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Ice Canyon RegionIcon.png
Ice Canyon.png
The Ice Canyon seen from above
Coordinates X: -180, Z: -465
Access Points Nesaak Forest: -110, -630
Suggested Level 45
Quest Starts Tower of Ascension
Frost Bite
Type/Biomes Snowy Plains
Region Capital Lusuco
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

The Ice Canyon, also known as the Icy Descent, is a sub-area of the Nesaak Forest. The recommended level for the area are levels 45-50, due to the dangerous Wolves and Frozen Iron golems that roam all over. The area is scattered with large caves and ice spikes, and is also home to the town of Lusuco. The main feature of the area is the Tower of Ascension, a massive dungeon-like structure for levels 40-75 where the Tower of Ascension quest takes place.

Points of Interest[]


  • Lusuco - This well-protected town is inhabited by a species known as the Ice Golems, who are seen nowhere else in the world. The town houses a TNT merchant, and occasionally, the Wynnter Fair. Lusuco is a good place to gear up and use as a resting spot while attempting the Tower of Ascension challenge.


  • Tower of Ascension - A massive white tower reaching up to the skies. Here, you can attempt the Tower of Ascension challenge, in which you must defeat multiple enemies and bosses spread out on seven different-themed floors. At the very top of the tower lies a mysterious purple crystal. Its origins are unknown, but looking at it makes you feel dizzy.[1]




Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Gather Iron II Mining 48 -433, 25, -388 36 Iron Ingot or 36 Iron Gem 4000 6000


  • The Ice Canyon was added in the 1.13 Wynnter 2014 Update.
  • A mysterious Enderman mob known as the "Cold Shadow" occasionally spawns in the canyon, however it is difficult to follow, as it teleports around often.
  • The entrance to Ohms' laboratory could be found here, but it has been made unaccessable since.