost unreal.
      • Honip: If I get a grip on one I WILL turn it into a toy for Pep without even batting an eye.
      • Honip: I hate rats.
      • Honip: Why would you ask me about rats.
      • Honip: Why would you do that.
    • [4] "Tell me about Pep.":
      • Honip: Pep is my sunshine! My sunrise! I guess Snoo woul' be my sunset. That chicken's crazy, but I still love it.
      • Honip: As for Pep, though, you won't find a better boy anywhere else!! Well, maybe his brother, but that's besides the point. Pep's the best! Ya should pet him. He helps get us through the hard times.
    • [5] "Are you participating in the gift giving?" (unlocked after 25th December):
      • Honip: Oh, that's right! Merry Craftmas, lad!
      • Honip: Huh? A gift?
      • Honip: Oh, you wanted a gift from me?
      • Honip: Why would I do that? It ain't like we're particularly close!
      • Honip: In fact!
      • Honip: It's not like we're even friends!
      • Honip: So, as far as I'm concerned, I don't owe ya anythin'.
      • Honip: Thanks for the invite, though!
    • [6] "Goodbye.":
      • Honip: See you.
  • Upon petting Pep:
    • Pep: *barks*