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Infested Plants
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Nivla Woods
Province Wynn
Combat Level 4
Starter NPC Ope
Reward As follows:

Infested Plants is a short level 4 Quest located in Nivla Woods.


Ope needs a medical herb to cure himself of a spider bite, but he cannot get it himself, so he requests the player's help.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Ope at [-316, 72, -1600].



  • Ope: Hello! Young traveller.
  • Ope: I was recently bit by a spider! Can you believe it? I know, shocking.
  • Ope: Anyway, I'm not fit enough to venture into an infested cave filled with creepy crawlies to get the medical herb to cure myself.
  • Ope: You look like you work as a soldier of sorts. We can clearly see that. You soldiers never had fashion as your strong suit.
  • Ope: Anyway, the cave is a bit further away from us but the only way in is through the rooftops. I started building a way up in this tree just behind me, good luck!

Stage 2[]

» Locate the medicine in the spider cave by climbing the tree behind Ope at [-314, 75, -1602]
Climb up the tree, then follow the brown carpets across the leaves, and jump down the hole at [-309, 89, -1554].

  • You successfully broke through the cobwebs.

Stage 3[]

» Locate the plant and return to Ope.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to getting the plant.

Once you are in the cave, go to the end while avoiding the mobs, and pick up the plant at [-259, 50, -1552] by right-clicking it. Then, leave the cave by right-clicking the exit with the plant, and talk to Ope outside.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SpiderEgg(InfestedPlants).png Spider Egg 6 4 None AI Self-Destruct - Forest Spider Saccharum Cave
ForestSpider(Level5).png Forest Spider 5 12 Crawl AI - - Forest Web, Spider Fang Saccharum Cave,
Spider Egg
Outside Saccharum Cave
-220, 67, -1595
Wynncraft Map


  • Ope: I've literally been sitting here for hours, maybe not hours, at least five minutes!
  • Ope: Thanks, even though it took you a while I'll give you a small reward.
  • Ope: Take that money and head to Detlas won't ya? You can maybe buy some better clothing, because you need it.