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Type Species
Location Fruma Province, Wynn Province, Ocean, Corkus Province and Gavel Province
Information An intelligent species originating from Fruma. They are the most spread out species in the world of Wynncraft.

Humans are an intelligent species originating from the province of Fruma, with the player being one of them. They have spread out to all known lands and provinces in the world of Wynncraft. Their magical potential is of a moderate level[1], though in Fruma, the general people were withheld from these magical capabilities, with only those with the highest power having access to any sort of magic.[2]

Humans have always managed to prosper in Wynn, a clear example being an empire in the Almuj Desert, which was ruled by a seemingly immortal emperor.[3][4][5] However, this empire eventually fell in 1400 BP, and at a later unknown date many Fruman humans escaped the monarchy and ran east, eventually establishing an agriculturally dominated province.[2]

A thousand years ago, in 0 AP, the humans of Wynn were already a far spread out and powerful race, with many cities and fortresses across the province. On this year, a group of emerald miners near Detlas accidentally opened the Nether Portal in what is currently known as the Roots of Corruption. The mysterious force known as Corruption attacked Wynn, and doomed the province to the Corruption War, a war that has lasted until current day. The undead destroyed Ancient Nemract[6][7], and Fruma closed its borders to Wynn. Not much has been heard of Fruma since.[2] Some have tried to stop the Corruption from taking over the lands, but even the strongest were defeated.[8]

Ironically, the opening of the Nether Portal was the event that made Wynn and its humans the center of the world. After the waves were calmed in 900 AP[2], the Villagers of Gavel came to Wynn's aid. To the humans they introduced the long-needed arts of magic, and forged an alliance that would go on to save the province. Even Fruma reopened its borders, and offered its support in the form of new recruits.[2]

In 650 AP, a group of separatist humans escaped from Fruma and made it to the island of Corkus. They had no knowledge of ordinary magic, but invented one of their own, a new kind of magic: Electromagic. The technological might of the Corkians is unparalleled by any other province. However, much like Fruma, Corkus is fairly secluded, and it is hard to tell what the allegiance of the Corkians is.[2]

Notable humans[]

  • Queen of Fruma - Not much is known about this mysterious individual who dictates over Fruma, but it is believed that her magical powers are very dangerous.
  • The Twains - individuals adopted by a man named Marius Twain possessing magical gifts. They were raised to act as the protectors of Wynn in around 550 AP - 600 AP as we know them now.
  • The Emperor - A seemingly immortal man who ruled over the desert empire. In reality, his powers were from a sceptre.
  • Hashr - The Emperor's 26th son, who murdered him in 1400 BP, and unleashed a curse that buried the entire Empire.
  • Corrupter of Worlds - The first person to ever enter the Nether Portal. He was originally a simple captain of a mining team, but he turned into an extremely dangerous killing machine, who personally slaughtered his entire crew, and thousands more. Nowadays he is trapped under the Temple of Legends with a seal made by the Twains.
  • Bak'al - The leader of the corrupted armies. He was the second person to ever enter the Portal. With him in the lead, the corrupted destroyed countless towns and killed many.
  • Garoth - The last known person to enter the Nether Portal. He studied the Corruption, but was pushed in to the Portal by a mysterious figure and became corrupted, like everyone else that entered.
  • General Skien - A powerful warrior who once led the army of Troms. He was betrayed and lost the battle. After that, he inhabited Skiens Island, and slowly turned insane. After dying, the Corruption awoke his body, but unlike all others, he kept his intelligence.
  • Tisaun Sodeta - Founder of the Sodeta Guild. He was a hero of the people, who saved countless lives both in the Corruption War and as leader of his guild. It has been told that he managed to kill a thousand corrupted with just a rusty spear and a thin shirt.
  • Slykaar - A dark shaman who acted as the protector of Troms at the cost of human sacrifices. He was later exiled as Troms replaced him for Bob.
  • Aledar and Tasim - Two recruits that the player crosses the Fruman border to Wynn with. Aledar later accompanies the player on a mission in the Silent Expanse in the quests A Journey Beyond and A Journey Further.

Major human settlements[]

Wynn Province[]

  • Ragni - One of Wynn's two great fortresses, located at the west end of the Wynn Plains. It has survived many corrupted sieges and is the hometown of the well-known hero Bob.
  • Almuj - This large city has been built near the border between the Savannah and the Desert of Almuj. It houses many amenitites, such as the bazaar or the well-known Almuj Bank, which can only be accessed by trusted citizens.
  • Rymek - The one and only city in the mesa. It is a bandit-filled town, where gold is used as a currency instead of emeralds.
  • Troms - Being second great fortress of Wynn, Troms is a very sturdy fortress deep in the Jungle. There is a tunnel through the mountains known as The Passage, which leads out of Troms, but only members of the city may use it.


  • Selchar - Known as the "heart of the sea", this island town acts as the bridge between Wynn and Gavel.

Corkus Island[]

  • Corkus City - The capital of Corkus, and possibly the most advanced city in the world. Corkus City is full of devices that use electromagic, aiding the citizens in their everyday life.

Gavel Province[]


  • The player, like all that exit Fruma, lost all their memories of the province. Unlike the others, though, upon closer inspection, it seems like the player didn't even have a past before coming to Wynn.[9]