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Infested Plants
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Nivla Woods
Province Wynn
Combat Level 4
Starter NPC Ope
Reward As follows:

Infested Plants is a short level 4 Quest located in Nivla Woods.


Ope needs a medical herb to cure himself of a spider bite, but he cannot get it himself, so he requests the player's help.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Ope at [-316, 72, -1600].



  • Ope: Hello! Young traveller.
  • Ope: I was recently bit by a spider! Can you believe it? I know, shocking.
  • Ope: Anyway, I'm not fit enough to venture into an infested cave filled with creepy crawlies to get the medical herb to cure myself.
  • Ope: You look like you work as a soldier of sorts. We can clearly see that. You soldiers never had fashion as your strong suit.
  • Ope: Anyway, the cave is a bit further away from us but the only way in is through the rooftops. I started building a way up in this tree just behind me, good luck!

Stage 2[]

» Locate the medicine in the spider cave by climbing the tree behind Ope.
Climb up the tree, then go across a brown carpet path in the leaves, and jump down the hole from (-309, 88, -1554).

  • You successfully broke through the cobwebs.

Stage 3[]

» Locate the plant and return to Ope.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to getting the plant.
Once you are in the cave, go to the end while avoiding the mobs, and pick up the plant by right-clicking it at (-259, 50, -1552). Then, leave the cave by right-clicking the exit, and talk to Ope outside.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SpiderEgg(InfestedPlants).png Spider Egg 6 4 - Self-Destruct - Forest Spider Saccharum Cave
ForestSpider(Level5).png Forest Spider 5 12 Melee - - - Spider Egg
Outside Saccharum Cave
-220, 67, -1595
Wynncraft Map


  • Ope: I've literally been sitting here for hours, maybe not hours, at least five minutes!
  • Ope: Thanks, even though it took you a while I'll give you a small reward.
  • Ope: Take that money and head to Detlas won't ya? You can maybe buy some better clothing, because you need it.